How and Why I’m Taking Action to Support Black Lives Matter

Note from Ryan: I don’t often use the space on this blog to talk about my personal life, and I know a business-focused blog like mine is an imperfect vehicle for the delivery of this message—but I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people here… so I want to this to be seen by as many of my readers as possible.

Some thoughts I want to share with you today:

This has been another month that feels like an entire year has gone by (especially here in the US). The past few weeks for me have been marked by a lot of personal reflection, education, uncomfortable conversations with friends & family—and by taking action to create the change we need in our country (and world).

I’m taking a stand for human rights in ways I’ve never done before, and using my platform to express the urgency of the problems we face in the US, with a long history of systemic racism, police violence, and widespread subtle prejudice & unconscious bias on an individual level.

The enormity of my own privilege as a white man that grew up in a middle class family in California is not lost on me. I’ve had a massive head start simply because of the color of my skin, circumstances of my upbringing and all of the opportunities I’ve been afforded as a result. I have an incredible amount to be grateful for and I’m choosing to deploy the resources I have to help others. I feel like I’ll be forever playing catch up, but the one thing I know I can do is start taking action now—and commit to never stopping.

I ask that you join me in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement through these actions and amazing organizations (many of which are completely free to participate). Here are a few of the worthy causes I’ve donated to over the past couple of weeks too:

And if you want to amplify your donations, check out this cool tool that shows you an up-to-date list of people, companies and organizations that are matching donations (by simply tweeting or emailing them a receipt for your donation) right now.

How to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Beyond self-reflection, having tough conversations, confronting uncomfortable past thoughts or actions, amplifying black voices and businesses on your social media channels, making donations… you can and should take as much action as you’re able to.

Remaining silent while the rights of others are being suppressed, is being complicit in that behavior.

  • Stretch yourself by reading some of the many great books that explore systemic racism and white supremacy
  • Get out and protest (here’s a map of upcoming protests around the world)
  • If you live in or near San Francisco, tweet at me and come join me at these events
  • Call your elected officials (here’s a directory of how to contact them)
  • Support black-owned businesses (here’s over 4,300+ of them around the US)
  • Vote for anti-racist candidates in every upcoming election

I know this has been a departure from our regularly scheduled programming here on my blog, but if I’ve learned anything in the past few weeks… this is a nationwide issue that we all need to take action on.

I’m still learning & growing here, too.

If you have questions about how you can be most supportive right now, please ask in the comments below. I’ll reply and direct you to the best of my ability ✊

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66 replies to “How and Why I’m Taking Action to Support Black Lives Matter”

  1. Thoughtful, Ryan. I’m so happy you’re rising voice on this.

    Racism is beyond common sense and must not have place in the society. Voting is the only weapon that can help further to avoid these kind of incidents.

    Hope everything goes fine.

    • Agreed, Mudassir. Racism has no place in our world, let’s all keep working toward making change happen. Thanks for the support 🙏

  2. Thank you, Ryan for posting the information and also for standing up for the people (justice). I am not there. However, I understand the pain. March!

  3. I’m so glad to see this from you. I knew the moment you commented on my Ahmaud Arbery post that your heart was in the right place.

    You are in a powerful position and your audience I’m sure feels your impact, as I do. They say actions speak louder than words. But I believe, as bloggers our words are our actions, and nothing can speak louder than that.

    Thank you for your post Ryan.

    • You’re welcome, Geoffrey! Thanks for the words of support and I’m extremely proud to help play a very small role in trying to make our world a better place for everyone. It’ll take a lot of continued effort for the weeks, months and years to come… but it has to happen ✊

  4. WOW! By far the most courageous blog I’ve read in some time. Great job young man!

  5. Great to see you use your platform and reach for this Ryan! Thanks for sharing the links and also pictures of what’s happening in SF 🙏🏼

    Ryan Robinson let good follow you, if you do good. Amen .

  7. Thank you for leveraging your platform to not only express your solidarity but also to provide actionable steps we can take to advance meaningful change.

    Thank you for setting an example!

  8. This is a great initiative, i do hope it gets the traction it deserves to address the systemic race issues that affect mostly the black population. Hopefully this will bring an end to implicit bias that strengthens the deep rooted vice of Racism.

    • I know it’ll take a lot of time and effort to make that happen, but it starts with more people understanding, caring & taking action. ❤️

  9. Be the change you want to see. That’s what you are doing Rob. Thank you for stepping up and thank you for sharing.

  10. Really appreciate this Initiative by you Ryan. We as humans are all same. Let not the race, colour, class, creed divide us. Black lives matter!

  11. Thank you Ryan. Our Allies will help make this change possible. Thank you for offering your platform to support us.

    No Justice. No Peace.
    Black Lives Matter

  12. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for today’s post, and for your willingness to use your platform for such a critical issue. Please know that your compassion, your support, and your actions are very much appreciated.

    Peace and blessings,

    • You’re very welcome, Karen. I know words only go so far, but I’m hoping consistent action from all of us can help create the change we need.

  13. Just letting you know I support no Racist organizations including Black Lives Matter or the United Negro College Fund which would be targeted for what they are if negro or Black were changed to White. Thus I have unsubscribed from your list. I believe to be truly equal one can not support a reverse racism initiative, especially one sharing insignia with a terrorism movement of the 60s and 70s that attacks only white cops who use excessive force against singular minority statuses. The division of people is wrong, supporting criminals over cops is wrong, and condemning racism while supporting another form of the same is wrong.

    • Hey Andy, I appreciate you speaking up and sharing what you believe in—despite disagreeing with me on what I believe is a fundamental, moral level. I think discussion is one of the best ways to drive deeper understanding, empathy and growth… if you’re open to that.

      Unfortunately, there’s no logical argument in your reply here. And it seems you’re drawing on a combination of misinformation and an incorrect perception of what it means to be a black person in America (as a white person myself, I can’t ever fully imagine what it must be like and have been listening a lot these past few weeks… so as another white person, how can you claim to understand it?).

      The irony of your white fragility in the statement “The division of people is wrong, supporting criminals over cops is wrong, and condemning racism while supporting another form of the same is wrong.” is not lost on me, and I’m sensing that you feel attacked in this moment… rather than feeling compelled to stand up for a group of people who’ve been marginalized and oppressed for hundreds of years in the US. There’s a lot we disagree on based on your 3 points in that sentence, but if taking to the streets and demanding equal rights for black people is somehow a form of racism in your mind, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

      I’d challenge you to try and move beyond your first reaction of feeling defensive.

  14. Ryan,

    Thank you for your compassion, empathy, and drive to do and say something! I stand behind and with you brother.
    We must support love and drive out the hate ❤️

  15. Hi Ryan
    Thank you so much for standing up for what’s right and wanting justice for so many others. I am black and have two black sons and three nephews and one grandson.

    • ❤️ Let’s just hope that enough people can develop an understanding, transition to caring on a deeper level and begin taking the kinds of real action we all need.

  16. Very well said, Ryan! It makes me feel much better knowing the next generation of leaders in our country, like yourself, are doing the right thing.

    And if anyone unsubscribes because they don’t like you speaking out for equality and justice, then they certainly don’t deserve your excellent advice on building a blog and an online business!

    • Thanks for standing with me on this, Dylin! ❤️

      I’ve seen plenty of unsubscribes today, but I’m more than fine with those people leaving. Plus, those figures pale in comparison to the more meaningful, deeper relationships I’m already starting to see form just today from the conversations being sparked by this post/email. I’m proud to stand up and be vocal about what I believe is a deep injustice. People who are offended by that can make their way over to blogs 🙂

  17. I appreciate the opportunity to read the blog and all the responses. May I share an analogy from the Holy Writings of the Baha’i Faith
    “O thou who hast an illumined heart! Thou art even as the pupil of the eye, the very wellspring of light for God’s love has cast it’s rays upon thine inmost being and has turned thy face to the Kingdom of the Lord.
    Intense is the hatred, in America, between black and white, but my hope is that the power of the Kingdom will bind these two in friendship,and serve them as a healing balm.
    Let them not look upon a man’s color but upon his heart. If the heart be filled with light, that man is not my unto the threshold of the Lord; but if not that man is careless of his Lord be he white or black. “

  18. Really appreciate your step👏
    You used your platform in right way.