Podcast Name Generator Free Tool for Podcast Name Ideas

Struggling to brainstorm catchy podcast name ideas? This free podcast name generator helps you instantly find the perfect name for your podcast—one that’ll resonate with your target audience. Come up with a good podcast name that works for SEO and for your future listeners.

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Using the Podcast Name Generator to Create the Perfect Podcast Name (Free!)

What you call your podcast matters. A catchy, memorable podcast title helps you sound like a pro & impacts the growth of your show. A confusing, dull, or off-putting name will turn potential listeners away from your podcast before they’ve listened to a single second of it.

So how can you go about choosing the right name for your podcast? When starting a podcast, most people will pick a name that falls into one of these categories:

  • Topic-Based Name: Plenty of shows lean into their podcast topic by stating exactly what they’re about in the show title. My podcast The Side Hustle Project is an example of that. It’s a podcast about side hustles. Nice and clear!
  • Host’s Name: Some podcasts are named after their host. The Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Ferriss Show, and Mel Robbins Podcast are all good examples of branding your own podcast after your likeness. This naming technique works best if you’re already well-known in your field, or you’re building a personal brand around yourself.
  • Catchy Name: Many podcasts go for catchy, pun-based, and funny podcast names, which is my personal favorite. For instance, Last Podcast on the Left is a horror podcast, riffing on The Last House on the Left, a classic horror film. Pod Save America is a political podcast, taking its name from the popular phrase God Save America. You’ll see a lot of true crime podcasts choose creative, clever podcast names that involve wordplay too.

It can be tough to come up with just the right name for your podcast—and plenty of would-be podcasters get stuck at this stage. My podcast name generator is designed to help you brainstorm the best podcast names for your show.

Should Your Podcast Name Match Your Domain Name?

If you’re starting a blog, it’s a good idea to match your blog’s name to your domain name (URL). I don’t think that’s quite so essential for a podcast. If you already have a blog or website, you can have a section devoted to your podcast—you don’t need a whole new site.

There’s no reason not to buy the domain that matches your podcast name, though! You can use the podcast name generator along with my domain name generator to help you find available domains.

How to Use the Podcast Name Generator to Come Up With Your Best Podcast Name Ideas

Ready to give my free podcast name generator a try? Here’s a deep dive into using my tool to come up with the perfect name for your podcast.

Step 1. Enter a Topic (or Keyword) for Your Podcast

What’s your podcast going to be about? The podcast name generator will aim to create a descriptive, catchy name that links to your topic while also giving you plenty of opportunities for branding. This means you need to decide on your topic before coming up with a name.

Free Podcast Name Generator (AI Tool) for 100+ Clever Podcast Name Ideas Screen Shot

If you need some help on that, check out my guide on how to start a podcast, which covers developing the concept for your podcast.  

Tip: Struggling to choose between 2 (or more!) potential topics? You can run the podcast name generator as many times as you want, completely free, so go ahead and give them all a try.

Step 2. Get a List of Podcast Name Ideas

Once you’ve put in your topic, just run the generator and you’ll get a list of 10+ name ideas. Here’s what it came up for me, when I put in the topic “side hustles”:

  1. “Side Hustle Chronicles”
  2. “Beyond the 9-to-5”
  3. “Hustle Haven”
  4. “The Side Gig Guide”
  5. “Dollars & Dreams”
  6. “Gig Economy Insights”
  7. “Side Hustle Spotlight”
  8. “The Hustler’s Playbook”
  9. “Spare Time Success”
  10. “Side Hustle Mastery”

If there aren’t any names that jump out at you, go ahead and run the name generator again for even more options. It’ll come up with a unique set of names each time (though you may start to see some overlap if you run it multiple times for a narrow topic).

Step 3. Choose Your Favorite Podcast Name(s)

Once you’ve got a list of podcast names, it’s time to narrow it down and choose your favorites. You might find that one name seems to resonate with you—or there might be a few different names that you like. You can copy and paste any potential options into a document or spreadsheet.

A good podcast name will feel like a natural fit for you and your brand, and it’ll be something that resonates with your audience. 

Bonus: Use My Free Podcast Recording Checklist with the Podcast Name Generator

Named your podcast and ready to record your very first episode? To help your recording (and producing) go smoothly, here’s my checklist to follow so that you can produce high-quality audio.

  1. Let family members (or housemates) know that you’ll be recording, to avoid interruptions
  2. Soundproof your room as much as possible—some podcasters even record in a closet to avoid background noise
  3. Make sure you close any tabs or apps on your computer that might make a noise
  4. Check that your mic is working and that it’s picking up your voice clearly
  5. If you’re recording with someone else, whether in person or virtually, make sure their mic is working!
  6. Ask your guest to adjust their setup if necessary (e.g. move nearer the mic)
  7. Get your notes ready and up on screen in front of you for easy reference
  8. Run through a few quick vocal warm-up exercises
  9. Switch your phone to silent and turn off anything in the room that might make a noise
  10. Check your recording software is working by making a quick test audio
  11. Leave a few seconds of silence at the start before you begin your intro (makes it easier to edit out ambient noise later)
  12. Just before you start talking, make sure you definitely pressed the record button

The Key Features of the Podcast Name Generator

We designed the podcast name generator to be as easy and quick as possible to use—but perhaps you want to dig a little deeper into how it works. Here’s a closer look at its features.

Topic/Keyword (What’s Your Podcast About?)

The podcast name generator won’t just come up with random names for you. We don’t think that would be very useful to anyone! Instead, you need to prime it with a topic or keyword. Sum up your podcast idea in a few words: what’s it all about?

The more specific you can be here, the more relevant the suggested podcast names are likely to be.

Podcast Name Ideas (How Do These Work?)

The podcast name generator has been trained with a massive number of existing podcast names—so it’s got a great idea of what a good, catchy podcast name looks like!

The podcast name tool will come up with X different potential names for you. It’ll aim to produce short names (2–5 words) that (a) relate closely to your topic and (b) get listeners’ attention.

The podcast name generator doesn’t copy podcast names that are already in existence, though it may independently come up with a name that’s already in use. Before you set your heart on a particular name idea, do check that no one else is already using it: you want to pick a unique podcast name.

Whether you’re looking for cool podcast names, creative podcast names, or just names with the right vibes for your podcast idea, the podcast name generator is sure to come up with something that you love. You could even potentially use it as a business name generator to come up with a name for your whole business.

Podcast Name Generator Tool FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you’ve still got questions about the product name generator tool or about choosing the right podcast name, here’s everything you need to know.

What makes for a catchy podcast name?

There’s no single formula for creating a catchy and memorable podcast name—but I do have a few tips to help you. Your podcast name should:

  • Be easy to remember (ideally no more than 4 or 5 words)
  • Work for your target audience (using language that resonates with them)
  • Avoid being the same as, or very similar to, an existing podcast

You can consider using alliteration (“limitless life”,  “savvy social”) or rhyme (“scummy mummies”, “power hour”) to help the name of your podcast stick in listeners’ minds. 

Some podcasters also use a play on words or riff on an established name/title of something, to create a catchy name. For instance, the podcast Honey, I Blew Up the Business is a reference to the 1992 movie Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.

A great podcast name will stand out in podcast apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, on social media platforms, and anywhere your podcast name gets mentioned.

How do I make sure my podcast name is available?

There’s nothing stopping you from using a podcast name that’s identical to someone else’s podcast name—so long as they haven’t trademarked theirs. But it’s best to choose a unique name that’s not already in use.

Googling your name idea plus “podcast” should show you whether someone else is using it, or you could search for the name in your favorite podcast app. You might also want to look into domain name availability, if you’re planning to create a website for your podcast, and see if the equivalent social media handles are available. That way, you can strengthen your podcast brand by using the same name everywhere.

How do I start a podcast with no experience?

Starting a podcast can be daunting if you’ve never had any experience speaking on a podcast or radio show. You might worry about what equipment to buy or about whether you can speak well into the microphone. You’re probably not sure how to go about the technical side of recording, producing, and uploading your podcast episodes, as well.

Don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. My guide on how to start a podcast will take you step by step through everything you need to do and know.

Are the podcast name suggestions copyrighted?

No, the podcast name ideas aren’t copyrighted. The AI comes up with them—it doesn’t copy them from anywhere on the web. Work created by an AI isn’t copyright (humans have to create the work for copyright laws to apply). 

You can freely use any of the podcast names you generate for your podcast. I do recommend checking that no one else is using the same name already, however.

Is my podcast’s name important for SEO (search engine optimization)?

Your podcast name can definitely impact your SEO. If your name includes a relevant keyword that your target audience is likely to search for online, you could create a landing page all about your podcast on your website, and that may well rank for the term.

Your individual podcast episode titles may well end up being more significant for your ranking in Google search, though, as these can bring in people from lots of different potential searches. You could also add a podcast transcript (as well as podcast subtitles) for accessibility and to help your content rank in search engines.

Don’t get too hung up on SEO-optimizing your podcast name. It’s better to have an engaging name that suits your brand and audience than to have one that’s fully optimized around a keyword, at the expense of sounding good to humans.

How can I come up with podcast titles and podcast topics?

When you start a new podcast, it’s a good idea to come up with at least a few ideas for your first episodes. That way, you’re not stuck wondering what on earth to talk about each week. Try looking at some of the best podcasts in your niche in a podcast directory. What types of topics do they cover? What makes their podcast episode titles stand out?

What other AI tools can I use to grow my online business?

I have a whole set of free AI tools to help you grow your online business and build a successful podcast. From starting a podcast to creating YouTube scripts, nailing your keyword research to writing full articles, there’s so much here to help you.

If you’ve not yet created a website or blog to go with your podcast, use my domain name tool to come up with the perfect domain name. (You might want to do this alongside creating a podcast name.)

To create great blog posts to go alongside your podcast episodes, try the title generator, outline generator, introduction writer, and conclusion writer. Writing content yourself? Use the grammar fixer to make sure your posts or show notes are flawless before publishing them.

Why did you make this a free tool?

Back when I started getting into blogging and podcasting, I couldn’t afford lots of premium tools—even though I knew they’d help me grow my online business much faster. Instead, I had to make do with free tools. I was so grateful to all the people who created these!

Today, it’s my turn to give something back to the blogging and podcasting community. I know how hard it can be when you’re just getting started. This tool is my gift to you. It’s free because I want to see you succeed and reach all your goals.

The podcast name generator is free forever (just like all my other free AI tools). You can use it as many times as you like. You’ll never need to sign up or enter an email address. 

The only thing I’d ask in return is that, once you start to see success with your podcast, blog, or online business, would you check out RightBlogger? It’s my huge collection of AI tools, packed with all sorts of different text generators, writing tools, and so much more—60+ tools in total, and we’re adding new ones all the time. RightBlogger isn’t free, but we’ve kept the pricing as low as possible (and super straightforward). 

Who is this podcast name generator designed for?

We obviously had podcasters in mind when we created the podcast name generator—but it’s also a great fit for many bloggers, writers, content marketers, and content creators. If you have any kind of online business that you want to promote through a podcast, then this tool is for you!