205 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2024Real Blog Post Topics That'll (Actually) Help Drive Traffic

Coming up with the best blog post ideas that’ll bring the right kind of readers to your blog is a challenge many bloggers, marketers and website owners face. But landing on the right blog post ideas doesn’t need to be so difficult.

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If you’re looking for inspiration on how to come up with your best blog post ideas that’ll actually bring in more of your target readers (and customers), then you’re in the right place. Use my free blog idea generator tool to take this research to the next level.

Blogging remains one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and drive them to action today—making the blog ideas you choose to pursue (and spend your limited time & financial resources on), extremely important.

205 Blog Post Ideas (to Drive More SEO Traffic) in 2024

  1. Blog Post Ideas That Inspire Your Readers to Take Action
  2. Blog Post Ideas That’ll Entertain Your Readers
  3. Blog Post Ideas That (Tastefully) Promote Your Business
  4. Blog Post Ideas That’ll Teach and Instruct Your Audience
  5. Blog Post Ideas That Update, Notify and Inform Readers
  6. Blog Post Ideas That Are Controversial & Shake Things Up
  7. Bonus: 7 Proven Ways to Amplify Your Blog Post Ideas and Drive Traffic

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. When you purchase a product or service using my affiliate link, I’m compensated, which helps make content like this free of charge to you. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind.

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On top of that, inbound marketing close rates are 8 to 10 times higher on average compared to outbound selling efforts—making the right blog ideas an investment that pays off big time.

But it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. There are an estimated 500 million blogs out on the web today. At last count, 17 new blog posts are published every second.

With that much competition for eyeballs, how do you stand out and drive traffic to your blog?

The answer is—pursuing unique and interesting topics that deliver real value to your readers. Consistently churning out great content is no easy feat, even for the most seasoned bloggers who already have an editorial calendar packed with the topics you’ve done your keyword research on. Be sure to try my free keyword research tool to conduct your own research & see which topics have the most potential in your niche.

So to help you find the best blog post ideas for your target audience, I’ve put together this collection of tried-and-true blog ideas that’ll help you drive meaningful traffic to your site.

But first… who am I to say which blogging ideas will be the “best” or worst for your blog? Use my free keyword research tool to see for yourself.

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Well, I’ve been blogging here for more than 10 years learning how to grow a blog, and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to come up with content ideas that already have proven demand online. Each year, I bring millions of readers to my blog with the blog post ideas I’ve written about.

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I’m also hired as a consultant to generate high-converting blog ideas and write content for Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Zendesk, as well as some of the world’s top startups like Fundera, Gusto, Close and dozens more. So when it comes to blogging, it’s safe to say I know what I’m doing 😊

Now first, if you’re totally new to blogging today, I’ve put together the ultimate guide to getting started with creating your blog. Actually getting your blog online and well-optimized is the first step to learning how to write compelling content, and my 25,000-word guide to starting a blog will position you best for going on to bring thousands of readers to your blog in the near future.

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Now, let’s dive into our first section—blog post ideas that are designed to get your readers taking action ⚡️

Blog Post Ideas That Inspire Your Readers to Take Action

Blog Post Ideas That Drive Traffic How to Write Best Blog Ideas on ryrob

The real hallmark of successful content isn’t just ranking well in organic search results, or getting thousands of readers. It’s whether or not your readers actually take action and create measurable change after consuming your content. Here are some blog post ideas that’ll help them do exactly that.

1. What’s your schedule? Give people a peek into your average day

Blog Content Ideas Share Your Schedule

Your daily routine may not seem interesting to you, but try pulling back the curtain and share how you spend an average day. Exposing a little bit of your personal life is an authentic blog post idea that’ll make your readers feel closer to you, gather helpful insights about how they could improve their own routines, and will also make them more invested in your mission as a whole.

2. How did you get started in your career? How did you start and grow your business?

Blog Post Ideas Career Advice

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. Scientists have only recently discovered why storytelling is so powerful. It turns out that well-crafted stories cause our brains to release oxytocin, a powerful neurochemical that helps us feel more connected to others. Take this blog post idea and tell the story of how you got started, the journey to growing your blog traffic, what it took to get your business off the ground, and the difficult journey to raising money for your company. You’ll forge a powerful connection with your audience that can pay off for years to come.

3. Explain the meaning of your personal or company values

Blog Post Ideas Personal Values

Every great brand is built upon strong values that guide everything the company does. Share the values that form the bedrock of your brand and you can create loyal customers for life. Even if you’re a solopreneur, knowing what guides your actions and decision-making will inspire your readers to get behind you no matter what you pursue—plus it’ll likely fuel many more new blog content ideas that spring out of further conversation with your readers.

4. What is your mission statement?

Blogging Ideas Mission Statement

In simplest terms, a mission statement defines the goals and purpose of a company, organization, or individual. If you haven’t come up with a mission statement around why you’ve chosen certain ways to make money blogging and serve your readers, a blog post is the perfect way to get started. This makes my list of the best blog post ideas because unveiling your mission to the world and explaining what the future holds for you or your brand, can be the perfect way to forge more meaningful connections with your readers.

5. Share your goals for the year and lay out your plans for achieving them

Blog Post Ideas Share Goals

Most people understand how important it is to set goals, but only a small percentage of us lay the proper foundation for achieving them. Make your blogging goals known to your readers by leveraging this blog post idea format and share how you plan on tackling them this year.

One example of this here in practice is my in-depth guide about how to create a blog business plan, which includes a free planning template that helps new bloggers work through the process of planning their approach to building a profitable site. You’ll benefit both your audience and yourself.

Your readers will get inspiration and a blueprint for success, while you’ll benefit from the feedback and accountability they can provide. Plus, that’ll likely lead to many more new blog post ideas after fielding their feedback. And as an aside, if you’re having trouble with your content planning efforts, you can grab my free blog planner bundle and turn things up a notch today.

6. Review the goals you set last year and report on your progress

Content Ideas Review Goals

Productivity experts like Tim Ferriss and James Clear advise that conducting yearly reviews are just as important, if not more so, than coming up with New Year’s resolutions. A yearly personal audit can ensure you continue to make progress towards your goals and demonstrate that you hold yourself accountable for your own success.

Review last year’s goals, then highlight which ones you’ve achieved and which ones are still in progress. This is one of my top blog post ideas because your audience may even be able to help you with some of your more ambitious endeavors after learning about them.

7. Describe where you see yourself or your business in 25 years

Blog Writing Ideas Share Your Vision

Nobody really knows what the future holds and that’s what makes predictions so interesting to read. Start with writing a blog post outline to sketch out your plans and share your vision of where you see yourself or your business heading over the next few decades with this blog post idea. Revisit it every few years to see how you’re measuring up.

8. What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? How did it help you?

Blog Post Ideas Best Advice

Everyone wants to get their hands on their industry’s version of the best blogging advice (for bloggers) or the best business advice (for aspiring entrepreneurs) and learn the keys to success within their fields. If you’ve been given some life-changing advice, why not pay it forward and dispense some wisdom to your readers? Blog ideas like this help you break down a few pieces of advice that have impacted your career over the years and explain how they helped you think and act differently.

9. What were the most beneficial things you learned last year?

Blog Post Ideas Things Learned Last Year

Did you have any breakthroughs last year that you can share with your audience? What about failures? With a growth mindset, anything and everything can be a learning opportunity. Good or bad, you and your readers will be able to benefit from your experience through mutually beneficial blog post ideas like this one—and you’ll always be able to write faster when you’re drawing from personal experience. An example of this type of blog post in practice is my list of things I wish I knew before starting a blog.

10. Make a list of the best and most insightful quotes about your niche

Blog Post Ideas Best Quotes

Scroll through just about any social media feed and you’ll see that people are obsessed with quotes. A cleverly worded piece of wisdom from a well-known figure can inspire and motivate us at the deepest levels. This is one of my most successful blog post ideas I’ve executed in multiple formats by compiling a list of the best quotes around my niche for some evergreen content. Pick a niche to blog about and you can do the same in your space too.

11. Sit down with an industry influencer

Blog Post Ideas Industry Influencer

A well-written interview can have the power to make the reader feel like they’re having an intimate conversation with the subject. Reach out to influencers in your niche and invite them to share their thoughts and experiences with your audience either in the format of one of these blog post ideas or as a podcast interview. Not only will you have a great piece of content on your hands, but you’ll also have a new addition to your professional network.

12. Give people the roadmap to success in your industry

Blog Post Ideas Roadmap

One of the hardest parts about succeeding in any career is knowing just where and how to get started. If you have some experience under your belt, you can translate your lessons into one of these kinds of blog post ideas that give much-needed guidance to people looking to break into your niche.

Take for example my foundational step-by-step guides on topics like how to start freelancing, how to start a business, and how to start a blog that’s been read (and acted upon) by millions of people. This is hands down one of my favorite blog post ideas, because of how transformational your impact can be on the lives of readers.

13. Share some tips for bonding with your team

Blog Content Ideas Team Building Activities ryrob

I’ll be honest with you, most team-building activities I see out there are pretty cheesy—but they don’t have to be. Coming up with a list of fun activities for adults to do in a professional setting is a lot harder than it sounds. Put your thinking cap on and create a list of activities you can share as one of your blog post ideas, that come from outside the box and your readers will thank you for it.

14. What are the similarities and differences between your industry and another?

Blog Post Ideas Different Industries

Steve Jobs once said “Creativity is just connecting things.” It can be extremely fascinating to compare two completely different industries as one of your blog post ideas. While the differences are usually pretty obvious, you can really show off your creative side by drawing connections between them.

15. Which technological developments will shape your industry over the next decade?

Content Ideas Technological Developments

Technology moves incredibly fast and it’s often difficult to understand exactly how it will impact the way we work. So think about what trends are shaping your industry. Which technological advancements are revolutionizing your niche? Blockchain? AR experiences? VR content? Assemble your thoughts as one of your upcoming blog post ideas and make a few predictions.

16. Share the causes you support and explain why they mean so much to you

Blog Ideas Causes you Support

Millennials put their dollars behind the brands that support the causes they care about. With no shortage of options before them, consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that align with their personal values. By sharing the causes you support and explaining their personal significance in one of your upcoming blog posts, you’ll attract like-minded individuals and expand your community.

17. Assemble a list of time-tested wisdom about your niche

Blogging Ideas Wisdom

Some of the best insights about your industry may not have come from this year, this decade, or even this century. In fact, some of today’s cutting-edge thinkers find their best inspiration in old proverbs and sayings. If you can find new ways to apply ancient wisdom through your blog post ideas, you’ll be able to craft a winning piece of content.

18. Reveal surprising and inspiring backstories from influencers in your space

Blog Post Ideas Backstory

It makes for a good story, but tales of overnight success are largely myth. Some of the most influential figures of our time have surprising backstories littered with failure, disappointment, and depression. Choosing a few unique examples from your industry and highlighting their journey can help motivate your readers to keep going when times get tough, not to mention become one of your strongest blog post ideas to lean back on time and time again.

Blog Post Ideas That’ll Entertain Your Readers

Best Blog Post Ideas to Entertain Readers on ryrob

Alright, now let’s dig into a different category of blog post ideas—those that are primarily designed to entertain your readers.

19. Compare a famous character or movie with your brand

Blog Ideas Movie Character

If there’s anything that brings people from all walks of life together, it’s movies and television. Comparing yourself to famous silverscreen characters gives you a chance to flex your creativity muscles, show a little humor, and connect with people on a more intimate level through blogging ideas like this.

20. Create an office playlist and explain why you chose each song

Blog Post Ideas Office Playlist

According to the latest research, music at work can be a serious productivity booster. For example, proofreaders complete their tasks 20% faster when they listen to dance music. Why not put together a list of your favorite tunes to work to and share them with your readers as one of your blog post ideas?

Flesh out the post by giving a little backstory about each track, how they were recorded, and what their lyrics mean. You could even create multiple playlists for different moods or activities!

21. History buff? Pick some people from the past you’d like to work with

Blog Post Ideas People from the Past

Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? In the movie, two high school buddies go back in time and bring back celebrated men and women from history to help them ace their final high school report. Which figures from history would you like to work with and why? Pen your own excellent adventure and don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with this blog post idea.

22. Which fictional character would be perfect at your job?

Blogging Ideas Fictional Character

Along the same lines, you could pick a fictional character from TV or film and explain why you think they’re perfectly suited for your role. Would Monica from “Friends” make the perfect project manager? Is Iron Man the ideal software engineer? These types of content marketing & blog post ideas are fun to read and even more fun to write!

23. Give people a glimpse into your office or workspace

Blog Ideas Share Your Workspace ryrob

People love seeing the workspaces of inspirational people—here’s a snapshot of my workspace too. There’s a reason why Edison’s lab and Shakespeare’s home are major tourist attractions. While you (like me) may not be at that level just yet, your readers will no doubt appreciate blog post ideas like this that give them a sneak peek into where the magic happens, no matter how modest it may be. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to charge admission shortly.

24. What’s in your bag? Show people which items you depend on each day

Blog Post Ideas Inside your Bag

EDC, or everyday carry, has blown up in the last few years. People love seeing which items and tools their heroes can’t live without, making this one of the easiest blog post ideas to quickly execute on. Simply lay out all the things you bring with you everywhere you go and explain why each is important to you.

25. Which hobbies or sports could help someone in your niche be more successful?

Certain hobbies and sports show up again and again when we examine the leaders in different fields because they help build essential skills. For example, long-distance running is a favorite pastime of successful entrepreneurs. Many of the world’s top sales leaders have backgrounds in theater. Which hobbies or sports help build skills in your niche? Make a list as one of your upcoming blog post ideas and explain how they make you better at your job.

26. Make a list of movies everyone in your industry should see and why

Blog Post Ideas Movies Everyone Should See

More than 15 years after its theatrical release, Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” continues to exert influence on the world of product and UI design. Are there any movies that have had a similar impact on your industry? Compile a list of the most influential movies in your niche as one of your blog post ideas and explain why each one is a must-see.

27. Share your favorite emojis and explain how you like to use them

Blog Post Ideas Favorite Emojis

Love’em or hate’em, emojis are finding their way into more and more business jargon. They can help give much-needed emotional context to digital messaging where body language cannot be conveyed. But they can also cause more confusion than clarity if you’re not careful.

These cutesy images can mean drastically different things across cultures. As an experiment, share a few of your favorite emojis as one of your blog post ideas and then poll your audience to see if they interpret them the same way you do. The results may surprise you.

28. Create a new superhero for your niche and explain what their superpowers would be

Blog Ideas Niche Superhero

What superpowers are necessary to succeed in your role? Who are the villains of your industry? Answer these questions (and more) through multiple fun blog post ideas by designing your own industry superhero. Give them a catchy name, reveal their strengths and weaknesses, and take them on extraordinary adventures that push them to the limits.

29. Draw your own comic strip and poke fun at industry clichés.

Blog Post Ideas Comic Strip

There’s a reason “Dilbert” remains one of the world’s most popular comics thirty years after it first debuted. It’s the perfect satire of the white-collar office world that millions find themselves trapped in. The situations that the title character finds himself in, though comically exaggerated, feel incredibly authentic.

Create a similar parody of your industry or cartoon-like Every Vowel to share through an ongoing series of blog post ideas that break down her or his life, and you’ll have your readers begging for more.

30. Write a personality quiz for your readers and highlight how different traits can be useful in your niche

Blog Post Ideas Personality Quiz

Spend 30 seconds scrolling through Facebook and you’ll notice just how popular personality quizzes are. People love learning something interesting about themselves in a fun and interactive way—which is why they’ve become such foundational blog post ideas in use by thousands of publications. Develop a personality quiz that applies to your industry and help people discover how they can play to their strengths.

31. Have you heard the one about the marketing blogger? Put together a list of jokes about your industry

Blog Post Ideas Jokes

Not every post has to be a serious read. In fact, some of your most popular blogs may be the ones that are the most lighthearted and fun. Spend a day or two looking up some of the best jokes and one-liners about your niche and compile them into a list as one of your upcoming blog ideas. A few laughs can help your readers make it through even their toughest weeks.

32. Compile a list of the top tweets from last year by industry experts

Blog Post Ideas Top Tweets

Every day, people share nuggets of wisdom on Twitter in 280 characters or less. But with an active feed, it can be easy to miss some of these gems. Bookmark your favorite tweets over the course of a year, put them all into one big list when the year is over as one of your blog post ideas, and drop a uniquely shareable knowledge bomb on your audience.

33. Assemble a top ten list of the most influential people in your space

Blog Ideas Influential People

Everyone is putting out a ton of content these days which makes it hard to know who the best people to follow for expert tips and insights are. Help your readers out by putting together a top ten list of the most influential people in your space as a series of blog post ideas that they should be paying attention to.

34. Share your insights about the cultural, geographic, or language trends shaping your industry

Blogging Ideas Industry Trends

Keen observation is a huge competitive advantage. Have you caught on to any new trends that are shaping your industry that others have missed? If so, sharing your insights with your readers through a series of clever blog post ideas can help establish you as a thought leader and pioneer in your field.

35. Trick or treat! Identify some funny or creative Halloween costumes related to your niche

Blog Post Ideas Halloween Costumes

You may be too old for trick-or-treating, but you’re never too old to show a little Halloween spirit. Can you think of a funny or unique costume related to your industry that might help someone win some kudos around the office? Put your suggestions into these kinds of seasonal blog post ideas and don’t forget to add pictures.

36. Help your readers come up with the best presents for the office gift exchange

Blog Post Ideas Gift Ideas

White Elephant is a popular gift exchange at most offices across the country. In the game, coworkers “steal” mystery gifts from each other. A clever or unique present can earn some serious praise around the office. Give your readers a list of creative gift ideas that will ensure some serious high-fives. Bonus points if your ideas don’t break the bank!

37. Share suggestions on how to express mindfulness and gratitude at work

Blog Ideas Mindfulness and Gratitude

Practicing mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve productivity in the workplace. Give your readers some tried-and-true suggestions through a series of blog post ideas focusing on tactics like breathing exercises, stretches, and even meditation techniques so they can ground themselves in gratitude and positivity.

38. Highlight ways people can improve their health at the office

Blog Post Ideas Improve Health

The average person spends ⅓ of their day at work. And for those of us with office jobs, this means staring at screens and being hunched over a keyboard for most of the day. The modern workplace is so detrimental to our health that the Mayo Clinic even compares the adverse health effects of sitting for long periods to smoking!

From suggesting healthier choices during lunch hour to suggesting stretches that can be done at their desks, giving your audience helpful tips through your unique blog post ideas that can improve their health while at the office is a surefire way to win some new fans.

39. Put together a list of the best internet holidays that are relevant to your niche

Blog Ideas Internet Holidays

From Talk Like a Pirate Day to World Beard Day (Yes, they both exist), there’s a social media holiday out there that can be applied to your industry. Make a list of holidays divided by industry and expand upon these blog post ideas to help give your readers something fun to celebrate at work this year.

40. Compile a roundup of the funniest memes about your industry

Blogging Ideas Memes

Nothing helps break up a long day at work better than a few good memes. Scour Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Ebaumsworld for a few SFW memes about your niche and spread a little joy to offices everywhere. If these blog post ideas begin to get traction, you could turn them into a regular series and even produce your own memes that go viral.

41. Collect the most interesting and insightful infographics about your niche

Blog Post Ideas Infographics

They may not be as hot as they were a few years back, but infographics still have the potential to drive traffic to your blog. Great infographics are able to cram a ton of relevant data into a single eye-catching image, and you don’t even need to produce your own graphics.

Search the internet for the best infographics related to your industry and summarize their biggest takeaways through a series of blog post ideas that expand on the concepts those graphics cover.

For more guidance on this idea, check out Visme’s guide about how to make an infographic yourself, to create more effective visuals for your blog (without having to hire a design team for help with infographics through to even your own blog layout design).

42. Explain what your industry can learn from hip-hop or country music lyrics

Blog Post Ideas Hiphop or Country Music

Hip-hop and country music have a lot more in common than you might think. They’re both genres whose lyrics are chock full of life lessons and real-world experiences.

Can your industry learn something from the top rap or country hits? If so, break down the lyrics and apply them to your niche. If these blog post ideas strike gold with your audience, they could easily turn into a regular series. And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, write your own song and include it in the piece.

43. What are the ten commandments of your industry?

Blog Post Ideas Commandments

Every industry has a set of unbreakable rules that may or may not be explicitly stated anywhere. These mostly unspoken rules are usually learned the hard way through years of embarrassing trial and error.

Help your readers save face when launching a new business idea and give them a leg up on their competition by writing the rules down in metaphorical stones on your blog. Over time, these cornerstone kinds of blog post ideas can attract some serious attention (and links) from others writing about similar topics.

44. What are the seven deadly sins of your industry?

Blog Post Ideas Seven Deadly Sins

After you’ve written down the ten commandments of your industry, follow up this series of blog post ideas with the seven deadly sins. Are there definite no-nos everyone in your niche has to learn to avoid at all costs? How about blowing your entire blog budget on unnecessary costs? Set your readers up for success by warning them of the seven habits they should be steering clear of.

Blog Post Ideas That (Tastefully) Promote Your Business

Blog Post Ideas to Promote Your Business on ryrob

It can be difficult straddling the line between pursuing blog post ideas that educate vs those that also (tastefully) promote your blog, products or services to your readers. Here are some creative blog post ideas that’ll accomplish this without leaving a bad taste.

45. Shine the spotlight on your best customers

Blog Post Ideas Best Customers

Everybody wants their moment in the sun. If you’re lucky enough to have some loyal customers or passionate fans, why not highlight them in and capitalize on customer profile kinds of blog post ideas?

Shining the spotlight on your best clients promotes their work, strengthens your connection with them, and inspires others to engage with you too. It’s a win-win for everybody, plus this blog post idea could actually turn the heat up on your word-of-mouth marketing.

46. Have you attended any outstanding industry events recently? Give your readers the highlights

Blog Post Ideas Industry Events

There are tons of great industry events happening every month. It’s impossible for any one person to attend all of them. If you’ve been to some great events or meetups around your niche, share the highlights with your readers. These blog post ideas can be executed as simply as sharing a short summary with a few actionable takeaways—that’s about all you need to help your audience get value from your experience at the event.

47. Releasing new products or services this year? Give your audience the 411

Blog Ideas New Products or Services

If you consistently provide value on your blog, you’ll build up enough goodwill that you can get away with being a little self-centered once in a while—talk about your products and services. Be balanced with how often you keep your audience informed of all of the awesome stuff you’re doing with these kinds of blog post ideas, do it thoughtfully & cleverly and they’ll reward you with their attention and dollars.

Just be sure you’re in a good position to capture sales through a WordPress eCommerce website that’s closely connected to your blog (or you can use another eCommerce website builder) once you’re ready to ask for them.

48. Share your company style guide or brand guidelines

Blog Post Ideas Style Guide

Over the last 10 years or so, more consumers have grown obsessed with great design. Brand refreshes and logo reveals are now as big of an event as a new product launch in some industries—leading to an entirely new category of blog post ideas you can capitalize on.

Do you have a style guide or set of brand guidelines? If so, release them as a piece of content on your blog. Dive into what things shaped your thinking and aesthetic. It may seem trivial to some, but creatives will eat it up.

49. Explain the origin behind your company name or your logo

Blog Post Ideas Company Name or Logo Origin

Did you know that there’s an arrow hiding in plain sight in the FedEx logo? Or that Lego comes from a Danish word that means to “play well?” More than likely, there’s an interesting story behind the name of your blog or the meaning behind your logo too. Share it with your readers and explore any other blog content ideas that can shed more light on insightful stories from within your company.

50. Profile members of your team or partners that have helped you

Blog Post Ideas Team Member Profiles

People connect with people. Capitalize on this with a series of blog post ideas showcasing a profile of each member of your team. This’ll help your audience get to know the people behind your brand. No team? No problem! Even if you’re a solopreneur, there are no doubt a few key people and partners who have helped you along your journey. Interviewing them for your blog is a great way to say thanks and give them the praise that they deserve.

51. Compare your product or service against your competition

Blog Post Ideas Competition Comparison

If you believe in your product or service, you’re going to have to grab people’s attention and let them know why they should spend their money on you. Put your offering to the test against the competition and share the results with your readers with these kinds of blog post ideas.

Done well, you can remain fair and honest while at the same time highlighting the superiority of your solution compared to others on the market. Check out my roundup of the 35 Best CRMs for Small Business to get an idea of how a comparison roundup like this can be done well, and see my comparison between Convertkit vs AWeber vs, Mailchimp for an even more in-depth breakdown.

52. Educate your customers through a well-written buyer’s guide

Blog Post Ideas Buyers Guide

Educating your potential customers with relevant and insightful information is one of the best blog post ideas that can also help you gain new business. Create a well-thought-out buyer’s guide that arms them with everything they need to know about the products and services in your niche.

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about your competitors, but by being helpful and providing value, you’re building trust and familiarity. People buy from the brands they know and trust.

53. Compile a list of events you and your company are participating in this year and tell people what they can expect

Blog Post Ideas List of Events

Are you participating in any events, conferences, or workshops? If so, share your calendar with your audience through these types of blog post ideas, so people can connect with you face-to-face. Building a reputation for having a massive built-in audience that follows you wherever you go pays off. Event hosts will take note and offer all kinds of unique opportunities they wouldn’t extend otherwise.

54. Assemble the top customer testimonials about your product or service

Blogging Ideas Top Customer Testimonials

No matter what good things you say about your own product or service, nothing will be as powerful as the expressions of actual customers. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth praise are worth their weight in gold, making these kinds of blog post ideas some of the most effective semi-promotional material you can create.

If you’re fortunate enough to have earned some testimonials, highlight them on your blog (or on a landing page like I’ve done for my content marketing consultant page). Video works wonders in this regard. Seeing real people express their genuine feelings about your product or service will drive sales and build a positive reputation for your brand.

Blog Post Ideas That’ll Teach and Instruct Your Audience

Best Blog Post Ideas to Teach Readers on ryrob

Beyond just the more top-of-the-funnel educational content you’re publishing, take some time to generate specific blog post ideas that take a more granular, step-by-step instructional take to solve your readers’ biggest challenges. These kinds of in-depth, highly tactical blog post ideas will help build much more meaningful relationships with your readers in the long run.

55. Admit your biggest failures and share what you feel you could have done better

Blog Post Ideas Biggest Failures

Anyone can broadcast their victories to the world. Few have the strength to reveal their biggest failures through these less glamorous blog ideas. Candidly admitting your past mistakes (like I’ve done in my roundup of the top blogging mistakes to avoid) can help others avoid making the same ones and demonstrates humility which will be endearing to your audience.

56. Invite your readers to participate in an “Ask me anything” interview post

Blog Post Ideas Ask Me Anything

Popularized by Reddit, AMAs are now a ubiquitous part of the web, making them one of the more established blog post ideas to actively engage your audience. The format is a unique product of the internet era and has created some truly compelling content.

Invite your readers to submit their questions and post your raw, unfiltered answers. In AMAs, anything goes, so let your guard down and answer whatever comes at you as honestly as possible.

57. What do you look for in an employee or partner?

Blog Post Ideas What Do you Look For

As an expert in your niche, your insights and advice can be hugely beneficial to someone looking to get started or level up. Highlight a few of the key skills and qualities you look for in an employee or partner. What’s great about these types of blog post ideas, is that what may seem obvious to you could cause light bulbs to go off for your readers.

58. Have you picked up some tricks over the years? Create a list of ultimate hacks

Blog Post Ideas List of Hacks

It can take years or even decades to learn the tricks and techniques of the pros. While you may be tempted to keep that knowledge to yourself, sharing it freely will help establish you as an expert in your field and make your readers feel indebted to you for your generosity.

Building a list of ultimate hacks and publishing it is one of the most helpful kinds of blog post ideas you can take on. You may be surprised at how much new business can come from this content too.

59. Identify the top 10 books anyone getting started in your industry should read and why

Blog Post Ideas Top 10 Books

Hundreds of books are published every day. It can be hard to know which are worth the time and money and which aren’t. Give your readers a helping hand by compiling a list of the most insightful books about your niche.

Take, for example, my roundups of the best blogging books or the best business books, which have proven to be one of my most successful blog post ideas of the last few years. This also gives you an opportunity to sell a product to your audience (by learning how to write an eBook) and monetize your readers.

60. What tools, software, and equipment do you use on the go?

Blog Post Ideas Tools, Software, and Equipment

Today’s workforce is on the move, but staying productive while traveling can be a challenge. How do you get work done on the go? Do you have a list of your favorite mobile apps?

Have you used any cloud-based blogging tools or other online business tools that could be highlighted through these roundup-style blog post ideas? What kind of laptop do you prefer? Share your experiences and ask your readers for their recommendations to spark some engagement.

61. Get candid and share the ups and downs of running your business

Blog Content Ideas Ups and Downs

Entrepreneurship is glamorized in media these days. Most people think of young techies managing their internet businesses from laptops while on tropical beaches, Mai Tais in hand.

While a few do enjoy that kind of success and freedom, the harsh reality is that entrepreneurs as a whole suffer from a disproportionate amount of emotional and mental health issues. Reveal the highs and lows you’ve experienced building your business. Your candor with these kinds of blog post ideas will be refreshing.

62. Make a list of your favorite tools, apps, blogs, and websites

Blog Post Ideas Favorite Apps, Blogs, and Websites

Most professionals are looking for ways to level up and gain an edge over the competition, making these some of the best blog post ideas with guaranteed demand. What are your secret weapons? Do you have any aces up your sleeve? If you’re willing to share some of your tips and tricks, your blog readers will eat them up.

63. Create a checklist related to your industry

Blog Post Ideas Checklist

More than simple to-do lists, checklists are powerful tools used by professionals in the most demanding industries to make sure they perform at the highest level possible.

Checklists help us ensure critical tasks are accomplished, improve communication, save us time, and allow us to focus on the more difficult parts of a problem. Tap into these blog post ideas by coming up with the most critical tasks in your role and creating a checklist to help people accomplish those tasks successfully.

64. Break down each part of your process/workflow

Blog Post Ideas Break Down Process

People love learning how the professionals they respect and follow, get things done. If you’ve developed your own approach or techniques, why not share them with your readers with these kinds of blog post ideas? Contrary to what you might think, freely sharing knowledge can help you advance your career and increase your worth in the eyes of organizations.

65. Advise on how to network with people in your niche

Blog Post Ideas How to Network

The advent of the internet has made it easier to connect with people than ever before. But it’s also wreaking havoc on our ability to develop social skills and healthy interpersonal relationships. As a result, many are finding it increasingly difficult to grow their networks and make new professional connections. Have you discovered ways to effectively connect with others in your niche? Act on these helpful blog post ideas by passing on what you’ve discovered to your audience.

66. Compile a list of useful templates and teach people how to use them

Blog Post Ideas List of Templates

Any blog post ideas that can save your readers time, money, or energy are going to be popular with your readers. Templates (like my blog post templates and printable blog planner bundle) are valuable tools that can help people magnify their efforts. Search the web for the best templates that can be used in your niche and teach your readers how to use them. Can’t find any templates? Create your own.

67. Make a case study out of your last marketing campaign and share what you learned

Blog Post Ideas Case Study

Marketing advice is always a hot topic for blog content ideas today. Dissect your last marketing campaign and analyze what went well and what didn’t. If the campaign was a hit, your readers will be eager to read your case study and replicate your success. If the campaign was a disaster, even better. In the words of the great master Yoda: “The greatest teacher, failure is.” Sharing your failures could help others avoid a similar fate.

68. Create a do’s and don’ts list for people looking to build a career in your industry

Blog Post Ideas Dos and Dontsjpeg

Every industry is littered with hidden obstacles and traps that only a few are able to decipher and navigate through to success. Give your readers a head start in their careers through these kinds of blog post ideas with a simple do’s and don’ts article. Highlight the risks, identify the opportunities, shine a light on the best affiliate programs they should join if they’re a blogger—and alert them to any potential missteps that could sabotage their career prospects.

69. Identify ways people can make their resume stand out in your space

Blog Ideas Make Resume Stand Out

Our resumes can either open doors for us or slam them shut. As competition across all industries increases, our resume must represent us in the best way possible. Use your experience in your space to coach people on the key ways to make their resume stand out from the pack and you’ll be capitalizing on one of the most helpful blog post ideas out there.

70. Highlight the top skills that will be in demand in your industry during the next 10 years

Blog Post Ideas Top Skills

Do you have any insights into how someone could “future-proof” their careers over the next decade? If you know which blogging skills or marketing skills will be in demand, share them with your readers and give them a leg up on the competition with these insightful blog post ideas geared toward career advancement.

71. Share a list of interview questions people should ask when hiring in your niche

Blog Post Ideas Interview Questions

Hiring new people is one of the hardest and riskiest parts of building a business. Job candidates can interview marvelously and then fail on the job without warning. Use your experience to prepare these kinds of blog post ideas that break down a collection of questions people should ask when interviewing job applicants to identify the best hires.

72. Write some helpful emails that can be used in your industry

Blog Post Ideas Helpful Emails

Email is one of the primary means of communication professionals use today, but it can still be extremely difficult to get just right—especially when sending cold emails or sales emails. Make a list of the most common emails you find yourself sending, draft up some templates (like I’ve done with my guide to doing effective blogger outreach), and share them to utilize these blog post ideas for your readers. Trust me, they’ll love you for it!

Blog Post Ideas That Update, Notify, and Inform Readers

Blog Post Ideas to Write About and Update Readers

There’s something to be said for building a brand as an industry authority that publishes trend reports, offers hot takes on recent developments and breaks important new stories that apply to others in your space. These blog post ideas will give you inspiration on how to achieve that.

73. Where is your industry thriving? Make a list of the top 10 hot spots

Blog Post Ideas Top 10 Hotspots

Have certain cities become hotbeds of innovation for your industry? Leverage these kinds of blog post ideas and share ten places where you see opportunity growing for ambitious professionals.

74. Write a review of a product or service related to your industry

Blog Post Ideas Write Review

In an era of fake reviews and sponsored content, your authentic take on the latest products and services could be a breath of fresh air to your readers. Be careful though, these kinds of blog post ideas must always strive to be honest and unbiased if you hope to build trust and influence.

75. Share real-time updates directly from a conference

Blog Post Ideas Share Real-time Updates

Conferences are some of the best opportunities to learn best practices, meet influencers, and catch up with the latest developments in your field. But they can also be pretty expensive. Passes alone can be upwards of $1,000 or more, making a virtual update experience one of the easiest blog ideas to execute on while at an event.

Add in the cost of travel and accommodations and you could be looking at spending a pretty big chunk of change. If you get the opportunity to attend an industry event, try live blogging to make your readers feel like they’re right there with you.

76. What college majors are best suited for your industry?

Blog Post Ideas College Majors

Planning your college career is a daunting task for any young person. Tuition isn’t cheap these days and many go into serious debt to pay for their education. Today’s students want to ensure they’ll get a return on their investment.

Give them a little direction by highlighting the top courses, schools, and degree programs you think will help them build the best foundation for their careers with these kinds of blog post ideas like 27 Best Blogging Courses and 101 Best Online Business Courses.

77. Which events should people in your industry attend and why?

Blogging Ideas Events People Should Attend

There are dozens of conferences, conventions, meetups, and workshops happening every day in cities across the country. Which ones are the most beneficial for people in your niche to attend? Why do you feel that way? Share your thoughts with these kinds of blog post ideas for your audience and invite them to share their own recommendations.

78. Create a list of the keyboard shortcuts that can help people save time

Blog Post Ideas Keyboard Shortcuts

Memorizing the keyboard shortcuts for your favorite apps is one of those small investments that can pay off big in the long run. Knock it out of the park with these types of helpful blog post ideas by spending some time collecting the most useful shortcuts and key commands to put them together in an ultimate list.

79. Pull together the ultimate list of resources for your niche

Blog Post Ideas Ultimate List of Resources

The web is a big place. Even with Google, it can be difficult to track down the best resources in your niche. Bookmark the best resources you can find (or sign up for Google Alerts about the topic), group them by type and you’ve got a series of killer blog post ideas to give your readers a one-stop shop for useful tools.

80. Recount the history of your industry and how it has developed over time

Blog Post Ideas History of your Industry

Having an understanding of where an industry has been and where it’s going can make it easier to figure out your place in it. Give your readers some history and context along with a few of your own personal stories and experiences with these blog post ideas that share much-needed perspectives.

81. Define the top terms and acronyms used in your industry

Blog Post Ideas Top Terms

Keeping up with the latest terms and acronyms used in your profession can be hard, even for industry veterans. Plus, they often change over time, making these blogging ideas useful to be updated for years to come. A well-researched and up-to-date glossary can be hugely valuable and score you some evergreen traffic.

82. Has SEO changed for your niche in 2024? Where are the opportunities now?

Blog Post Ideas SEO

Optimizing your website for blog SEO strategies that’ll win you the top spot in search rankings can mean different things for different industries. Choosing the best website builders and learning how to make a website aren’t enough these days.

If you’ve learned any techniques that are proving more effective than others, then teaching them could be very lucrative. What are some tactics that are driving results for other people in your industry? Put the strategies and tactics you discover into one handy guide or break them into a series of related blog post ideas for readers to consume based on industry.

83. Embed the best YouTube videos about your industry into a post

Blog Post Ideas Embed Best Youtube Videos

Video continues to explode in popularity online. More than 700k video hours are streamed on YouTube every day. Find the best videos related to your niche and embed them as clever blog post ideas on your website. It’s an easy way to deliver great content while keeping people on your page longer.

84. Launch a survey and highlight the key findings

Blog Ideas Launch a Survey

Conducting your own research results in unique data that your readers won’t be able to get anywhere else, making these blog post ideas some of the most stand-out pieces of content online today. Come up with a poll that’s focused on your niche and share the results with your readers for a truly unique take.

85. Compile a list of the top podcasts about your industry

Blog Post Ideas Top Podcasts

Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the last few years. It’s the perfect medium for busy professionals looking to learn new things. You can listen to them on your way to work, while you take your afternoon jog, or put one on while you’re making dinner.

Pick a few shows related to your niche and share the links in a series of blog post ideas, or all at once in one epic guide. Better yet, consider starting a podcast of your own and I can guarantee the guests you talk with will inspire even more content ideas to cover.

86. Build a bullet list of the top facts and statistics about your nicheBlog Post Ideas List of Facts

One of the easiest and most evergreen blog post ideas you can write is a list of facts. Spend a few nights researching the most interesting or shocking facts and statistics about your industry and lay them out in a bullet list divided by topic.

87. Review the top online courses related to your niche

Blog Post Ideas Review Top Online Courses

Our time is finite and most of us try to make the best use of it as possible. For people trying to change careers or learn something new while working a full-time job, it can be incredibly frustrating to realize you’ve wasted time and money on a low-quality online course that didn’t teach you anything. Take advantage of these blog content ideas by sharing a list of the best courses in your niche and help steer busy people in the right direction.

88. Make a timeline of the biggest events that have changed your industry

Blog Post Ideas Timeline of the Biggest Industry Events

Sharing the history of your industry can provide some valuable context to newbies in your space, and a timeline is one of the best methods to do this. They’re visually appealing, easy to scan, and make it easy to organize key events and data with these blog post ideas.

Blog Post Ideas That Are Controversial & Shake Things Up

Blog Post Ideas to Be Controversial and Shake Things Up

Sometimes, the best way to make a big splash in your niche is to take a controversial stand. These blog post ideas will help you shake things up and generate attention for your blog.

89. Is something bothering you? Vent your frustration in a blog post

Blog Post Ideas Vent your Frustration

When it comes to putting thoughts and opinions out on the internet, staying positive is generally the safest bet. But making a case for something you’re passionate about or writing a critique about something you think needs to change can spark a healthy debate that draws people into the conversation—making it amongst the blog post ideas that can make a big splash.

Don’t be afraid to get a little provocative. Some of the world’s biggest brands have been built on controversy.

90. Pick a controversial tweet about your industry and write a response

Blog Post Ideas Respond to a Controversial Tweet

Taking your stand on a polarizing issue is a risky move, but that also makes it one of the most interesting blog post ideas out there. Calling someone out could have some nasty consequences and turn some people away from your brand. But it also has the potential to propel you into the spotlight. Try this one out at your own risk.

91. Put your thoughts down in an open letter to reach a wider audience

Blogging Ideas Open Letter

Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Bill Gates are just a few people who have used open letters to draw attention to serious issues affecting our society. Writing an open letter is a bold move, made even bolder depending on who the letter is addressed to and what it contains.

If you have something truly powerful to say and know exactly who needs to hear it, pen your thoughts into a blog post idea like this and unleash it to the world. Who knows, maybe it will be among other open letters that have left their mark on history.

92. Are there some popular misconceptions about your industry? Set the record straight.

Blog Post Ideas Set the Record Straight

For whatever reason, some industries seem to be plagued by scandals, misconceptions, or controversy. If you find this to be true of your niche, why not set the record straight through a myth vs. fact series of blog post ideas? Who knows, you may be able to shift perceptions and change the way people think.

93. Is there an issue that’s tearing your industry apart? Chime in with your take

Blog Post Ideas Chime in About an Issue

When you bring together talented professionals who are passionate about their craft, there is bound to be some conflict. Divisive issues spring up in every industry, forcing people to pick sides and defend their stances.

If there’s a polarizing debate raging in your space, don’t shy away from it; leaders don’t stand on the sidelines. Throw in your two cents, publish a series of blog topic ideas expanding on your beliefs, and make yourself part of the conversation.

94. Revisit well-known predictions about your niche and highlight which ones came true and which didn’t

Blog Post Ideas Revisit Well-known Predictions

Early on in this list, we had you making your own predictions about your industry. While looking forward is a fun exercise, revisiting past predictions can be equally fascinating blog post ideas. Whether they were way off base or right on the money, your readers will appreciate looking back along with you.

95. Have major brands or influencers in your space had any epic fails?

Blog Post Ideas Epic Fail of Major Influencers

Even the most successful people and brands take a misstep or two. After all, nobody’s perfect. When failures happen, the best thing we can do is try to learn from them. Point out a few of your industry’s biggest blunders through blog post ideas that also provide a few takeaways we can learn from them.

96. Write about some of the biggest controversies in your industry

Blog Post Ideas Biggest Controversy

Controversies and scandals rock every industry from time to time and occasionally leave lasting scars. What has rocked your niche? Giving insight into the events that have shaped the cultural landscape of your space makes for rich blog post ideas.

97. Share some comments from trolls and come up with clever responses 

Blog Post Ideas Clever Responses to Trolls

Online bullies love lobbing hurtful comments at people and then hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Why not turn the tables on the trolls and call them out directly? Even if you only know their screen name, using these kinds of blog topic ideas to clap back with a witty response will catch them off guard and make other would-be bullies think twice.

98. Highlight 5 things you’d like to change about your industry

Blog Content Ideas 5 Things to Change in the Industry

Even if you’re passionately committed to your profession, there are no doubt a few things that you wish were different. Write those opinions down in a series of blog post ideas expanding upon those improvements and see if you can build consensus with others in your space.

99. Identify crucial skills in your niche that don’t require a college degree

Blog Post Ideas Identify Crucial Skills

With skyrocketing tuition fees and the crushing burden of student debt hanging over their heads, many young people are taking a good hard look at whether college is the right choice for them or not. Is a degree truly necessary in order to succeed in your niche?

Are there certifications or online courses that could prove just as valuable? Make a list of the most in-demand skills in your industry that can be developed outside of the classroom in a series of compelling blog post ideas.

100. Explain how professionals in your space can recession-proof their business

Blog Ideas How to Be Recession Proof

At the time of writing, we’re currently in the longest bull run in the history of the US economy (knock on wood). The Great Recession of 2008 is a faint memory in many people’s minds and some of the same reckless financial decisions that caused it are being repeated over and over again.

What goes up must come down. Now’s the time to recession-proof your business before it’s too late. Put together some actionable insights into a series of blog post ideas that’ll help business owners prepare themselves for the next economic downturn.

101. Have you seen people make the same mistakes over and over as they try to break into your field? Give them some good advice.

Blog Ideas Advice about Common Mistakes

No successful person got to where they are without some help along the way. We’ve all had mentors and advocates share some advice, give us a few breaks, and show us the ropes. Earn some good karma and pay those good deeds forward with a series of your own blog post ideas that share your best advice. Shine the light on the most common mistakes newbies make in your niche and explain how to avoid them.

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Woo! I’ve extended this list and made it even more epic! 👋

As time goes by, I keep getting more blog post ideas and continue to come across the awesome work of other bloggers out there publishing creative content… so I add to this list of the best blog ideas quite often.

Here are some more content ideas to keep your editorial calendars fully stocked this year.

102. List the best motivational speeches in movies related to your niche

Are there any seminal movies that somehow pertain to the niche you blog about? Seize upon this blog post idea and list out the best motivational speeches in movies that are related to the topics you cover. For example, greed is a good speech from the finance-related movie, Wall Street.

About hope from Andy Dufresne’s letter in The Shawshank Redemption, or on unity from Denzel Washington’s speech in Remember the Titans. Believe it or not, with the sheer amount of movies today, this blog post idea applies to practically every industry.

103. Highlight the most recent changes in your industry this year

One example of this blog post idea in action here on my blog is that I often share new breakdowns about the changes in the blogging industry on topics like the best web hosting plans or which free blogging sites are emerging, and how these changes will affect my audience (bloggers). No matter the industry you’re in, there will be regular changes that shape the nature of how the top performers must change their practices in order to retain their competitive edge.

104. Write about your morning routine and what makes it possible

Talk about a few healthy habits that help you start the day and prime your morning for maximum productivity with this blog post idea format. These articles could even have direct affiliate revenue connections by being about which apps you use to wake yourself up and organize your calendar, which products you use for meditation, or which exercise equipment you use to warm up in the morning—and you could link to products through Amazon’s affiliate program.

105. Highlight why skills (not degrees) will dominate resumes in your industry

Consider blogging about the failure of the standard education system around the world and the devaluation of degrees across the board. Within this blog post idea, you can even contrast that with the high valuation of emerging jobs (that don’t require degrees) and offer relevant resources for readers to learn those skills.

106. Share resume writing tips for the modern professional

Like it or not, if you apply for a job online today, your resume goes through electronic filters that look for specific keywords. This is done in the name of efficiency. You could use this blog post idea to talk about how using certain keywords in your resume (for the niche you write about on your blog) can help readers get past the first screening step.

Refer to how you can make your resume lean for every job opening by cutting out useless skills like Microsoft Office. Talk about organizing your resume by relevance and listing achievements or experiences instead of responsibilities.

107. Choose a popular article on your blog and add to it

Look at the analytics on your blog and make a creative decision about how to add more value to the same article. If a certain blog post idea has already worked really well for you, then take a look at what made it successful and why your audience comes to it—then add on to that article by making it more in-depth, unique, and useful to your audience.

For example, I’m regularly adding to my articles that highlight the best cheap hosting plans, breakdowns of the top shared hosting providers, my picks for free hosting plans as the industry changes and new great companies emerge and a compilation of honest Bluehost reviews to compare—all with the goal of continuing to be the most relevant, useful resource on the subject over time.

108. List of the most valuable degrees offered by universities today

Make a list of the 10 most valuable degrees being offered by colleges within your industry and tie them to specific job titles & average salaries throughout a career’s lifetime. It’s better to focus on Bachelor’s degrees here rather than Master’s degrees, as there will be many more readers seeking value from this kind of blog post idea who’ve yet to complete their first degrees. Rank the degrees by order of the highest paying jobs students can expect after graduating.

109. Write about the benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrency

Talk about crypto-currency’s biggest benefits and caveats. Write about the tax savings and efficiency that they entail, as well as their use in the black market. Talk about the security and transparency Blockchain offers along with the numerous pump-and-dump schemes like BitConnect. Or for example, you could even go into something as specific as my guide about taxes for bloggers.

110. The benefits of Blockchain for your industry

Blockchain technology is very likely to grow and become more widespread in the industries that it touches (beyond just cryptocurrencies), because of the security benefits Blockchain offers compared to other data transfer systems. This is one of my favorite recent blog post ideas because you can apply it to your own niche—and for example, talk about how companies and governments are utilizing the technology in different ways.

111. The importance of humility and patience in any profession

Another one of my favorite blog post ideas because of how much you can connect with your audience, use this to talk about the temptation our generation has to achieve instant gratification. Speak about how patience and the willingness to try hard, make mistakes, and learn can pay off in both your career and personal life.

112. Relaxation tips for the overworked professional

If you’ve ever started a business on the side of your day job, then you know just how little free time you have in your week as a busy entrepreneur. Sharing relaxation techniques that people can use in order to take a load off is another one of my favorite blog post ideas. These can be as simple as self-massage techniques, grooming products, recipes, or even music playlists people can listen to so they can relax.

113. How to optimize your smartphone for productivity

List out the steps people can take to make their smartphones more productive. An example of tips you could include when employing blog post ideas like this include turning off your notifications, uninstalling social media applications during the week and using specific colors for notification lights.

114. The benefits of smart wearables for the business professional

With this blog post idea, you can cover the various benefits that wearables have for business professionals. These can include increased efficiency, tracking vitals, taking calls via Bluetooth headphones, and the like.

115. Talk about little-known facts you’ve learned from your work experience

Another of my favorite formats when it comes to blog post ideas is shedding light on industry secrets that people don’t know about in your space. Talk about what no one teaches rookies, that they can benefit from learning now. You can even write a blog post series about general professional habits that novices can cultivate to help them succeed in their career.

116. The importance of design and presentation when pitching ideas

Use notable examples from within your industry (or personal experience) to make your point about how to pitch an idea. You can even recommend products and tools that readers can use for designing effective presentations, and the response could lead to an entire series of blog post ideas expanding into different areas of teaching your audience presentation skills.

117. Lessons learned from your customers over the years

Write about the most valuable advice you’ve received from customers with this blog post idea. You could talk about what they’ve been most surprised by (like how difficult it can be to choose a domain name that is closely related to your niche—and provide real solutions in your article), what they’ve appreciated most and the factors that made first-time users become repeat customers.

118. What do people in your industry worry about that they shouldn’t?

In this series of blog post ideas, you could dive into the things that get a lot of attention in your industry, that shouldn’t at all. Make a case for arguing against the importance of dressing professionally instead of acting professionally, only meeting deadlines instead of actually learning emailing on weekends.

119. The importance of breaking large tasks down into simple steps

Talk about how breaking down tasks into basic steps can help improve productivity as it relates to your industry with this blog post idea. Speak about how those basic steps can make bigger tasks seem more attainable and you might even start your way down a series of blog post ideas.

120. The usefulness of templates for repetitive projects in your niche

These kinds of blog ideas have become a very successful staple on my blog—because they break down how using specific templates can help make quick work of repetitive projects and tasks on my blog. Take the overarching principles for which templates could be used well within your niche and use that to educate readers in your field.

121. Important tools and extensions for readers in your industry

You can talk about the various software tools or hardware aids that you find useful within your industry. These can be productivity programs, apps, gadgets or physical you talk about and highlight for readers using this blog post idea.

122. Embracing minimalism to de-clutter your busy life

Talk to your audience about the importance of decluttering. Use this blog post idea to tell them about how getting rid of useless things can vastly improve their lives.

123. How to trim down your personal hygiene routine for maximum efficiency

Talk about how grooming can be made personal in this blog post idea. You can even dive deeper to tell readers how they can design their own routines and get rid of products, habits, and influencers that are holding them back.

124. A list of actually useful websites for professionals in your field

Scouting Reddit to come up with some novel sites you’re not even aware of yourself yet would be useful in executing this blog post idea. You can get a lot of attention in your community for publishing a list of websites that can actually help your readers overcome challenges they’re facing today—and if particular problems become clear to you based on the feedback from that article, it could lead to a new series exploring other blog ideas that answer those questions in more detail.

125. Comment on outdated practices in your industry

With this blog post idea, you can give your opinion on practices that you’ve found to no longer be worth the effort in your industry. This will help a lot of rookies avoid classic traps that many fall into.

126. Why brand loyalty is bad for the consumer

Talk about the walled garden that certain brands and ecosystems build around their customers. This blog post idea should reach into the importance of experimentation and how brands make people feel negative emotions when leaving them for another.

127. Talk about the fading importance of life deadlines as you grow older

This has become one of my favorite blog post ideas lately because it’s settling to others to read that they’re not alone in feeling the race to get married by 30 or have kids by 35 isn’t for them. You can talk about how not everything in life needs to be centered around deadlines and the importance of enjoying life as things are—taking it one step at a time.

128. The best (and worst) practices you find with new people in your industry

Use this blog post idea to talk about the young professionals you’ve met and the best and worst practices common among them. These can be work-related or personal.

129. The importance of unplugging from social media

Talk about how social media addiction is real and how it can cause severe depression and anxiety. Using this format to explore a series of blog post ideas, you can talk about how humans aren’t built to digest and process so much information in a single day.

130. Share great stories about business owners that gave back to your community

Share stories about your own (smaller) local version of Bill Gates, The Rockefeller, and The Mellons that’s given back to your local community and this could even turn into a series of blog post ideas that shine a light on influential local people.

131. The most important lessons you learned from a movie

Use this blog post idea format to talk about some of your favorite movies and what you’ve learned from them. This is entirely subjective, so let your creativity guide this in any direction that feels natural.

132. Valuable questions to ask yourself when switching jobs

Share a checklist of what people in your industry should ask themselves when switching jobs in your field. An example of a core tenant you could explore in this blog post idea would be staying objective in judging the value of the new job vs. the old one (monetarily and philosophically).

133. Essential tips to plan your vacation

This is particularly relevant if you’ve started a travel blog. Share a basic template of what to do when planning a vacation in a popular location that your readers may want to visit one day. You’re already doing the work for your upcoming trip, so use this blog post idea to share that information publicly.

This could include planning your visits every day, what gear you can buy, searching for esoterica, looking for accommodations, installing specific apps, and such.

134. Ask top figures in your industry to share the biggest mistake they’ve made

This is another one of those very subjective blog post ideas that can be shaped by any personal flavor you’d like to put on it, but it can cover anything from personal advice to professional mistakes new business owners in your field should avoid, or otherwise.

135. Interview someone who’s recently made it big in your industry

You don’t need a podcast in order to conduct a good interview (though if you do have a show, be sure you’re investing in the right podcast hosting). That being said, a great blog post format for anyone looking to build relationships with more influential people in their industry, is to interview those entrepreneurs—people who established a successful company, introduced a new product, or otherwise achieved a meaningful milestone, so they can share their advice with you (and your audience).

136. List out your favorite ad campaigns from within your industry

Talk about the most memorable ad marketing campaigns that are coming out of companies in your space with this blog post idea.

137. Share the importance of letting go of toxic relationships

Whether personally or professionally, these blog post ideas that draw on difficult experiences to teach your readers an important lesson can build very close relationships with readers. You can talk about how toxic relationships weigh on you and keep you from being the best version of yourself—both in and out of a business.

138. Make a giant list of some of your favorite products

Like I’ve done with my list of the best blogging tools, you could use this blog post idea to talk about which products and services you’ve been using and why you’ve grown so loyal to them over the years.

139. The importance of investing a chunk of your income every month

In this blog post idea, you can talk about how investing can grow your money and how it’s a great tool to learn to improve your financial life.

140. Share great life lessons you’ve learned from experience

Talk about the most profound experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them in this blog post idea. Stick to personal experiences, not advice that you’ve received from others.

141. Break down the most life-changing apps you use

Talk about the smartphone and computer apps that make you most productive in this blog post idea. These could be reminder apps, exercise apps, hotel booking apps, a voice assistant app, or otherwise.

142. List technical skills that are currently underserved

In this blog post idea, you could talk about the industries that are facing a shortfall of talent (and thus pay very well moving forward) like software development or cyber security. If your audience latches onto this topic, you could even expand into a series of blog post ideas that expand upon specific technical skills (and you could recommend learning resources or teach them yourself as a way to make money blogging).

143. The best apps you need to catch up on daily news

Talk about the best apps that condense the most important news into palatable bits like the New York Times morning briefing, Economist Espresso, or LinkedIn Daily Briefing. If it does well, you could launch a series of blog post ideas that expand into different industry-specific newsletters—or even host your own that readers can subscribe to.

144. How blogging can create an intimate connection

Talk about how blogging can help create intimacy between you and your audience in this blog post idea—and how regardless of the kind of business you own, sharing stories from your journey can forge a meaningful connection with your customers.

145. The importance of curating your wardrobe

Write about why having a simple, uncluttered, and minimalistic wardrobe can save time, remove uncertainty, and ensure that you always look good with this blog post idea format. You can even share photos from your own closet to drive home your message.

146. How Marie Kondo’s method can help you de-clutter your life

Marie Kondo is exploding in popularity, and her methods of de-cluttering your rooms (and your life) can also be broadly applied to a wide range of other areas of your reader’s lives if you get creative with this blog post idea.

147. Highlight top bloggers and vloggers in your field

Talk about some of your favorite bloggers and vloggers in a series of blog post ideas that can range from a simple interview to a more in-depth analysis of what’s made a particular blogger successful in a more in-depth format.

148. Talk about insights from recent data about the industry

Use this blog post idea to talk about how data warehousing and processing huge volumes of data have given your industry great new insights. An example of one of these blogging ideas in practice is my recent highlight (and analysis) of the top blogging statistics shaping the blogging industry this year.

149. list the benefits of therapy and why more people should try it

Talk about why therapy is good for us all—regardless of whether or not we’re going through issues in our personal or professional lives, and the positive benefits that can be had. You could even pair this approach with one of our other blog post ideas, an interview, to share captivating stories from others in your niche too.

150. List 5 people that you respect in your field and why

List 5 people in your industry whom you find worthy of praise, whether they’re leaders or just starting out or seasoned veterans. This blog post idea can not only help share important industry advice but can also lead to great new connections.

151. Share what you consider most valuable in a leader

Use this blog post idea to talk about the qualities in a leader that you consider essential for success in your industry, like confidence, focus, fairness, objectivity, and otherwise.

151. Talk about the hobbies you indulge in during free time

Talk about the hobbies you have and their importance in keeping you balanced with this blog post idea. For me, I’ve started an entire blog around my hobby of hiking and traveling, where I document things like the best Yosemite hikes and the best time to visit Yosemite during the year.

152. Publish an article for the smallest demographic of your readers

Serve a hyper-specific demographic of your audience with this blog post idea that reaches an underserved community in need of your help. For example, after seeing a few comments on my blog where readers were asking for my advice on how to find a web hosting provider that didn’t charge for a full year’s worth of hosting all at once…

I wrote up a list of the best monthly hosting plans for bloggers who are on a budget and want to truly pay month-to-month for their hosting services. While that blog post only serves a small target audience, it’s very useful to those people.

153. Talk about unique personal qualities that have served you well in interviews

Talk about the qualities that your employers have always found impressive in you, and why they’ve helped you during job interviews within your industry. This can lead to a series of blog post ideas expanding on interview advice for your field.

154. Industry practices that favor the less talented and more charismatic

Try this blog post idea to explore practices in your industry that favor more charismatic people who aren’t necessarily more talented than others. Talk about how adopting these qualities can help the more talented (but shy) people ascend the ranks faster too.

155. Write an in-depth review of a recent podcast episode

If you’re an avid podcast listener, then consider this blog post idea where you can write an in-depth review, analysis, or even an expansion upon a recent podcast episode from a show you admire. Bonus points if the podcast is run by an influencer in your industry that you can then reach out to and connect with (after publishing your review of their recent episode).

I’ve found using this format of blog post idea to be extremely helpful in building mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers in my niche.

156. Best encryption tools for cloud storage

Privacy concerns are on the rise all over the world, which makes this topic area ripe for the right blog post ideas that can provide valuable insight & recommendations. It’s not enough that you back up your data to a cloud since cloud storage has been shown to be penetrable. Hence, a blog post about the best encryption tools available for cloud storage seems important for that discussion.

157. Best VPNs for online privacy

This is another of our blog post ideas concerning privacy. VPNs allow you to hide your online activity by rerouting the traffic through one of thousands of available servers. Due to privacy concerns worldwide, numerous VPNs are available now that offer fast speeds and encryption.

158. These are the best messaging apps for online privacy

With governments clamping down on individual privacy, it’s natural to write about some encrypted messaging apps—as the demand for those kinds of tools and services is on the rise. While some like WhatsApp, use end-to-end encryption, there are others that are deemed to be safer, like Signal.

159. This is Edward Snowden’s preferred laptop for privacy

Edward Snowden is the whistleblower who exposed the NSA’s privacy violations to the world. He recently came on the Joe Rogan podcast and talked about his favorite laptop—Purism. Discussing its merits in an in-depth guide would be a good content idea to explore if you want to attract an audience of readers who care deeply about security online.

160. Best photo editing apps for your smartphone

Photo editing is now a natural part of the average smartphone user’s day, as snapping a selfie is easier than ever before. There are thousands of photo editing apps and millions of filters available on apps like Snapchat and Instagram alone. However, not all apps are created equal. With this blog post idea, you could explore some of your favorites and offer helpful reviews.

161. Talk about your favorite podcasts

Podcasts are a natural evolution from radio. You can find shows ranging from the verbose to the extremely short form. Talk about some of your favorite podcasts and why you love them. Bonus points if you talk about your favorite app to listen to them on.

162. Compare the best value smartphones out there under 500 dollars

The mid-range smartphone market has really grown in the past 5 years due to the introduction of $1000 flagships like the iPhone. Writing some articles about alternative offerings from Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Samsung, and Huawei that cost under $500 could definitely get you some readers who want a good phone—but don’t want to break the bank.

163. List out the essential items of clothing every man should have in their wardrobe

It seems like sartorial fashion has really gone downhill in recent years. Advising the younger generation on classic items of clothing they should have in their wardrobe, could lead to a refreshing series of blog post ideas that can solidify your reputation in the lifestyle or fashion blogging space. Be sure to go beyond the normal suit and tie that’s often recommended.

164. List the essential items of clothing every woman should have in their wardrobe

As with the previous topic idea, you can also write about wardrobe recommendations for women. Suggest which items are most comfortable as well as the most stylish during each major season. This could significantly widen your blog’s appeal and help you tap into a growing audience of women searching for fashion-related content online.

165. How to assemble a great shaving kit

Trust me, it’d be easy to write a book about this one. You could talk about everything from shaving soaps to creams, foams and gels. From there, you can expand into different combinations of shaving razors, trimmers, and aftershave and highlight your own shaving routine. Bonus points if you release a series of YouTube videos to help better illustrate what you’re writing about on your blog as well.

166. How to assemble a great make-up kit

Remember to do your research on this one—and not just repeat conventional wisdom. You could also interview women who’ve worked in the makeup industry so that this blog post idea tackles the topic with a diverse sampling of styles, approaches, and levels of expertise.

167. List the best travel apps to help plan your next trip

Statistics show that young people are traveling more than ever today. This has given way to some awesome travel planning apps and websites. Try some out and talk about your favorite ones. Also, share some tips from your own travel experience, if you’ve got some personal advice to share here.

168. List the importance of some mundane fashion accessories

Some fashion accessories do serve a practical purpose in addition to making you look good. For example, sunglasses that are fashionable, yet also protect your eyes. Talk about a few of these accessories everyone should own, and it could lead to an entire series of blog post ideas that expand upon the subject of sunglasses in greater depth.

This is a particularly appealing topic because it can lead to better monetizing your blog through affiliate links (or selling your own sunglasses). You could take this a step further and write up a list of the best hiking boots or the best gifts for hikers if you’re an outdoor enthusiast—and use primarily Amazon affiliate links.

169. Compare the 3 big voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa)

You can approach this blog post idea in one of two ways. You can demonstrate their responses to a series of questions or just demonstrate the advantages of one over the two others. Make sure to be objective in your analysis, and if you can pair this content with a video demonstrating their responses to your comedic queries, it’ll have a lot more viral potential.

170. Compare the pros and cons of old and new smartphone design

You can talk about the advantages of removable batteries, how making thin phones has affected durability, and so on. You should also list the improvements new phones have over their predecessors to make this content balanced. This could be an interesting look at how smartphones have gotten both better AND worse over the past decade.

171. List the 5 best laptops for battery life

The blog headline itself is pretty self-explanatory for this blog post idea. Remember to classify how you’re testing battery life (which activities you’re performing, what programs you’re using, and such). If you’re quoting other sources who’ve done their own testing, make sure to talk about the tests they used and cite your sources.

172. List the 5 best smartphones for battery life

This topic can be similar to the one mentioned above, but it should focus on the top smartphones currently available in the market. Make sure to elaborate on the types of battery tests conducted and the sources you’ve consulted.

173. Talk about Reddit as a useful (sometimes polarizing) forum

Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world. It’s a forum that’s usually the worst place to have meaningful discussions, though—as conversations often devolve into criticisms. However, it does have threads on how to improve your life, as well as actual discussions on existentialism and the meaning of life. Plus, the worst answers get downvoted and the best are voted up. Talk about how you’ve explored some corners of Reddit and how they’ve helped you out.

174. Blog about essential first aid knowledge everyone should have

Everyone gets hurt, and it never happens at a time of our choosing. You could use this blog post idea to share some essential first-aid tips relating to everyday injuries—especially if this subject matter is relevant to your blog niche.

175. Best alternatives to microsoft office

Microsoft Office is the best office application, but it costs a ton. Talk about some of the best alternatives available that can do almost everything the Office Suite can. This will be a boon for those short on cash.

176. Essential home repair skills everyone should have

We’ve become accustomed to calling the handyman for every little problem at home (I should know). Talk about some home repair skills that everyone should have in this content idea. This’ll benefit not only a lot of bachelors and students who are short on cash, but it’ll serve as a forcing function for you to learn some handy skills yourself.

177. 5 Apps that can help you get better with money

Financial responsibility isn’t something you just pick up one day—you need to learn to be frugal and make sound investments. It takes education and experience. Talk about some wallet or savings apps that can help students and young adults get better at managing their spending habits, and you’ll start to attract an audience willing to learn more about personal finance.

178. 10 YouTube channels to follow if you’re a tech nerd

This idea is pretty self-explanatory. Today, almost everyone searches for reviews before buying big electronics. Recommend your favorite tech reviewers for unbiased coverage. Some channels to check out might include MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, UrAvgConsumer, Mrwhosetheboss, TechnicalGuru, and others.

179. 5 websites you can follow to get definitive recommendations on tech

For those who aren’t interested in video and want comprehensive (written) reviews for their electronics, you can recommend websites. Talk about dependable reviewers like Tom’s Guide, Head-Fi, WireCutter, and others that share regular content on top tech. You can even recommend a reliable subreddit here if you dare.

180. 5 most productive email clients for professionals

The average Joe may not care about this topic, but professionals who spend hours in their inbox each day certainly will. They need all their emails managed and de-cluttered. Suggest email clients that get the job done without much need for customization—or those that feature extension support for high customizability.

181. Talk about the best Gmail extensions

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. This is why it’s so feature-rich when it comes to extension support. Talk about the most popular Gmail extensions like Boomerang, Checker Plus, ActiveInbox and how to best use those tools to become a more productive emailer.

182. Write a post on your favorite television shows from childhood

This is another self-explanatory blog post idea that expands on your TV-watching experiences. Don’t forget to elaborate on why you loved these awesome shows—and why they would appeal to others.

183. Write a post on old television shows everyone should watch

This could be a list of your favorite shows or classics that have stood the test of time. This could be really fun because you could explore shows from the 1940s, or even ones as recent as the 90s.

184. Write a post on classic films that changed cinema forever

This is another self-explanatory idea. You can consult critics’ lists like Roger Ebert’s or Gene Siskel’s if you want to choose the most relevant titles. You can also consult Sight and Sound, the British film magazine, for a more international perspective on this series of blog post ideas.

185. Write a post on 5 best picture winners nobody remembers

This content topic can be entirely subjective. Go through the Best Picture winners from the past few decades and talk about ones that you no longer see discussed anymore.

186. Write about 10 things people can do on their own to reduce pollution

These tips are extremely relevant if your blog covers environmental concerns at all—and can be as small as buying reusable bottles or as big as volunteering for local clean-up drives. Be sure to emphasize that every little bit counts, and if your audience wants more, it could easily lead to a series of blog post ideas on the broader subject.

187. Write about what you’ve learned to value most in friendships

This one is clearly a personal post, but could go great to lengths in building stronger connections with your readers. Talk about your experiences with friends and what you’ve learned to be the most endearing qualities in friendships.

188. Talk about the best internet service providers and why you settled on one

If you haven’t faced any Internet problems in your life (you lucky son of a gun), do some research and put yourselves in the shoes of others who have bad Internet. However, do talk about your Internet service provider and its pros and cons for some authenticity—plus many of those companies will have affiliate programs you can join to earn some income from your recommendations.

189. List 5 great tools for graphic designers (Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixlr and more)

You can go through several existing lists by reviewers and even subreddits to gather research for this blog post idea. Don’t just regurgitate the same posts though, download these tools for yourself and give honest recommendations.

190. Tips which will improve people’s health over time

This article can be sourced from your own life, as well as from other fitness experts who’ve got experience. You can even consult medical journals and research papers if you’d like to create truly in-depth, transformative research that has a strong chance of attracting readers. Just boil the advantages of these tips down into simple language for the average Joe, and you’ll already be doing a great service to this niche.

191. List 5 things people can do in their lives to help their community

With this blog post idea, you should be sincere above all else. Talk about which acts of kindness and charity can help the community, how to make a positive impact on the lives of your fellow residents, and why people should invest their time into these activities.

192. List 10 great media player apps for Windows and Mac

This is another self-explanatory topic idea. Visit trusted reviewer sites like PC Magazine, CNET, and Tom’s Guide. Don’t just talk about functionality though, strive to explore speed and ease of use here too.

193. List 5 great perfume brands that everyone should try

This is a straightforward blog post idea, built around product recommendations that can also be monetized. List perfumes that last, which are fairly priced, and which give off the best fragrance. This will appeal to all kinds of audiences.

194. Write about the importance of penmanship and working on your signature

True penmanship is becoming less critical for business today, but it’s still a great way to impress someone in a work setting. Plus, there’s just something awesome about pulling out a pen and leaving a well-crafted signature—not to mention the potential to create a career out of the skill of a hand lettering artist.

195. List the 4-5 best wristwatches you’ve tried wearing

Talk about your personal experiences with watches for this series of blog post ideas geared toward both men and women. Talk about their durability, their accuracy, and comfort. If you’re not a wristwatch person, you can talk about some of the best-selling watches of all time and why they’ve been so successful.

196. Point out 5 rookie mistakes you made as a new employee

This one is for the novices reading your blog but would be extremely relevant if your topics cover career-related subjects. Make this blog post as actionable as possible, so it provides real value to the beginners in your industry.

197. List 5 things you can do to make a good first impression in your office

This blog post idea is somewhat similar to the previous title but can include tips from dressing well to being comfortable in your own skin, displaying quiet confidence, and volunteering to be a leader whenever opportunities present themselves.

198. Talk about the objective and subjective advantages of having a pet

With this idea, you can talk about the proven mental and physical health benefits of owning a pet—as well as the resulting happiness you stand to gain from having a pet in your life.

199. Write about 5 great backpacks that you’ve tried and why you’ve settled on one

This will appeal particularly well to travelers, as well as those who take backpacks to work—leading to the opportunity to break this down into a series of blog post ideas targeted toward specific audiences. If you’re not a backpack person yourself, you can always refer to reviews on Wire Cutter or a subreddit for the best suggestions.

200. List out 5 great wireless earbuds for professionals to try

Wireless earbuds are now a staple of the average consumer—from Bose products to Apple’s AirPods. Headphone jacks are quickly vanishing and wireless buds are getting much better. Recommend a few budget buys along with the favorites that everyone feels comfortable buying. This should be a pretty popular blog post for young professionals and could lead to a series of blog post ideas for specific audiences or use cases like earbuds for working out, running, and traveling.

201. Research hiring trends in your industry

Use this blog post idea to explore the trajectory of job growth (and how many new companies are started in the sector) over the past few years, to give an analysis of where the job market might be heading for professionals in your space. From here, you can provide actionable recommendations on everything from how to apply to new jobs, to sprucing up a resume, what it takes to get a promotion, and more.

202. Share what’s on the menu in your home this week

What kinds of meals are you eating this week? One of the topics I’ll soon be writing about is the food making its way onto my plate, over on my upcoming new blog, VeganTable. This topic idea has already proven itself very successful with my girlfriend Anjelica’s blog, Vegan Anj—particularly when she publishes city guides like her vegan Chicago guide and a list of LA’s best vegan restaurants.

203. Blog about the hardest earned lessons you’ve learned

One of my favorite recent posts has been sharing the hardest blogging lessons I’ve learned after 10 years as a professional blogger. This gives a glimpse not just into my own lived experiences building a business around my blog but also offers up a chance to humanize myself and show readers that I also have challenges.

204. Share sransparent income reports

Nothing builds trust and loyalty with your blog readership quite like sharing open income reports and talking about how you’ve made your business a success. Check out my guides on how much bloggers make, and how long it takes to make money blogging to see examples of how I do this here on my own blog.

205. Cover your best automation and process streamlining advice

If you’re a productivity pro, who can make processes flow easier, or maybe you’re just a wizard with tools like Zapier… tasks like document automation that may seem easy to you, can look like pure witchcraft to someone not as technically inclined. Dive deep with step-by-step tutorials for your audience to streamline their processes the way you’ve already done.

Try RightBlogger: My 75+ Hand-Crafted Tools for Bloggers

RightBlogger AI Blogging Tools for Creators

Join 1,897+ creators, bloggers, marketers, writers, freelancers & entrepreneurs in using my very own kit of powerful tools for content creation: RightBlogger. You’ll unlock 75+ blogging, SEO, marketing, sales and productivity-focused tools to create content faster & more effectively today.

Bonus: 7 Proven Ways to Amplify Your Blog Post Ideas and Drive Traffic

Blog Post Ideas How to Get Readers to Come

Now that you’ve started translating your blog post ideas into real, published work—it’s time to get to work learning how to promote your blog posts to reach as many people as possible. Here are a few effective ways to expose your blog to new readers, build your audience, and drive more traffic today.

1. Answer questions on Quora and link back to your blog

More than 300 million people visit Quora, the popular question-and-answer site, each month. With over 400,000 topics and thousands more added every week, there are likely hundreds of questions around your niche that you can answer with links back to your blog.

2. Become a Redditor and share your content

Reddit bills itself as ‘the front page of the internet’ and it’s easy to see why. The latest and most interesting stories from across the internet seem to break on Reddit first. With an audience as big as Twitter’s but with more than double the engagement rate, Reddit has the potential to drive massive traffic to your site.

3. Reach out to influencers and ask them to share your content

It’s a long and arduous road to build your audience to 1 million followers. It’s a lot faster and easier to convince someone who already has 1 million followers to share your content. Build relationships with influencers and ask them to share your best blog post ideas once they’re published as well-refined content. If they agree, you’ll dramatically expand your reach, plus you’ll create the opportunity for future collaborations like guest blogging.

4. Ask your network to help amplify your content

Just a few shares, likes and retweets can be enough to get the social media network algorithms to exponentially increase the amount of people your content gets exposed to. Ask your own personal network of colleagues, friends, family, and supporters to help share your pieces. They want you to succeed and will undoubtedly be excited to help.

5. Make a video based on your blog post

Videos have exploded in popularity over the last few years. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, and a few YouTube videos show up on the first page of Google search results. These two opportunities may just make video the best way to drive eyeballs to your website. Convert your blog post ideas into a snappy video, upload your video to YouTube, optimize it for search, and be sure to link back to your original article.

6. Share your article with online communities

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the largest and most obvious places to share your content. However, there are thousands of other online communities built around various niches that often have higher engagement. Have you written about design? Try submitting your article to Sidebar.io. Web development? Send your piece to Webdesignernews.com. No matter what you’ve written about, there’s a passionate community out there that is hungry for new content.

7. Include your blog post in your email newsletter

If you have an internet presence and aren’t building an email list, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools for driving traffic to your blog. A healthy list to do email marketing to is comprised of people who love your content and want to be contacted when you have more. Shoot out an email to your list whenever you have new articles, just be careful not to overdo it. A monthly or weekly newsletter is typical, but be sure to experiment to find the right cadence for your audience.

Did I Miss Any Creative Blog Post Ideas?

What’d I miss?

Are there any blog post ideas or general content structures you’ve had success with (that we didn’t cover here)?

Share your best blog post ideas with us in the comments below!

And remember, consistently turning blog post ideas into high-quality content is tough, but the juice is worth the squeeze. Investing in creative, entertaining, and high-value blog post ideas can have exponential returns. The key is building a diverse array of blog ideas and sticking to a regular publishing schedule.

Pair these ideas with a robust blog content strategy and you’ll be set to capture massive traffic this year.

Oh and if you haven’t yet gotten your blog off the ground yet, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

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