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ConvertKit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp: Comparison and Review for 2022 (and When to Make a Switch)

ConvertKit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp Best Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers by Ryan Robinson on ryrob red vs

Jump to: Table of Contents Jump to: Pricing Table Convertkit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp. Whew. I’ve used all three of these email marketing tools for bloggers on my site over the years. And to be clear, there¬†are plenty of other email marketing tools out there beyond just these three. But when it comes to choosing

#49: Nathan Barry on Growing ConvertKit from Side Project to $900,000+ in Monthly Recurring Revenue

In this episode, we’re talking to Nathan Barry, the founder and CEO of ConvertKit, the go-to email marketing platform for professional bloggers. Nathan walks us through his journey from landing his first paying customers for ConvertKit while it was still a side project, all the way up to building a team, reaching $900,000+ in monthly recurring revenue, how they’ve used partnerships to reach that milestone, and more…