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#23: Become a Freelance Web Developer: Laurence Bradford on Learning to Code, Freelancing, Podcasting, and Building a Blog

How to Start a Blog Laurence Bradford Advice

In this episode, we’re talking to Laurence Bradford about how to become a freelance web developer, what it takes to build profitable blog, launching a podcast, and so much more. Laurence is the creator of her Learn To Code With Me, her blog about learning how to code, and started a wildly popular Facebook Group, the Newbie Coder Warehouse with more than 12,000 active members…

15 Freelance Portfolio Essentials to Win Higher Paying Clients


What’s the one thing most highly paid freelancers have in common? A powerful personal brand, and the online proof (reputation) to back it up. If you’re the best at what you do and you can prove it, you’re in a much better position to set your rates and turn away clients that don’t benefit your business.