17 Blog Post Examples (to Write Better Blog Posts) + 10 Free Templates

16 Blog Post Examples (to Learn From) and Free Blog Post Templates Featured Image

Your blog’s success is completely dependent upon the quality of your posts. Low quality blog posts? Don’t expect readers. If you’re going to start a blog, attract readers—and keep them coming back for more—then your blog posts need to be engaging, interesting, accurate, and well-written. This can be a real challenge when you’re starting out

22 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to Try (and Be More Productive in 2024)

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and SEO Pros Featured Image

There are lots of extremely useful Chrome extensions that can make your blogging life easier. The best part is, most of them are free (or at least have free versions that’ll do the trick). Whether you’re writing a blog post, doing keyword research, checking on your competitors’ websites, designing graphics for your website, or just

How to Find Your Target Audience (for Your Blog) in 2024: 11 Smart Ways to Find Your Target Readers

How to Find Your Target Audience (for Your Blog) - 11 Ways to Reach Target Blog Readers

Finding your target audience and learning exactly how you can best help them, is the key to writing blog posts that actually solve the challenges of real people—and will show you how to rise above the competition in the long run. Learning how to find your target audience (first) will keep you from wasting time

27 Best Blogging Courses for All Bloggers to Grow in 2024 (Free & Paid Courses)

27 Best Blogging Courses to Grow Your Blog

To help you cut through all the noise out there when it comes to choosing the best blogging courses to take, I spent hours researching not only the quality of the top blogging courses—but also the credentials of each instructor. Today, we’re going to break down the most reputable & popular blogging courses on the