Blog Name Generator Brainstorming Blog Name Ideas (Free)

Struggling to brainstorm unique blog name ideas? This free blog name generator makes it easy to instantly find good blog name ideas—regardless of your niche or target audience. Just type in your blog topic and you’ll get a wide range of creative blog name ideas to choose from (and the ability to check for available domains), so you can pick the perfect name for your new blog and register it right away.

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Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Blog With the Blog Name Generator

Coming up with the right name for your blog can be really tricky. You want a name that’s easily memorable—and you need to like it! This name will be associated with you for years or even decades to come. Your name has to be different from all the existing blogs out there … without being confusing or too long.

Some popular ways to come up with a blog name are to:

  • Use a keyword. For instance, Smart Blogger, ProBlogger, and Copyblogger all have blogger in their name. This means that readers can instantly get a sense of what your blog is about—just from the name.
  • Use your own name (or a variation of it). RyRob is named after me, Ryan Robinson. Other bloggers who’ve taken this approach include Heidi Cohen, Michael Hyatt, Seth Godin, and many more. This type of name gives you the option to pivot and change topics, but it can make your blog trickier to sell.
  • Use a blog name that has an emotional resonance for you, or that you simply think sounds catchy. Blogs like A Better Lemonade Stand, Cup of Jo, and I Will Teach You To Be Rich all take this approach.

Even with those different approaches, you might still struggle to come up with a blog name. Or perhaps you’ve thought of a few names you like—but none of them are available as domains. That’s where my blog name generator comes in.

How to Use the Blog Name Generator to Come Up With Blog Name Ideas

Ready to give the blog name generator a go? It’s very easy to use—but if you’re not sure what to do, here are step-by-step instructions for you.

Step 1. Enter a Keyword or Topic for Your Blog

Hopefully, you’ve already got some idea of what you want to blog about. (If you’re not quite there yet, take a look at my guide to choosing your blogging niche.) Go ahead and put your niche, or a keyword or topic relating to it, into the blog name generator’s input box.

Then, simply run the tool and you’ll see ideas appear before your eyes.

Step 2. Get a List of Blog Name Ideas

The blog name generator will give you a whole list of blog name ideas to choose from, applying lots of AI creativity to give you catchy names with alliteration, synonyms, and other clever wordplay.

You can generate names as many times as you like (it’s free!) so keep going until you have some good contenders for your perfect blog name.

Step 3. Choose Your Favorite Blog Name(s)

Only you know which blog names will be best for you and your blog. The name generator will give you lots to choose from, but it’s up to you to pick your favorites. 

I’d recommend choosing at least 2 or 3 possibilities, even if there’s one clear winner. That’s because you’ll need to check whether your preferred name is available as a domain name

Step 4. Check if Your Chosen Name is Available as a Domain (and Buy It)

Alongside each idea on the list, you’ll see a “Check Domain Availability” button to check whether it’s available to buy as a domain (also called a URL or website address). Just click that button and you’ll be taken to my domain name checker tool.

Tip: Ideally, you want a domain name that ends with the .com domain extension. That’s what most people will guess, if they don’t quite remember your domain, and many people feel that a .com domain looks most professional. If your domain is only available as a .org or .net, you may want to think twice about it (especially if the .com version of the domain already has a well-established website).

Bonus: Use My Free Blog Setup Checklist Along With the Blog Name Generator

Choosing a name is essential before you can go further with starting a blog… but once you’ve got that name, what are your next steps? Here’s your essential blog setup checklist to follow. If you need some extra guidance and support, take a look at my full guide on how to start a blog.

  1. Choose your blog’s name and check its domain name availability
  2. Sign up for cheap web hosting and get your domain name included free with Bluehost or Dreamhost (or use a different domain registrar if you prefer)
  3. Go through your web host’s steps to set up your WordPress site (they’ll make it easy for you!)
  4. Login to your WordPress site’s admin panel (also called the dashboard or back-end) and run any updates needed
  5. Choose a WordPress theme that you like—this controls the design of your blog—and install & activate it
  6. Install & activate some of the best WordPress plugins on your new blog, particularly Akismet (anti-spam) to keep spam comments away
  7. Delete the sample page and “Hello World” post from your WordPress site (or edit these to use them in the next 2 steps)
  8. Create an “About Me” page for your blog to let readers know a bit about you and what your blog covers
  9. Write your first blog post and publish it on your blog (you could use one of these blog post templates to help)
  10. Come up with more blog post ideas and create an editorial calendar for your blog

The Key Features of this Blog Name Generator

The blog name generator is really simple to use … but perhaps you’re curious about how it works or how best to use it. Let’s take a closer look at its key features.

Keyword/Topic (Choose Your Niche)

The blog name generator can’t come up with random blog names for you. Instead, you need to give it a starting point and enter a keyword or a topic. That means picking your blogging niche.

Tip: Struggling to choose between 2 or more blog niches? Use the blog name generator to come up with names for all of your potential niches. You might find that a particular name stands out to you—and that helps you make your mind up about your niche.

Blog Name Ideas (How Do These Work?)

The blog name generator uses AI (artificial intelligence) to come up with catchy blog names for you. You’ll notice that some of your names involve puns, others use alliteration or rhyming words, many incorporate engaging, powerful words like “blueprint” or “workshop”, and all will relate in some way to your topic. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of potential names that the generator may come up with.

Personal Finance Blog Names

If you put in the topic “personal finance” (a hugely popular blogging niche), then you might get suggestions like:

  • The Budget Blueprint
  • Savvy Saver’s Hub
  • Cents and Sensibility
  • Money Muse

Food Blog Names

Food blogging is another very popular niche. Here are some example ideas from the blog name generator:

  • Culinary Chronicles
  • Tasty Tales and Temptations
  • Garden to Table Tales
  • Hungry for Happiness

Lifestyle Blog Names

You can use the tool to come up with lifestyle or personal blog names (or even a personal brand name) by starting with a topic/keyword that represents you in some way. Here are some examples for the keyword “sky”:

  • Aloft Ambitions
  • Skyward Serenity
  • Starry-Eyed Journeys
  • Beneath the Blue Yonder

Blog Name Generator Tool FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Got questions about this blog name generator? Here are some common questions—hopefully you’ll find the answers you need here.

How can I come up with a good blog name?

It can be really tricky to settle on a good name for your blog. Some would-be bloggers get completely stuck at this stage, struggling to name their blog so they can move on with actually launching it.

Some good techniques to use when trying to come up with a name include:

  • Brainstorming lots of possibilities, perhaps as a mind map where you explore different ideas and facets of your topic.
  • Looking at the names of popular blogs in your niche. This can give you inspiration about the type of name that works well. For instance, you might find that the names tend to all be quite short, or that many blogs in your niche are named after the blogger.
  • Using the blog name generator to come up with lots of names. Don’t get put off if you don’t spot a name you love in the first list. You can use the tool as many times as you like.

Ultimately, don’t get too hung up on naming your blog. You might find that you “grow into” a name that you’re not 100% sold on. Alternatively, you might end up renaming and rebranding your blog in the future. Plenty of successful blogs have done that, including Smart Blogger (which used to be Boost Blog Traffic) and Mirasee (which used to be Firepole Marketing).

Are the blog name suggestions copyrighted?

Nope! These blog name ideas are unique AI creations, but there’s no copyright on them. That means you have my blessing to go ahead and use any of the names you like from my blog name tool. 

Tip: To be extra cautious, you can search online to see if anyone else is using the same name. While names can’t be copyrighted, they can be trademarked, so it’s important to make sure you’re not using a name that’s trademarked.

Is the blog’s name important for SEO (search engine optimization)?

Years ago, bloggers used to try to pick domains that included specific keywords. Today, SEO experts believe that domain names aren’t a direct ranking factor.

It’s best to choose a domain that’s memorable and easy to brand. That way, it’ll be easier to build a professional blog that people want to share and link to. If you stuff loads of keywords into your domain name, then it may look less reputable—ultimately harming your SEO as fewer people will link to you.

Can I use a hyphen in my domain name?

You can use a hyphen in your domain name (e.g. instead of There’s no technical issue with this! However, it’s usually best to skip hyphens, as it can make your domain hard for readers to spell out and remember.

Blog name, blog title, brand name, business name … what’s the difference?!

Perhaps someone’s told you that you need a blog name—but you’ve also heard about blog titles. Or maybe you’re not sure if what you really want is a brand name or business name. So what do these all mean?

A blog name is what your blog itself is called, like “RyRob” or “ProBlogger” or “Social Media Today”. (You can find lots more blog name examples in my best blog examples.)

A blog title is the title or headline of an individual blog post, like “How to Start a Blog (and Make Money) – Easy and Free Beginner’s Tutorial”. It’ll usually be a lot longer than a blog name. 

A brand name is often (but not always) the same as your business name. For many bloggers, their brand name is also the same thing as their blog name. But if you’re already running an online business, e.g. an eCommerce store, you might choose a different blog name from your brand name.

A business name is the name of your business. In practice, that’ll often be the same name as your blog … but it doesn’t have to be. A big business might own multiple different brands (for instance, PepsiCo doesn’t just own the Pepsi brand, but also Lay’s, Quaker, Gatorade, Doritos, Cheetos, and more).

Can I use the blog name generator as a business name generator?

Yes, absolutely. Many bloggers use their blog’s name as their business name. If you’ve found a great blog name, go ahead and use it for your business too. Just check to make sure that your name isn’t the same as, or very similar to, a trademarked business name.

What are some of the other best blog name generators out there?

I like to think that mine is the best blog name generator, but here’s a quick rundown of how it compares to a couple of other popular options:

Domain Wheel: Domain Wheel is a domain name generator rather than a blog name generator. It will come up with domains, but they often use hyphens and tend to sound quite generic.

Nameboy: Like Domain Wheel, Nameboy focuses on domain names rather than starting with a solid name idea. You’ll find that it suggests a lot of very short domains that aren’t available, as well as domains with unpopular extensions.

What other AI tools can I use to help start a blog?

I have a whole set of free tools for bloggers that you can use to get your blog off the ground. As well as this blog name generator, I’ve also got a free domain name generator that helps you find available domain names. You might also want to use the YouTube Channel Name generator if you’re thinking of launching your own YouTube channel as well as (or instead of) a blog.

My keyword research tool and keyword cluster tool can help you come up with great topics to blog about. Struggling for an idea? Use the blog idea generator— then, my article writer tool can draft content for you in seconds. The introduction writer and conclusion writer will help you refine key parts of your blog post. 

The meta title generator, headline analyzer, and meta description generator will all help you get crucial SEO elements of your post right—so that you can rank well in Google and other search engines.

Why did you make this a free tool?

Back when I chose a name for my blog, launched it, and started blogging, I didn’t have much money to spend. There were lots of clever tools out there that I knew would have helped me grow my blog faster … but I couldn’t afford them. Instead, I made use of free alternatives (and I was so grateful to the bloggers who created them). 

Now that has been so successful, I wanted to give something back. This free tool is my gift to you. I hope choosing your blog’s name will be the start of a fantastic blogging journey for you and that you’ll be able to reach your biggest blogging goals.

Once your blog starts making money (if that’s what you’re aiming for), would you take a moment to check out RightBlogger? It’s my powerhouse of AI tools, including loads of handy things to help you with blogging, like a full blog post writer, outline creator, post ideas, tools to shorten and expand your writing … and so much more, including SEO, YouTube, and social media tools.

Who is this blog name generator tool designed for?

When we put together the blog name generator, we were obviously thinking about new bloggers who needed names for their blogs. Whether you’re looking for travel blog names, fashion blog names, beauty blog names, or any other blog domain names, you can find great options here. 

You might also use the blog name generator to launch a new blog, to come up with name ideas for an online course or product, or to help you explore possibilities for a rebrand. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, content marketer, content creator, or small business, I hope this tool helps you come up with great name ideas.