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Want your writing to be flawless? Use my free grammar fixer to run a quick grammar check & spell check. Whether you’re not 100% confident in your writing, you’re not a native English speaker, or you simply want a quick way to catch grammar mistakes and spelling errors before publishing, this free online grammar checker is the tool you need. You’ll still want to take a moment for proofreading, but you’ll get error-free content to improve your writing quality.

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Use This Free Grammar Checker to Fix Mistakes and Produce Higher-Quality Content

Struggling to spot and fix the mistakes in your writing? As someone who’s written literally thousands of blog posts, trust me… I get it. You can’t always get your grammar done good and your spelling all perfekt like, on the first go. My free grammar checker will help you ensure flawless text—every single time.

And when you’re happy with your beautiful, grammatically sound content, I’m happy. Look, here I am smiling right now as you hit that copy button on your cleaned up copy. I know, I get joy from weird things. Just be happy I have my fun making free blogging tools.


Good grammar matters. If you write something that’s ungrammatical, chances are high it’ll be difficult for readers to understand. It’ll also impact your business—customers may be wary of buying from a company that makes mistakes, even simple typos. In one study, a grammatical error in an ad (“compared” instead of “compare”) led to a meaningful drop in clicks and a higher ad cost.

Even if you’re writing something that’s not going to be published, grammar matters. Perhaps you’re working on an academic essay and you don’t want to lose points for poor grammar and spelling (or because the person grading your essay didn’t understand the point you were trying to make). Or maybe you’re writing an email to someone to ask for a favor—you don’t want to give them a poor first impression.

In the past, you may have relied on your word processor (like Microsoft Word or Google Docs) and their built-in grammar checker. But basic grammar checkers can sometimes get things wrong. With modern AI (artificial intelligence) tools, grammar checkers are more reliable and sophisticated than ever—and can catch even subtle mistakes.

Here are just a few examples of grammar and punctuation mistakes that my free grammar checker will automatically fix for you:

Version with mistakes (highlighted in bold):

Are you a aspiring gardener looking to grow your own delicious and nutritious vegetables. Potatoes might just be the perfect crop for you! In this article, we delves into the wonderful world of growing potatoes, offering tips, tricks, and advices to help you cultivate a bountiful potato harvest right in your back-yard. Lets get started on this exciting spud-growing adventure!

Fixed and revised version after going through my grammar fixer tool:

Are you an aspiring gardener looking to grow your own delicious and nutritious vegetables? Potatoes might just be the perfect crop for you! In this article, we delve into the wonderful world of growing potatoes, offering tips, tricks, and advice to help you cultivate a bountiful potato harvest right in your backyard. Let’s get started on this exciting spud-growing adventure!

As you can see, this free tool automatically fixed all the mistakes here:

  • Corrected “a” to “an” (this is a very easy error to make if you’ve ended up switching a word that starts with a consonant for a word that starts with a vowel)
  • Corrected a period to a question mark (writing a question sentence that doesn’t end with a question mark is a common mistake)
  • Corrected “delves” to “delve” (to ensure subject-verb agreement)
  • Corrected “advices” to “advice” (incorrect pluralization)
  • Corrected “back-yard” to “backyard” (incorrect punctuation of a compound word)
  • Corrected “Lets” to “Let’s” (incorrect punctuation of “let’s”, which is short for “let us” in this instance)

Now, real quick let’s cover how you can make the most of my free grammar fixer tool.

How to Use the Grammar Fixer Tool to Run a Full Grammar Check

Ready to give my grammar fixer tool a try, so you can feel the power yourself? Here’s how to use it.

Step 1. Give the Grammar Tool Your Text (Up to 8,000 Characters)

The grammar tool can check up to 8,000 characters of text at a time (that’s roughly 1,500 words). To use the tool, simply copy the text you want to check and paste it into the input box here:

Free Grammar Fixer Tool (Grammar Checker & Spell Checker) Text Input Field Screen Shot How to Use

If you wanna check spelling and grammar on more than 8,000 characters, you can either do it in multiple chunks here—or I recommend trying the fully featured and unlimited version of my grammar fixer tool inside RightBlogger.

Step 2. Choose Your Writing Tone & Style (RightBlogger Feature)

The fully featured version of this grammar tool inside RightBlogger has the option to choose from a dozen or so different writing styles—or use the customized MyTone option you’ve added for use across all 50+ blogging tools inside the platform, to get a highly personalized output.

Example of Setting Tone for Grammar Fixer and Spell Checker Tool (Screen Shot)

Regardless, both this free grammar fixer and the fully featured one inside RightBlogger will keep your original style intact by default, as long as it’s grammatically correct. But if you’ve got an informal passage of text that you want to make more formal—or vice versa—then selecting a tone & style here lets you change that with just one click. Pretty awesome, right? 

Step 3. Choose Your Language (RightBlogger Feature)

Inside RightBlogger, you have the ability to output your grammatically correct text in 22+ different languages. By default though (and the only option on the free version of my grammar fixer here), the output language is set to US English.

Language Options for Grammar Fixer Tool (Screen Shot)

If you’d like to use this tool frequently for translating your writing into a different language & ensuring it’s grammatically sound, come try RightBlogger today—I know you’ll love all the tools we’re building for content creators.

Step 4. Run the Grammar Fixer Tool to Find and Fix Any Mistakes

Ready to go? Click the “Fix Grammar” button on the tool and your passage will automatically be fixed for you, with all grammar and spelling mistakes corrected by the AI in just seconds.

Grammar Fixer Tool Example (Screen Shot)

Then you can hit the copy button to the right of your fixed content and paste your proper passage directly into your blog—no need to go through making laborious manual changes.

Bonus: Use My Free Writing Style Checklist Alongside the Grammar Fixer

My free grammar fixer will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes… but it won’t necessarily perfect your writing style. That’s where you come in! Developing your own tone and writing style is what makes your blog content uniquely yours. In fact, that’s a sacred part of the blogging equation, so don’t sleep on investing in finding your style that feels right—knowing it’ll grow and change over time.

Here’s a straightforward writing style checklist for bloggers. Keep in mind that if you’re writing something other than blog posts, these points may vary a bit—but they’ll guide you in the right direction for any kind of writing:

  1. Use contractions and informal language for a conversational style
  2. Write directly to a single reader as “you” (not multiple readers as in “some of you…”)
  3. Organize your content into sections with clear, informative subheadings
  4. Write in short paragraphs and short sentences
  5. Include your primary keyword at least a few times, but don’t go overboard
  6. Avoid jargon unless it’s very well-known in your niche
  7. Consider your brand voice or personal blogging style: funny and irreverent? Gentle and supportive? Straight talking?
  8. If you’re giving instructions, use numbered steps or bullet points to help make them clear
  9. Include images in your post to break up the text and to support what you’re saying (e.g. diagrams, screenshots)
  10. Use bold text to emphasize key points—but don’t overdo it or your text will look choppy

Okokok, we’ve covered a lot here about grammar, spelling and the nuances of writing effective blog posts. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into how the features of my grammar fixer work behind the scenes.

How Does the Free Grammar Fixer Work? Key Features

By design, this grammar fixer is crazy easy to use… but in case you’ve got questions about how it works or you’re curious to learn more, I’ve got you. Here’s a full breakdown of its key features.

Content (Paste in Any Text of Your Choice)

The text input box will accept any text you paste in… and that even includes emojis. You can’t upload text, a Microsoft Word document, or link to a Google Doc though. You need to paste your text straight into the tool so it can access your copy directly and work with it.

If your text runs over 8000 characters, it’ll automatically be cut off. Don’t worry though: if you have a long piece to check, you can simply run it through the grammar checker in several separate chunks—or take RightBlogger for a spin and really turn your grammar checking up a notch.

Tip: Your text won’t retain its formatting (bold, italics, headers, hyperlinks, etc)—so it’s best to run your draft text through the grammar checker before you add those types of formatting tweaks. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time adding them back into your fixed text.

Tone & Writing Style (Affects Formality)

In general, this free grammar checker will preserve your original text by default unless there are grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. However, if (in RightBlogger) you select a tone & writing style that’s markedly different from your input text, you may also see some changes related to style. 

Here’s a quick example. The original text was written in a fun, quirky way. I asked the grammar fixer inside RightBlogger to use the “Professional” style option when checking its grammar:

Example of Free Grammar and Spell Checker Tool Output (Screen Shot)

Original: Gardening is like throwing a party for plants, complete with disco lights (aka sunshine), hydration stations (the watering can), and a bit of gossip (did you hear about the cucumbers chatting with the tomatoes?). 

New: Gardening is akin to hosting a party for plants, replete with disco lights (also known as sunshine), hydration stations (the watering can), and a touch of gossip (have you heard about the cucumbers conversing with the tomatoes?).

You can see that some informal terms and phrases have been changed, with the grammar checker replacing “like” with “akin to”, “aka” with “also known as”, and “did you hear about” with “have you heard about”.

Language (Select Your Preferred Language)

The fully featured grammar checker inside RightBlogger doesn’t just work with English grammar. You can use it in a number of different languages, including French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, and many more. 

You can even select English (UK) as your output language if you want to change US spellings in your original text to UK spellings in your fixed text, like this:

Original: I took a walk through the vibrant foliage, admiring the array of colors on the trees in the center of our charming neighborhood. As I strolled, I began to realize how much beauty can be found right in our own community.

New: I took a walk through the vibrant foliage, admiring the array of colours on the trees in the centre of our charming neighbourhood. As I strolled, I began to realise how much beauty can be found right in our own community.

Fixed Text (What to Expect)

The grammar tool should fix all errors in your text, producing a clean, correct version that’s ready to go. You can simply copy and paste this to use it in your own work.

You can expect the tool to find and fix:

  • Grammatical errors, like using the wrong form of a verb. (“He walk to the shops yesterday” will be fixed to “He walked to the shops yesterday.”) 
  • Punctuation errors, like not using a capital letter at the start of a sentence.
  • Spelling errors, like common mistakes in spelling a word (e.g. “acheive” will be corrected to “achieve”)
  • Typos, like a missing letter or repeated short word (e.g. “I have a a guest post for you” will be changed to “I have a guest post for you”)

Bringing this grammar party home, let’s cover some of the questions I’m asked most about this tool—and nailing the grammar in your writing more generally.

Grammar Fixer Tool FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this free grammar fixer tool a little bit magic? Maybe. What I can tell you for sure though, is that it’s pretty damn useful. If you’ve got questions about how exactly it works, you’ll find my answers here.

Is this tool the same as a grammar checker?

The grammar fixer tool is almost the same thing as a grammar checker tool … but it goes further. A pure grammar checker will highlight mistakes for you (e.g. with a red underline) but it won’t actually go ahead and fix them. Essentially, it just makes grammar suggestions for you to view.

The grammar fixer takes the next step of actually correcting your mistakes, making it really quick and easy to produce a clean, error-free version of your writing. This also avoids the possibility that you’ll accidentally introduce fresh errors while trying to fix things.

What types of mistakes can the grammar fixer correct?

The grammar check tool knows grammar rules inside out! It will automatically correct writing errors like sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and other issues with sentence structure. It’ll fix problems like having the wrong tense for your verb, using the noun spelling when you want the verb spelling, or not having subject-verb agreement. All of this will improve the readability of your text.

Can I use the grammar fixer as a spell checker or proofreading tool?

Absolutely! The grammar corrector doesn’t just fix grammar errors—it fixes spelling mistakes, too. It’s 100% suitable for use as a spell checker, as it’ll correct any spelling errors for you. That includes common mistakes like using the UK spelling of a word when you wanted the US spelling.

The spelling check feature also corrects typos. If you’re writing fast, you might easily key in something like teh when you mean the. It’s not exactly a spelling mistake—you definitely didn’t think that the was spelled teh—but it’s a typographic error (typo) that should be picked up by a proofreading tool. That’s exactly what this grammar fixer does.

Will the grammar fixer catch punctuation errors?

Yes! The grammar fixer is also a punctuation checker— it will spot and correct any punctuation mistakes. That includes mistakes like using a period when you need a question mark, missing the capital letter at the start of a sentence, using a comma where you don’t need one, or forgetting the closing quotation marks at the end of a sentence of speech.

Does the grammar fixer rephrase my text?

The grammar fixer will not normally rephrase your text or make different word choices, unless it needs to do so in order to fix a grammatical error. If you choose a style that’s quite different from your original text, however, the grammar checker may make some light rephrasing.

If you want a completely rephrased version of your text, use my free paragraph rewriter instead. That will replace words with synonyms, restructure your sentences, and more.

Can I use the grammar fixer elsewhere online, in Word, or in my email?

My grammar fixer lets you run an online grammar check here at RyRob. I don’t have a Chrome browser extension, a Gmail version, or a Microsoft Word version. You also can’t download the tool and use it offline for Windows, MacOS X, etc. But you can copy and paste text from anywhere you like into the tool for a free grammar check and then paste your fixed text back into your email, document, etc.

What other AI tools can I use to improve my writing?

AI offers so many fantastic possibilities to improve your writing skills—whatever stage you’re at. I’ve created a whole set of free blogging tools (mostly AI-powered) to help.

You’ll want to take a look at the outline generator to help you plan blog posts, the introduction writer and conclusion writer to tackle tricky parts of your posts, and the paragraph rewriter to rework content that you want to put into fresh words.

If you want a full draft written for you, check out the article writer, which can produce a short blog post in just seconds. 

Why did you make this a free tool?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re definitely wondering why this grammar fixer is completely free. Perhaps you think there’s some kind of catch. I promise you, there isn’t!

When I started blogging (12+ years ago now), I didn’t have money to spend on tools like this. I couldn’t afford the high-powered apps and tools that would’ve helped me grow my blog so much faster. Instead, I turned to free tools… and I was so grateful that people made those tools available to new bloggers like me.

Today, I can afford all the tools I want for my blog. But I haven’t forgotten how tough it was when I was just getting started. That’s why I’ve made this grammar fixer completely free. It’s my gift to you. You can use it as often as you like, and you won’t ever need to pay anything (or even enter your email address). This is my way of giving something back to the blogging community.

If you like the grammar fixer, I’d love it if you’d check out my whole suite of powerful blogging tools inside RightBlogger. It’s packed with user-friendly tools to help you create and edit text, with a number of writing tools and writing assistant features. You can use the tools in there for paraphrasing, for writing content (in the English language or 20+ different languages), and much more. All the content you produce in RightBlogger should pass a plagiarism checker, too.

Who is this grammar fixer tool designed for?

The AI-powered grammar fixer tool is for anyone who wants to make sure their writing is as correct and polished as possible. We wanted it to be the best grammar checker out there for all sorts of people, including bloggers, content creators, copywriters, marketers, professional writers, small businesses, students, creative writers, and basically anyone who wants to create high-quality, flawless writing.

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