12 Blog Layout Examples (and Best Practices to Follow) in 2023: Great Blog Designs

Blog Layout Examples and Design Best Practices (How to Design a Blog Layout)

To help you land on the right blog layout (that’ll attract and retain more readers), we’re going to break down the most crucial blog layout best practices and highlight 12 of the most impressive blog layout examples from real-life websites, blogs and publications—so that you can take inspiration from the best when designing your own

How to Create a Blog Business Plan (Free Template) in 7 Easy Steps: How I’ve Earned $1 Million+ Blogging

How to Create a Blog Business Plan (Template) to Earn Profits Blogging

For the more than 10 years since I started my blog, I’ve been strategically implementing my own blog business plans with great results. This guide pulls from that exact plan—and you can download my (free) template to follow along as you grow your blog too. Want My Free Blog Business Plan Template? Grab my free

Website vs Blog: What’s the Difference? (8 Things You Need to Know)

Website vs Blog: What's the Difference? 8 Things You Need to Know

Are you wondering whether to create a website or a blog? Maybe you’re just curious about the differences between the two. You might already have some ideas about their similarities and differences… or maybe you’re feeling confused. Whether you want to start a blog to share your ideas with the world, promote a cause you

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Plans in 2023 (What is Managed Hosting and Who Needs it?)

7 Best Managed Hosting Plans (and Providers) Compared and Reviewed Plus What is Managed Hosting Now

In this guide, we’ll also be talking about how to decide on the right kind of hosting for your blog’s needs—for instance, choosing between shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting. That being said, the latter is our main topic of discussion today, so let’s get to discussing managed WordPress hosting. Managed hosting won’t be the

10 Best Blog Advertising Networks (to Make Money with Blog Ads) in 2023: Do Blog Ads Make Money Still?

10 Best Blog Advertising Networks (Do Blog Ads Make Money Still)

In this guide, we’re also talking about whether or not blog ads make money still (and how much you can expect to earn based on your traffic levels), so let’s do it. There’s something really exciting about starting a blog—that feeling you get when you take a creative idea and turn it into something real.

16 Best Web Hosting Plans for Bloggers in 2023 (Affordable Hosting Plans Compared)

16 Best Web Hosting Plans for Bloggers to Get Affordable and Fast Hosting

Over the past 10 years of running my blog here (and reaching 500,000+ monthly readers), I’ve learned the importance of using only the best web hosting plans to power my blog and keep this site running—to bring in more readers and generate more side income. The real challenge when trying to find the best hosting

25 Bluehost Reviews: An Honest Compilation of Real Bluehost Reviews (and Performance Stats) in 2023

Bluehost Reviews (25+ Honest Reviews of Bluehost) and Performance Statistics

Whether you’re setting out to start a blog of your own, or you’re planning to move your existing site to a new hosting company—you’re ready to try out a new web hosting experience. Hence the need to check out some honest Bluehost reviews today, right? One of the first hosting providers you’ll likely come across is

18 Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2023 (Research, Optimization & More)

Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers (Search Engine Optimization Tools) Featured Image

There are plenty of amazing all-purpose SEO tools out there, like Ahrefs, Moz and SEMRush. But there’s a catch: most of these popular SEO tools aren’t cheap—and the pricing can make them too much of an investment when you’re a new blogger. Enter: The need for great free SEO tools for bloggers. The good news

25 Best CRMs for Small Business to Grow Your Sales in 2023

Best CRMs for Small Business (to Grow Sales)

Before we get into choosing the best CRMs for small business, I want to be very clear–you might not actually need a CRM at all. At least not today. Weird way to start an article about the best CRMs for small business, right? Bear with me and I’ll start by dispelling a common myth: Does