How Long Should a Blog Post Be? The Ideal Word Count for SEO in 2021

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Ideal Word Count for SEO Blog Posts

What’s the best length for blog posts? How long should a blog post be? Well, the ideal blog post length for most posts is between 1,500 – 2,500 words—and we’ll expand on that below. These are the kinds of questions many bloggers, particularly new ones, grapple with. After all, if you don’t know whether you’re

5 Best BuiltWith Alternatives (for Technology Profiling) in 2021

5 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling Tools

If you have a competitor website that’s always one step ahead of you, chances are you’d like to learn some of their secrets, right? Enter today’s topic: BuiltWith alternatives. Whether it’s the backend services they run, the website framework they use, their programming language, WordPress themes, the frontend technology or otherwise—you can gain useful insights

16 Best Web Hosting Plans for Bloggers in 2021 (Affordable Hosting Plans Compared)

16 Best Web Hosting Plans for Bloggers to Get Affordable and Fast Hosting

Over the past 8 years of running my blog here (and reaching 500,000+ monthly readers), I’ve learned the importance of using only the best web hosting plans to power my blog and keep this site running—to bring in more readers and generate more side income. The real challenge when trying to find the best hosting

23 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021 (Free and Cheap) to Host Your Podcast

23 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms (Free and Paid) to Host Your Podcast

Podcasting has been accelerating in popularity over the last few years. That’s why many content creators have harnessed the power of podcasts to grow their audiences, diversify their content distribution channels and generate more revenue. If you’re looking for a podcast hosting platform to help get your show off the ground, then you’re in the

10 Best Cheap Web Hosting Plans for Bloggers in 2021 (Cheapest Hosting Plans)

10 Best Cheap Web Hosting Plans to Host Your Blog on a Budget This Year

Especially given the fact that many of the cheap web hosting plans on the market today, tend to have dramatically reduced feature sets or super long plan commitments spanning into the years (in order to compensate for their low-priced hosting plans). But, that’s not the case with all of them. If you want to find

How to Name a Blog (the Smart Way) + 40 Genius Blog Name Ideas and Examples to Get Inspired in 2021

How to Name Your Blog and 25 Genius Blog Names

If you’re interested in starting a blog you’ve probably thought about how to name a blog, right? It’s an important question to answer during this process. It’s estimated that there are over 500 million blogs on the internet. It stands to reason therefore, that it’ll take some effort to truly stand out from the crowd. Especially

30 Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers (No Code Themes) in 2021

29 Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers (No Code Themes) ryrob

In nearly a decade of experience since I originally started blogging, I’ve tested and used dozens of different WordPress themes (that require no code) across multiple blogs for a variety of purposes. Here are my picks for the absolute best WordPress themes specifically for bloggers that don’t want to touch a line of code. Whether