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231 Blogging Terms You Need to Know in 2021 (Blogging Glossary & Definitions) to Blog Smarter

230 Blogging Terms You Need to Know - Blogging Glossary

Because it took me years to fully master all of the blogging terms out there in the wild, I’ve compiled this ultimate glossary of key blogging terms you’ll want to know in order to become a more successful blogger this year. Recent blogging statistics highlight that there will be more than 32 million bloggers by

14 WordPress Developer Jobs Sites: The Best Websites for Well-Paid WordPress Jobs in 2021

14 WordPress Developer Jobs Websites (to Get Paid WordPress Jobs) This Year

With the world economy teetering like a drunken sailor these days, many businesses are beginning to realize one thing—they need a solid online presence. For developers, particularly WordPress developers, this means more job opportunities (specifically WordPress developer jobs)—especially for those looking for remote jobs that afford you the opportunity to work from the comfort of

21 Best Domain Name Generators in 2021 for Bloggers to Get Domain Name Ideas

21 Domain Name Generators to Find Great Domain Name Ideas for Bloggers

The sheer number of blogs on the Internet today makes finding the best domain name generators that can help you pick the right (available) domain name idea—a must do activity nowadays. It makes sense though. Starting a blog has become one of the most accessible, low-cost and potentially high-reward businesses in the world today. More people

40 Ways How to Grow a Blog Quickly (on a Budget) in 2021

How to Grow a Blog on a Budget in 40 Smart Strategies

Now, before you can fully focus on these strategies to grow a blog however, you’ll of course need to have started a blog in the first place. If you haven’t already done that, then head over to my step-by-step tutorial on starting a blog and pick back up here once you’re ready to grow a

How to Write for Publications (and Contribute to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and More) in 2021

How to Write for Publications (Become a Contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and More)

Let’s talk about how to write for publications that get millions of readers. But first, it’s important to make clear that getting published on highly popular publications (like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and Fast Company) will take a ton of upfront work. However, there’s a basic formula you can follow—and the rewards are well

7 Best Free Web Hosting Plans (to Blog for Free) in 2021

7 Best Free Hosting Plans to Blog for Free This Year

Whether you’re starting a blog on an extremely tight budget—or taking your business online with a website, saving every single penny becomes a priority. That’s where free web hosting plans come into play. While many hosting options are quite affordable, nothing beats free if that’s your main focus right now. The biggest problem though, is

How to Be Productive Working From Home in 2021 (5 Ways to Be More Productive)

How to Be Productive Working from Home (Work From Home Productivity Tips)

Between 2005 and 2017, there was a 159% increase in the number of people working from home in the United States. But this year, something major happened. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of professionals that are fortunate enough to still have reliable employment, have been thrust into working from home full-time. Many

What is a Permalink? How to Make SEO-Friendly Permalinks (Blog URLs)

What is a Permalink? How to Make SEO-Friendly Permalinks

When you’re new to blogging, a natural question to ask is—what is a permalink? Allow me to show you an example to illustrate what a permalink is. My blog homepage is located at: A permalink example from my blog would be: In short, a permalink is the full link to an individual post or

What is Shared Hosting? 10 Best Shared Hosting Plans in 2021 (to Blog on a Budget)

What is Shared Hosting? 10 Best Shared Hosting Plans for Bloggers

In this guide, we’ll be quickly defining what shared hosting is—and diving into my in-depth reviews (comparisons) of the best shared hosting plans on the market in 2021. What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting is a web hosting model by which many websites are hosted on a single server, with the main benefit being that