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How to Write an eBook (and Sell 1,328+ Copies) in 2024: From eBook Idea to Generating Your First Sales

How to Write an eBook and Sell 1,328 Copies of Your eBook

Based on my own experience learning how to write an eBook (and selling those eBooks) both here on my own blog for the past 10+ years to an audience of 500,000 monthly readers—and as a hired consultant for brands like Adobe, Zendesk, Gusto & Close… this is my ultimate guide about how to write an

Blog vs YouTube: Should You Start a Blog or YouTube Channel in 2024?

Blog vs YouTube Channel - Should You Start a Blog or YouTube Channel First

Should you start a blog or a YouTube channel if you want to earn some income online—or grow your existing business? Enter today’s vid + guide: Blog vs YouTube. I get this question a lot, but it’s not necessarily an easy question for you to answer. Both blogs and YouTube channels (video-first creative processes) have

117+ Essential Online Business Tools to Use in Growing Your Online Business in 2024

101 Best Online Business Tools to Grow Your Business Online (Quickly) Hero Image

Amongst the many reasons why my first online business eventually devolved into a fiery inferno, one thing I seriously lacked was an in-depth knowledge of all the incredibly useful online business tools, services and platforms at my disposal—that could’ve helped me more effectively launch a profitable online business. By choosing to start a side business

How to Start a Food Blog in 2024 (on the Side): Free Guide to Start Food Blogging Today

How to Start a Food Blog on the Side This Year

Starting a food blog can be a very fun, rewarding, and even profitable experience—as long as you’re ready to put in the time, and effort and truly learn how to start a food blog (the smart way) and set it up for maximum growth potential. You’re starting a food blog to eventually position yourself as

80+ List of Niches to Blog About (Profitable Niche Examples) in 2024

List of Niches to Blog About (80 Profitable Niche Ideas and Examples) Sub-Niche Topics Featured Image

Choosing the right niche for your blog (or podcast, YouTube channel, or other creation medium) can be tricky. Enter: My curated list of niches to blog about. Perhaps you’re interested in lots of different topics—but you’re not sure which is likely to make money. You might be struggling to come up with anything that you’d want

How to Get High Quality Backlinks for Your Website (12 Strategies)

How to Get Backlinks (Guide to Getting High Quality Backlinks for Your Website) Featured Image

If you’ve done any reading about blog SEO, you’ve no doubt heard “backlinks” mentioned. I’m guessing you’re here to learn why high quality backlinks matter, and exactly how to get them for your blog. If so, you’re in luck, my friend. In this guide, we’ll be covering all the ways I’ve learned how to get

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (and Make Money): 8 Best Lifestyle Blog Examples

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (Best Lifestyle Blogs and Examples) Featured Image

Are you thinking about starting a lifestyle blog? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking down lessons learned from the 8 best lifestyle blogs out there today, and covering an in-depth guide to getting your own lifestyle blog launched & on the path to monetization. Maybe you’ve been inspired by a blogger whose content

6 Steps How to Get a Remote Job This Weekend in 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

How to Get a Remote Job This Weekend and Work Remotely This Year

The list of benefits from getting a remote job goes on and on. As a full-time remote worker (and blogger) myself, I get to experience many of these benefits first-hand. But being in business full-time for yourself also comes with more risks, higher costs, and the ever-present potential for down times. Figuring out how to

205 Best Blog Post Ideas That’ll (Actually) Help Drive Massive Traffic in 2024

205 Blog Post Ideas to Drive More SEO Traffic for Bloggers

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to come up with your best blog post ideas that’ll actually bring in more of your target readers (and customers), then you’re in the right place. Use my free blog idea generator tool to take this research to the next level. Blogging remains one of the most powerful ways