25 Bluehost Reviews to Read in 2024An Honest Compilation of Real Bluehost Reviews (and Performance Stats)

Looking for honest Bluehost reviews to evaluate whether or not Bluehost will be the best hosting provider for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Rather than giving you only my review of the popular hosting company, here’s a compilation of 25 honest Bluehost reviews—so that you can see for yourself, what everyone has to say.

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Whether you’re setting out to start a blog of your own, or you’re planning to move your existing site to a new hosting company—you’re ready to try out a new web hosting experience. Hence the need to check out some honest Bluehost reviews today, right?

One of the first hosting providers you’ll likely come across is Bluehost… which is why I’ve researched and compiled a collection of 25+ Bluehost reviews to paint an honest, objective picture of all the pros and cons Bluehost has to offer as a hosting company.

25 Honest Bluehost Reviews in 2024 (+ Bluehost Hosting Performance Stats)

  1. “Bluehost has the best technical support you’ll find in a hosting company.” – Ryan Robinson
  2. “If you’re looking for a really fast website, then Bluehost is your perfect fit.” – WP Beginner
  3. “Bluehost has a solid reputation over decades of hosting.” – Hosting Manual
  4. “All Bluehost hosting plans offer 24/7 live chat and unmetered bandwidth.” – Hosting Facts
  5. “Bluehost offers good service and ease of use, but prices aren’t anything special.” – Website Planet
  6. “Bluehost makes it easy and quick to get a website running, with 99.99% uptime.” – Digital.com
  7. “With fast servers, competitive pricing and great support, Bluehost is my favorite hosting.” – HostingAdvice
  8. “Bluehost is popular because of expensive marketing, but fails to live up to the hype.” – TechTage
  9. “You’ll get the most competitive pricing for the service and performance with Bluehost.” – isitwp
  10. “Bluehost is a budget-friendly hosting provider with great WordPress offerings. – Who’s Hosting This?
  11. “Because Bluehost is cheap and reliable, it’s the best hosting option for bloggers.” – WebsiteHostingRating
  12. “Feature packed web hosting with quality WordPress plans.” – TechRadar
  13. “Bluehost specializes in affordable hosting with so many beginner-friendly features.” – InlineHostBlogger
  14. “Their hosting has a great reputation in the industry and tons of endorsements.” – Shout Me Loud
  15. “Bluehost offers cheap prices, but customer service is lacking and speed leaves much to be desired.” – WhatsTheHost
  16. “With Bluehost, your site will be ok. But for the price, there are better hosts out there.” – WebsiteToolTester
  17. “I recommend Bluehost to those who are new to hosting because of their great customer support .” HostingPill
  18. “Bluehost is the best hosting company for those just starting with WordPress.” – Woblogger
  19. “I’ve tried 20-30 hosting providers, but Bluehost has been my most consistent.” – Index Nuke
  20. “Bluehost has incredible uptime, loading speed, extensive features and affordable pricing.” – Adam Enfroy
  21. “Straightforward setup process, but I had tons of issues. I’d avoid at all costs.” – Somto Seeks
  22. “Bluehost has excellent support, with the caveat that it can take some time to get a reply.” – Marketever
  23. “Bluehost offers good value for the money in terms of performance and features.” – CPO Themes
  24. “I give Bluehost 3/5 stars. Reliable, secure hosting, but some issues with speed and support.” – Start Blogging Online
  25. “Bluehost isn’t perfect, but the pros outweigh the cons (cheap plans and a solid reputation).” – TemplateToaster

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend hosting products I’ve personally used and stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you).

Why is Bluehost so Popular in the Hosting Space? Is it Really that Great?

Well to start, Bluehost is almost certainly the #1 most-recommended hosting company in the industry—with tons of top bloggers and brands both using & praising their service.

Bluehost Reviews (25 Honest Reviews) Homepage Screenshot

Here are a few key takeaways about this hosting company, which I’ve pulled from dozens of Bluehost reviews:

  • Bluehost is one of only 3 hosting companies that WordPress officially recommends (the other two being DreamHost and SiteGround)
  • The helpfulness of their 24/7 live chat and phone support is mentioned as a top benefit in nearly 80% of Bluehost reviews
  • 34.5% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress, and Bluehost has built their features specifically around this CMS
  • The setup process from initial sign up to launching a live blog is widely cited as the fastest & easiest in the industry
  • Their pricing is usually the lowest in the hosting industry, especially for the features and ease of use (starting at $1.99/mo)
  • Mixed reviews about their overall performance (website loading times), though it varies in different areas of the world
  • Excellent uptime of 99.99% is consistently reported for Bluehost customer websites, which is very high for the industry

Now that we’ve laid the foundation for the general consensus that’s been gathered from the many Bluehost reviews across the Internet, here’s what I think—in my own Bluehost review:

Bluehost Review #1: “Bluehost has the best technical support team you’ll find in a hosting company.” — Ryan Robinson

One of the first things I came to realize once I first signed up for Bluehost myself (and again after reading through dozens of these Bluehost reviews), is that their technical support team is extremely helpful.

The majority of their customers who’ve written objective Bluehost reviews seem to also consistently cite their customer service an overwhelmingly positive aspect of choosing them to host a blog—and that’s definitely been my personal experience too.

Bluehost Reviews (Screenshot of Customer Support Page)

As with all things, though… no customer experience (when millions of people use your product) will always be exactly the same. And in some of the Bluehost reviews here in this list, you’ll see that others have had less than stellar experiences with the company’s support team.

It’s important for me to remember that there are always a variety of factors that influence an individual support experience (both positively and negatively)—so know that while most of the Bluehost reviews I’ve read tend to cite their 24/7 live chat and phone support as a top reason they’ve stuck with them, not everybody has shared that same sentiment.

Here are some more pros and cons I’d like to shine a light on in my own Bluehost review:

  • Bluehost is very well-optimized with tools, settings, and features to run a WordPress blog
  • Their sign up process is fast and easy, but does offer some non-essential upsells (like SEO tools, email essentials, additional security add-ons that can all be found in free WordPress plugins)
  • They offer free SSL certificates and have high default security standards for all accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space comes with all accounts too (which is a major plus)
  • Bluehost performance tests show that they’re usually faster than most hosting companies, but not the fastest
  • While new customer pricing is very competitive (starting at $1.99/mo), the renewal rate is often 2x the introductory pricing
  • Their 24/7 live chat and phone support team is very quick to respond, but more complex problems have taken me a long time to resolve (days)
  • The fact that Bluehost powers 2 Million+ websites and has been in business for 17 years makes me confident in their long-term outlook

My verdict on Bluehost: 👍

I strongly believe Bluehost is hands down the best hosting company for brand new bloggers and website owners to get started with. However, you can do without most of the add-on upsells they recommend during the “Package Extras” section of their checkout page like you’ll see here:

Bluehost Checkout Page Screenshot of Package Extras

I recommend only keeping the Domain Privacy Protection extra —and you can get away with skipping the rest. In my extensive guide to starting a blog, I walk through the many free and cheap plugins & tools you can use for things like SEO optimization, additional security, and site back-ups, thus making most of these other package extras unnecessary.

Having the domain privacy extra keeps all of your personal contact information (name, email, phone number, and address) private. If you choose Bluehost’s Choice Plus Plan to sign up with, then your Domain Privacy Protection will be listed as “Free” (just like this screenshot above shows), because it’s included in that plan. If you choose a Basic or Plus Plan, you’ll want to check the box to add Domain Privacy Protection to your order for around $1/mo.

The ease of learning to use the Bluehost platform, its simple WordPress-optimized features, and the high level of support from its technical support team make it a combination that’s very intentionally designed to get those who are new to blogging set down the right path with the support they need.

That being said, most bloggers will eventually be better suited to move up to a more robust and powerful hosting provider (which will cost more) once they’ve grown their blogs to a point where they’re reaching thousands of readers per day and need to offer the absolute fastest, best possible experience for readers.

Want to See if Bluehost is Your Best Hosting Company?

Head over here to evaluate their features, plans & pricing today—and get started for as little as $1.99/mo.

And if you want to see my comparisons where I stack Bluehost up against several of the best hosting platforms on the market today, check out these comparisons:

Let’s keep moving!

Now, to drive home the fact that I’m not just touting my own Bluehost review in hopes of simply making a sale, here’s what 24 other real Bluehost customers have said in their very own honest Bluehost reviews:

Bluehost Review #2: “If you are looking for a really fast website, then Bluehost can be a perfect fit for you” – WPBeginner

Next up in our list of Bluehost reviews is WPBeginner. Here’s what they’ve highlighted:

  • The reasonable and straightforward pricing of Bluehost’s hosting plans.
  • Bluehost’s reliability: they power a lot of websites with very little downtime
  • The speed at which their test site loaded (less than 2 seconds: faster than 85% of all tested sites)
  • The wide range of different hosting plans available
  • 24/7 support via live chat or phone (though WPBeginner did note that it would have been helpful also to have a ticket-based support system)

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

If you’re just starting out, then you cannot go wrong signing up for a Bluehost shared hosting plan. It’s easy on your pocket, and comes with all the right blogging tools. As your site grows, you can easily upgrade to one of the best hosting plans accordingly.

Bluehost Review #3: “They’ve built a solid reputation over the decades, especially when it comes to WordPress hosting.” – Hosting Manual

In their Bluehost review, the Hosting Manual highlighted:

  • The number of email accounts included with Bluehost hosting: 100 with the Starter plan and unlimited email addresses with the Plus and Business Pro plans
  • The enhanced cPanel that’s easy to use
  • The fact that all of their hosting plans have unmetered (unlimited) bandwidth
  • Bluehost’s “WordPress Pro” hosting plans which are pricier but include lots of great features
  • Strong security features, including three layers of anti-spam protection

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“Bluehost is literally one of the top few that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a web host with a rock-solid reputation, then look no further than Bluehost. With cheap and scalable plans you can customize your solution, and in just a couple of moments, you’ll be up and running.”

Bluehost Review #4: “All Bluehost plans offer their customers 24/7 live chat, unmetered bandwidth, and at least 5 email accounts.” – Hosting Facts

In their review of Bluehost, Hosting Facts highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s top performance, with an uptime of 99.99% and a load time of 0.4 seconds
  • The very low introductory pricing: the basic plan includes 50 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate and more
  • Good security, privacy, and spam protection tools are included by default
  • Easy integration between Bluehost and other apps and services
  • That site migrations aren’t free – in fact, it costs $149.99 to transfer up to five websites and 20 email accounts

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost has ranked at or near the top for both uptime and loading times for more than a year. In addition, they offer strong security support, a money-back guarantee, and plenty of user-friendly apps, all for one of the lowest rates in the industry ($1.99/month). They’re not perfect, though. Renewal rates will increase after the introductory pricing ends. Also, they charge extra for site migrations, which other hosts throw in for free. But overall, Bluehost delivers strong performance and good value.”

Bluehost Review #5: “With over 20 years in the website hosting business, Bluehost has definitely managed to make a name for itself.” – Website Planet

In their Bluehost review, Website Planet highlighted:

  • The amount of disk space (a generous 50GB) supplied with the basic plan
  • The inclusion of an SSL certificate – essential if you want to run an e-commerce store
  • Bluehost’s detailed “to-do” list that guides you step by step through what you need to do to launch a website
  • The easy set-up process, especially if you’re new to creating websites
  • The slow and frustrating live chat support system, with representatives who gave incorrect or unhelpful information

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👎

“While Bluehost provides a good service in terms of basic features and ease of use, my interactions with support were extremely disappointing. Given that the prices aren’t anything special, my recommendation is to consider other hosts.”

Bluehost Review #6: “They’re a popular hosting provider, but does that mean they’re the best?” – Digital.com

In one of their Bluehost reviews, Digital.com highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s value-for-money packages and the features included (like unlimited add-on domains, free backups, and optimization for speed and security) are solid
  • The fact that Bluehost is one of the three hosting companies specifically endorsed by WordPress is another positive
  • The excellent up-time (99.99%) is unrivaled
  • Another plus is that the Bluehost Control Panel, a customized version of cPanel, is easy to use.
  • The range of different ways you can create a website (you’re not limited to just WordPress)

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost makes it easy and quick to get a website up and running. It has an easy-to-use cPanel interface that’s ideal for beginners, a wide array of great features, is generally fast, has reliable servers, and has some pleasantly surprising security features for a budget-friendly web host.”

Bluehost Review #7: “With well-maintained servers, competitive pricing, and excellent support, Bluehost is hardly a pick you’ll regret.” – HostingAdvice

In their Bluehost review, HostingAdvice highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s industry-leading reputation and support – it’s one of the most popular web hosts in the world
  • The inclusion of handy features like the domain manager, email addresses, and backups (daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • The ease of upgrading to a different plan – e.g., from a shared account to a VPS
  • The speedy performance of sites hosted on Bluehost
  • How easy it is to use the Bluehost interface with a single-click install process for WordPress

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“Bluehost has long been a favorite of mine in the shared and WordPress hosting spaces. The company adheres to modern standards for hardware, and its customer support is fantastic. Bluehost’s shared server options will accommodate the vast majority of customers’ hosting needs for a web presence. Once you outgrow the traffic allowances of shared web hosting, however, Bluehost excels in the VPS and dedicated hosting niches, too.”

Bluehost Review #8: “Apart from the not-so-great support department, I didn’t find them to be decent in most of the other areas, either.” – TechTage

In their review, TechTage highlighted:

  • That Bluehost, while fast, wasn’t as fast as other hosts like SiteGround
  • The shared hosting plans are very competitively priced, but renewals are costlier
  • Support response times were slow – and the support team wasn’t always helpful
  • Bluehost has an extensive knowledge base and an active YouTube channel
  • The included security features are effective and useful: Bluehost takes security seriously

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👎

“Overall, Bluehost is another one of those over-hyped hosts that are hugely popular thanks to expensive marketing, but fail to live up to the hype when it comes to actually delivering a solid service.”

Bluehost Review #9: “Bluehost is one of the oldest and largest brand names when it comes to web hosting.” – isitwp

In the most in-depth of their Bluehost reviews, isitwp.com highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s one-click installer for WordPress, as well as for other popular website builders and blogging platforms
  • The low introductory pricing and lack of hidden fees
  • The fast server response times in the United States – though not in the rest of the world
  • The lack of free site migrations (if you’re moving a website from elsewhere)
  • The lack of a ticket-based support system

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“Bluehost offers the most competitive prices in the industry for their level of service and performance. With 24/7 support, features like free SSL, and more, this is the best value you’re going to get.”

Bluehost Review #10: “Over 480 of our users have rated Bluehost and love the easy setup, customer support and instructional videos.” – Who Is Hosting This?

In their Bluehost review, Who Is Hosting This? Highlighted:

  • The beginner-friendly nature of Bluehost, particularly its WordPress hosting
  • The range of hosting plans available, including WordPress-specific plans
  • Bluehost’s strong uptime – over a year, it never dipped below 99.95%
  • The lack of compensation if your site does suffer downtime
  • The inclusion of a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost is a budget-friendly provider of web hosting services that will meet the needs of many. However, the company’s WordPress offerings are especially notable, so those using this CMS should definitely look into Bluehost.”

Bluehost Review #11: “They’re one of the most popular, inexpensive, shared hosting options available.” – WebsiteHostingRating

In their review of Bluehost, WebsiteHostingRating highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s provision of unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • The easy one-click installation process for WordPress (and the fact that Bluehost is a WordPress-recommended host)
  • The provision of a free SSL certificate
  • The lack of free website migrations (if you’re moving a website from elsewhere)
  • The fact that daily website backups aren’t free

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“It’s a good web hosting option for personal and small business websites and blogs (i.e. for creating your own first website) because Bluehost is cheap (very cheap), reliable, secure and comes with a free domain name. However for high traffic websites it (or any other shared host for that matter) isn’t a very good choice. Other major letdowns are that automatic backups and site migrations only come as paid upgrades.”

Bluehost Review #12: “Feature-packed web hosting with some quality WordPress plans” – TechRadar

In their Bluehost review, TechRadar highlighted:

  • That Bluehost only offers a minimum of applications, but it does cover WordPress and simple e-commerce
  • The straightforward and transparent sign-up and setup process
  • The beginner-friendly nature of the initial site creation process
  • They received a quick response from the live chat support team
  • The strong, consistent performance, with fairly high speeds

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost products aren’t as configurable as some of the competition. Its plans are well-specified, though, with 100% uptime and consistent response times during testing, and Bluehost’s friendly live chat support quickly helped resolve our only technical issue.”

Bluehost Review #13: “Are they really best or do they rank number one as a result of their high payout to the affiliates?” – inlinehostblogger

In their Bluehost review, inlinehostblogger highlighted:

  • That Bluehost is faster than some hosts, but not exceptionally fast
  • Bluehost’s introductory pricing is very competitive … but you’ll have to pay 2x more for renewals
  • Bluehost’s uptime is really strong, at 99.99%
  • The support team was very quick to respond but not especially knowledgeable – it took a long time even to solve simple problems
  • Bluehost is highly secure and a safe place to host your website

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👎

“Bluehost is a hosting company that specializes in providing small websites an affordable hosting service with so many beginner-friendly features. They have issues with performance when it comes to higher plans and websites with higher traffic. I wouldn’t recommend Bluehost for a very big website with high-performance needs.”

Bluehost Review #14: “My first interaction with Bluehost occurred in 2009 (and I’m still using it in 2019!) when I migrated my client from BlogSpot to WordPress.” – Shout Me Loud

In their Bluehost review, Shout Me Loud highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s services are well-optimized for running WordPress sites
  • That Bluehost offers free SSL certificates for all accounts
  • The unlimited bandwidth and disk space offered (though fair usage policies apply)
  • Bluehost’s in-built caching – meaning you don’t need to use a plugin like WP Super Cache
  • The longevity of  Bluehost: they’ve been hosting websites for 17 years

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost has completely revamped its experience. They offer in-built caching solution which helps in speeding up WordPress and also offers free SSL certificate. This hosting also has a great reputation in WordPress community & is endorsed by many big names in the industry.”

Bluehost Review #15: “Podcasters and internet marketing leaders love to promote it, but is it any good?” – WhatsTheHost

In their Bluehost review, WhatsTheHost highlighted:

  • The very good introductory price of Bluehost’s hosting
  • The impressive security features, especially for low-cost hosting
  • Bluehost’s inclusion of genuinely useful freebies, like Google Apps and Cloud Flare
  • The hit-or-miss nature of the customer service, which can be slow and unhelpful
  • The relatively slow site loading speed compared with other top web hosts

The verdict in their Bluehost review: Some 👍  and some 👎

“Because Bluehost is so large and shares resources with sister companies, they can offer some of the cheapest prices for hosting. And for incredibly low prices, Bluehost plans cover most of the basics, like WordPress hosting, VPS, solid security features, and tons of free tools to boot. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Bluehost customer service is lacking, the uptime is shoddy, and their speed leaves much to be desired.”

Bluehost Review #16: “If you are looking to host a small-medium project (e.g., a bakery site) and you won’t be getting tons of traffic, Bluehost can be an OK alternative.” – WebsiteToolTester

In this Bluehost review, WebsiteToolTester highlighted:

  • The large discounts that Bluehost offers during your first term – and the higher prices after that
  • Bluehost’s strong uptime, despite the fact that there’s no uptime guarantee
  • Generous storage and unlimited bandwidth on the starter plan
  • The poor quality support: you may well have to wait over 20 minutes for an answer when using live chat
  • The fact that all the Bluehost servers are located in the US could mean your site performs slowly elsewhere in the world

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👎

“If you go with Bluehost, your site is probably going to be OK, at least if your visitors are mainly located in North America. However, it’s not the cheapest option out there, and I think for the same money you could get better performing providers that come with advanced options (e.g., backup or staging areas).”

Bluehost Review #17: “After getting really friendly with Bluehost, it’s time I share my research with the world—so that no one buys hosting they shouldn’t, and so that no one misses a great opportunity.” – HostingPill

In their Bluehost review, HostingPill highlighted:

  • Bluehost’s solid performance in terms of uptime and site speed
  • The fact that Bluehost is easy to use, particularly for beginners, with a clean and clear control panel
  • The affordable hosting, with good features – e.g., 50GB of storage on the lowest-priced plan
  • The fact that Bluehost is owned by a large conglomerate (EIG), which also owns HostGator and a bunch of other hosting companies
  • The lack of a ticket-based support option: you’ll need to use a phone or live chat

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“I mostly recommend Bluehost to those who are new to hosting. Bluehost goes out of its way to be easy to use without sacrificing too much user control, though naturally some is lost. It’s got great customer support in addition to its user interface, and it’s especially great for easily using WordPress (whether or not you’re on managed WordPress hosting plans). Plus, its performance is overall pretty good.”

Bluehost Review #18: “The best web hosting company for those who are just getting started with WordPress.” – Woblogger

In their Bluehost review, Woblogger highlighted:

  • The range of different hosting plans available, including WordPress-specific hosting plans
  • The ease of registering domain names with Bluehost – a service it offers in addition to web hosting
  • The fact that Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate (though you’ll need to pay for additional or more fully-featured ones)
  • The detailed knowledge base where you can search for help and support
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting – noting that you can’t get your money back on domain names

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Bluehost is one of the web hosting providers recommended by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. If you have decided that WordPress is the content management system (CMS) you want to use for your website, you can rest assured that Bluehost’s plans will have what you need to serve your website.”

Bluehost Review #19: “After a quick call to Bluehost they managed to restore my files from a backup tape. “ – Index Nuke

The Bluehost review from Index Nuke highlights:

  • How Bluehost has been a consistently good host for the author over the course of many years
  • That it’s worth going for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) if possible rather than using shared hosting
  • The excellent value for money that Bluehost offers – and not just at the cheapest plan levels
  • Bluehost’s reliable up-time
  • The good and responsive support team

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“Not only did Bluehost save my ass several years ago they have really proved themselves as a competent reliable web-host many times over. I must have used 20-30 providers over the years but Bluehost has been the consistent variable at every step in my journey.”

Bluehost Review #20: “The best part about Bluehost is that it is a one-stop-shop. It provides an incredible uptime, loading speed, extensive features, affordable pricing plans, and much more.” – Adam Enfroy

The Bluehost review from Adam Enfroy highlights:

  • That Bluehost is a great option for start-ups and small businesses
  • The strong security measures that Bluehost has in place, including Cloudflare and SiteLock
  • Bluehost’s excellent track record and their endorsement from WordPress
  • The beginner-friendly, clutter-free interface – especially handy if you’re new to setting up websites
  • The pricey nature of upgrades and add-ons and the fact that there’s a fee for transferring your site to Bluehost

The verdict in his Bluehost reviews: 👍

“When it comes to uptime and loading time, Bluehost continues to rank among the top web hosting service providers. Along with that, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, robust security, excellent customer support, free SSL certificate, plenty of user-friendly apps, and much more. And let’s not forget about one of the lowest pricing plans in the industry.”

Bluehost Review #21: “You should avoid Bluehost at all costs (seriously).” – Somto Seeks

This Bluehost review from Somto Seeks highlights:

  • The straightforward setup process, especially if you’re a brand-new blogger
  • Issues with cPanel being down, or the whole website being down
  • The unhelpful customer service and the slow response times from the live chat
  • The fairly slow site loading times compared with competitors
  • The fact that you can only get a refund within your first 30 days – even if you’ve signed up for a three-year hosting plan

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👎

“It baffles me that bloggers continuously heap praise on Bluehost and enthusiastically recommend it. Am I missing something? My one year of using Bluehost was marked by one problem or frustration after another.”

Bluehost Review #22: “Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, but I think that there are definitely other, more thorough hosts out there for you, especially if you’re a new website manager.” – Marketever

This Bluehost review from Marketever highlights:

  • The various hosting options available with Bluehost, from the cheapest shared plans to VPS hosting to dedicated servers
  • Bluehost’s range of site creation tools (including, of course, WordPress)
  • Unlimited email addresses on many of the plans – and up to 100 email addresses even on the smallest Cloud hosting plan
  • The strong uptime and reasonable site speed
  • The excellent support – with the caveat that it can take a while to get a response

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: 👍

“Introductory prices are low when you compare them with others. But price hardly compromises on your safety. Bluehost Hosting protects you against spam threats, hack threats, and continuous DDoS barrages. You can integrate virtually any app and CMS using this one. Also, WordPress officially recommends it for long-term use. Pretty neat to have a recommendation badge beside your name. Especially if it is from WordPress.”

Bluehost Review #23: “Bluehost offers good value for the money in terms of performance and features.” – CPO Themes

This Bluehost review from CPO Themes highlights:

  • Bluehost’s strong uptime and good performance
  • The comprehensive documentation and the number of video tutorials available
  • The slow live chat support, waiting 10 – 50 minutes to be in contact with a support agent
  • The cheap pricing, with discounts only available for each plan’s first term
  • The number of upsells (with options appearing in your dashboard)

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“If you are searching for a professional, high-quality, and well performing hosting company you should check out Bluehost. It will meet and pass your expectations mostly because it comes with such an affordable price.”

Bluehost Review #24: “Bluehost provides reliable and low-priced web hosting.” – Start Blogging Online

This review from Start Blogging Online highlights:

  • The various hosting options available from Bluehost, including shared hosting and WordPress hosting
  • The reliable and robust security and anti-spam measures that are automatically included
  • The wide range of options at (at least initially) very competitive prices
  • The fact that Bluehost was slower than other hosting services they tested
  • The fairly high price of extras, including site migration

The verdict in their Bluehost reviews: Some 👍  and some 👎

“Overall, I’m giving Bluehost 3/5 stars. There’s a reliable, secure web hosting platform here – but sometimes that platform is obscured by speed, pricing and support issues.”

Bluehost Review #25: “With its affordable plans, cPanel interface, 24/7 support, and tons of features, it’s a web hosting provider of its own class.” – TemplateToaster

This Bluehost review from TemplateToaster highlights:

  • The different plans available from Bluehost, including WordPress hosting and e-commerce hosting
  • The strong security that’s included as standard with Bluehost, such as the three layers of anti-spam protection
  • The enhanced cPanel interface, which is easy for beginners
  • That customer support gets variable reviews
  • Bluehost’s many integrations and add-ons are useful – but you may find yourself having to install a lot of add-ons just to get your site to function the way you want

The verdict in their Bluehost review: 👍

“Bluehost is not perfect but its pros outweigh its cons. It is a web hosting service for everyone with its cheap plans and a rock-solid reputation. Bluehost is a good web hosting provider and I highly recommend it for beginners and WordPress users.”

Final Takeaways from 25 Bluehost Reviews: What’s Your Decision?

Based on my own experience, I strongly believe Bluehost is the best hosting company for brand new bloggers and website owners to get started on. Why?

Their customer (and technical) support team is incredibly helpful for new bloggers.

To recap, here are the pros and cons of my own Bluehost review:

  • Bluehost is very well-optimized with tools, settings, and features for WordPress
  • Their sign-up process is fast and easy, but avoid most of the upsell offers
  • Free SSL certificates and high security standards
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space for all accounts
  • Bluehost speed tests show that they’re usually faster than most (but not the fastest)
  • New customer pricing is low (starting at $1.99/mo), but renewals can cost 2x
  • Their 24/7 live chat and phone support team is quick to respond
  • More complex technical questions/challenges can take days to be resolved
  • Being in business for 17 years makes me confident in their long-term outlook
  • As your blog grows, it’s worth upgrading to a more robust hosting company

While most of the Bluehost reviews I’ve come across are at least broadly positive, it’s important to also be clear in highlighting that a few customers haven’t been 100% happy with their experience (when compared to trying another hosting company like DreamHost, SiteGround or EasyWP afterward). Either way, I definitely recommend reading through these stellar EasyWP reviews and comparing them to Bluehost.

You’ll find that all hosting companies though (Bluehost included), have their share of less-than-satisfied customers once they’re serving hundreds of thousands of people. Even still, most bloggers who use Bluehost in the early days of their blogging journey love it—and if you’re looking for a host to try out for your blog today, Bluehost is a solid choice.

They’re well-established, well-respected and highly regarded as being super helpful by many of the biggest names in the blogging world.

Want to See if Bluehost is Your Best Hosting Company?

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16 replies to “25 Bluehost Reviews: An Honest Compilation of Real Bluehost Reviews (and Performance Stats) in 2024”

  1. Hey Ryan,
    I am glad to see that this post wasn’t just positive reviews for Bluehost. Having both positive and negative reviews is important for investigative, potential customers who make their decisions based on both sides of the review spectrum.

    Despite being conflicted between choosing Bluehost and HostGator, I am glad I choose Bluehost. It didn’t matter if they were owned by the same parent company, it was more important for me to use a hosting site that bloggers trusted and promoted.

    • Agreed! Good choice. I think it’s very important to show the good, bad and in-between reviews… because there’s a vast range of experiences everyone has had with just about any brand they’ve interacted with. Even in my own personal journey with hosting companies, I naturally outgrew Bluehost at a certain point and needed a much more powerful infrastructure to keep my site functioning at peak performance (albeit it at a much higher monthly cost than with Bluehost 😂).

  2. Hey Ryan,

    It’s really genuine reviews of Bluehost, I also use bluehost in last 2 years for my blog.

    Thanks for showing us bad and good side of bluehost, it can helps beginners to understand about bluehost.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. This post is really unique because you have provided a list of many different reviews, instead of just one review that can sometimes sound very biased. This is really a good example for newbie blogger like me.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Great post!

    Well, according to other reviews. their average grade is about 3.7, with a bunch of 4 and 5-star ratings. Seems like Bluehost reviews are everywhere on the web.

    • Yes! Lots of Bluehost reviews floating around, so I thought a compilation of them (in addition to my own review) would be more meaningful than just tossing only my experience/opinion out there 🙂

  5. If you have been using a hosting service for any length of time, you will probably find that you are quite familiar with all of the different packages and features that are available to you when you are looking for the best possible website hosting solution. Bluehost is a company that has been around for a very long time and is one of the largest hosting providers on the Internet.

  6. This is a great roundup of reviews. It’s easy to think that all hosting is the same, but there truly are nuanced differences among the available services. I use EasyWP WordPress for several sites, and it’s been easy to use, reliable, and very affordable.

    • Woo! I absolutely agree with you there. So many options and I’m long overdue for taking EasyWP for a real test spin and doing a review 🙏

  7. I use to recommend Bluehost. Now I NEVER will. My site/email has been down for almost a week and this has severely affected our business. They were suppose to get us back up and running within 24 to 48 hours, which is already too long. It is several days later with no end in site. I don’t know if they will ever restore the backups. I have called them everyday with no results, just them telling me me they are working on restoring our site. Other them the initial 24 to 48 hours, they aren’t telling me how long it will take. These guys are criminal.

    Also, google – Bluehost Sitelock Scam. This has happened to me and many others. I am sure if I paid them the extra money they wanted it would have been fixed immediately. Don’t trust them with your information or business.

    We will be moving to another provider, we just want our data/backups.

  8. Really? that’s nothing like my experience with Blue Host when you contact them for support.

    Bluehost Live Chat will ask you, exactly what you just asked them over and over again as if you are a 5 year old child, until you become infuriated. Eventually you will be given a support ticket for escalated support

    Escalated support can only be contacted via email and are not open on weekends. Response times are usually 2 to 3 days and are usually just a canned response. So, if it is urgent or mission critical Bluehost will not lift a finger to help you or take any notice of any damage they are doing to you. Bluehost does not care less about you or your business, only your credit card number

    If there is anything unusual such as an invalid Auth Code or EPP code, login issue, emails not being received, incorrect charges etc. it will literally take you months to have this resolved, if at all, because escalated support will just say the same thing over and over again no matter how many times you explain it to them

    If you complain about this they just close the ticket and you have to start all over again

    Recommendation: Do not use Bluehost. You will be overcharged, receive very poor service, and be treated very poorly!