What’s your side hustle story?

What's Your Side Hustle Story

Do you have a side project you’re working on?

If so, I want to hear about it.

And I’ll be featuring several of you on my upcoming podcast, The Side Hustle Project.

Want to be interviewed?


Comment below, telling me 2 things:

1. A little bit about your side hustle and any milestones you’ve hit with it that feel meaningful to you (income goal, building a skill, career advancement, working with your hero, and so on)

2. Why you’re working on it and what motivates you to press on.


Your side hustle doesn’t need to be earning tons of money in order to get featured—in fact, you can still be in the idea phase.

I want to hear from every one of you that are working on a side project today.

My goal with the upcoming podcast, The Side Hustle Project is to show you what successful entrepreneurs look like before they’ve made it big.

So if you’re ambitious and driven, tell me about your side hustle regardless of what stage you’re in.

This week, I’ll be choosing readers to feature.


Hurry up and comment below sharing your 2 things!

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  • usman khan

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hello I received your email and just click to the link and come to reply you.
    We have worked on different projects that are basically .Net projects and Web projects and also mobile applications. BUt that were offline projects means that was local market projects of our area. Now we want to grow our self there.
    we have worked on different projects you can go there and check out our progress.

  • Romer Rulida

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    This year, I came up with a goal to become a published author. I know I have a knack for writing books, but haven’t came up with a self-published book of my own. That is my side project right now.

    I’ve been procrastinating for the last four months and I only came back to writing my book this month. One meaningful milestones that I have is that I was able to write one chapter a day, now, I’ll be writing Chapter 13 out of the 20 chapters of my book.

    I was motivated and passionate to do this because I believe that this book could be my stepping stone to creating that business that I’m always dreaming of. That is what pushes me on to continue even those times that I don’t feel any motivation at all.

  • usman khan

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    We had done scrapping projects for our clients, point of sales for our clients and many e-commerce websites for the clients. We had worked with our clients in the desktop applications that are also web based and the clients are able to check there working progress of their business anywhere in the world.
    We want to serve our more clients online so we have started the online freelancing work.Ryan Robinson we are expecting much from you and we would like to hear from you soon about some interviews or projects.

  • Rick Siderfin

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hello Ryan, I took my side hustle (copywriting) full time in February this year. So far, it’s going great!

    1. The biggest milestone (that I have been working for 6+ years towards) was leaving my day job. The second milestone (that I am confident I will achieve before the year end) is to get to £10k (US$13k) per month.

    2. I have so much freedom and flexibility in my “job” now – so much so, it doesn’t even feel like work a lot of the time! I am doing what I love, helping small to medium business owners get more leads and more sales by increasing their marketing activities, and most importantly clients are LOVING the results I am getting for them. This motivates me more than anything.

    – Rick Siderfin
    Vortex Content Marketing

  • Darrell Washington

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    I am building a clothing manufacturing company and starting with producing activewear for high school track and field girls. I have always had a passion for helping others and with a background in track myself felt it would be something that I would enjoy! It has been a great undertaking but I truly feel it is worthwhile. The company will provide many opportunities for young girls such as book scholarships for college, meal cards for traveling away track meets, sponsorship programs, health programs, and many other areas of helping young girls continue to stay active and participate with sports. With the obesity rate so high among kids today it is my hope to try and encourage our young to not spend so much time on cell phones and video games but to use their minds and bodies more and become actively involved with their futures and making a difference and making their mark on the world.

  • Brian Winch

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hi Ryan, I’ve been in the parking lot litter removal business since 1981. It’s almost as easy to do as going for a walk! I’ve been making a good living doing it and decided a few years ago to share my success in a book I wrote, Cleanlots. I believe a lot of people are looking for a simple, inexpensive, outdoor service opportunity that they can start on the side and build up to a full time business if they desire. I’m trying to market this book because I know it works.

  • Hi Ryan, thanks for the opportunity.

    I already own my own business; I write marketing content for B2B technology companies. I’m grateful to make a living working for myself, but frankly I’m sick of trading hours for dollars. Vacations — what are those? Retirement — what’s that?

    I’m changing my business model so I can support myself instead with speaking, fiction and non-fiction books, and courses. In the next 3-6 months, I want the business books and courses to attract higher paying content clients. In the mid-term, 6-12 months, I want the revenue from speaking, books, and courses to augment and eventually replace my client revenue. In the long-term, heh, passive income and multiple income streams is where it’s at!


  • Clay Ostrom

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hey Ryan,

    I know we know each other a bit, but wanted to share my story here to be a part of your community.

    My side hustle is a little different in that I wasn’t looking for a new way to generate income, but instead find an outlet to express some activism. With everything happening politically in our country right now, I wanted to create something that I felt could have even a small positive impact.

    My main job is as a strategy consultant for businesses (http://mapandfire.com), so I wanted to use my skills in that area and digital marketing to fuel this endeavor.

    My concept was to create a website that encourage people to get involved with supporting the environment and promoting unity through actions they can take in their own backyard…literally — via gardening. So, having people plant vegetables, flowers, trees, any living thing, and then sharing pictures of that on social media using the hashtag #plantthewall

    As I explain on the site, it’s essentially the anti-“Build the Wall” message.

    You can read more about it on the site:

    When folks use the #plantthewall hashtag on Instagram, I can pull those photos into the site as a curated collection.

    My belief is that when people can have a very hands-on engagement with something (in this case, a small piece of the environment) it increases their personal investment in it as a whole.

    After about 6 weeks or so, I’ve manage to get 130+ shares of the site and almost 130 images posted from a variety of contributors. It started with family and friends, but over the past few weeks I’ve been getting recurring engagement from strangers as well. The reception of the idea overall has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Here’s one of my own recent contributions:

    It’s been a very fulfilling project for me personally to feel like I’m contributing something positive during a time that’s full of anxiety and tension.

    Would welcome feedback and thoughts on it from anyone in your community — and participation is always welcome too!


  • Brian

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Started my side hustle a year ago by myself but quickly realized a friend and former colleague of mine was interested in the same thing. We’re both accountants and view ourselves as entrepreneurial so we moonlight as accountants while maintaining our regular 9-5 job as, you guessed it, accountants.

    The main reasons we both wanted to build a business are:
    1) Have the flexibility to work our own hours;
    2) Be our own bosses;
    3) Build something that we both enjoy doing (helping entrepreneurs build their own businesses);
    4) Build a different lifestyle than the mundane 9-5 that everyone expects us to do.

    It’s been pretty fun thus far and we’ve been taking it quite slow to be honest. Roughly 4 months ago we landed our first corporate client (all clients before that were solopreneurs). We landed this through our mentor who wanted to hand off some of her own clients. This client has generated over $1K per month continually so we are pretty proud of that.

    Next on the hit list is to add at least 3 additional corporate clients before the end of September. Lots of networking ahead but we really enjoy the sales and business development aspect to help grow our business.

  • Funmi

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hi Ryan, i recently turned 40 and felt challenged to do more. So, i put my passion to play and now building my own online full wedding store. Its coming along great considering my core profession has nothing to do with building websites.

  • Anca

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hey, Ryan!

    I’ll gladly share my idea. There is, however, nothing to feature because I haven’t nailed down the details of the project yet. As a matter of fact, I have just started it.

    It is about branding, maybe of a different kind. What I want to create is a guided online program that offers the experience of a journey through the brand identity development process but from a different perspective, also exploring wishes and ideals and helping business owners develop a deeper understanding of the motivation behind choosing that particular business idea. The benefits would be to help them create a brand image that better reflects their values and ideals but also to make them feel more inspired and equiped to further developing their business and maybe even to help them develop the mission and vision that stand at the core of their brand more in the direction of serving others.

  • My side hustle is https://awesomestufftobuy.com/ and I have been slowly building the site over 5ish years. I am shocked and happy that is now makes over $1,000 monthly in recurring revenue. Just shows that if you keep working on something overtime it will most likely pay off if you press through difficult times. I mainly built the site to work on my WordPress skills and I just generally building websites :D.

  • Subhanu Khanal

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hi Ryan ,
    I’m writing to you from Nepal. Although a beautiful country, it is highly corrupt. From the very top to the very bottom, corruption is treated as a normal way of life here. This has adversely impacted the economic growth of the country and has led to gross under investments in public infrastructure projects like energy projects to power the country’s economic growth and education to provide adequate and relevant skills to citizens . To begin to bring a change , I decided to partner with IMC worldwide, a U.K based development consultancy firm that help governments meet their larger and long term infrastructures created ire needs . Currently I am working on a waste to energy plant for the capital of Nepal and on a feasibility report to establish a mass transit solution for the country’s capital with a burgeoning population of of 2.7 million. I see a great potential for market growth in this industry and hope to make a larger impact on the country’s economy as well as my own micro economics via this industry . I would love to be part of your podcast and have a real conversation about the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector. Hope you invite me for a session.

  • My side hustle is freelance writing and video production. I work full-time as a lifestyle reporter for a television station in Bend, Oregon. While I love being in front of the camera, its taken me on adventures like skydiving, driving dune buggys on the Oregon Coast and tasting beer at some of the best breweries in our state, writing is my true passion.

    Getting into writing freelance wasn’t easy. Writing relevant pitches and editor will take the time to read takes an enormous amount of time itself. I finally got an in with 1859 Oregon’s Magazine and now I write for that publication, 1889 Washington’s Magazine, Bend Magazine and have been published on POPSUGAR and jillianharris.com as well.

    The video production I do on the side of my full-time job is helping me to save up for a future and going full-time freelance. My big turning point was in March when I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala for a media production company. I turned that trip which was free, but not a paid opportunity, into an over $7,000 video project with an International Organization.

    Since I started working freelance, I’ve done it all on my own which gave me the opportunity to live and learn…a lot. I’ve gone through a lot of the struggles many entrepreneurs face like realizing quarterly taxes are your friend and contracts are your BFF. I think we often hear “Quit your day job!” “Sink or swim!” But having a full-time job has allowed me to say no to opportunities that don’t exactly fit. Its tough to be creative when all you can think about is bills.

  • Aman Kaur

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017


    Thank you for asking us this question and giving us your time. You have some amazing followers and I’m amazed at how much people are accomplishing. Great share on this page.

    I just launched a polewear company. It is 3 years in the making. I learned about identifying a problem and then working to every aspect of creating a solution/product to eventually building a business around it. The website went live a week ago and I have a few orders from people. Because I was about to give up on this whole idea two months ago and now I have some validation from customers, I’m just happy that I didn’t give up. That’s my biggest accomplishment. I learned plenty and the real work has begun now, post launch.

    It started as project to just solve a problem and then it morphed into a big thing as I dug deeper and at some point I realized that I wanted it as a business. The goal is to just have freedom to do what my customers want and not what my boss wants me to do. Listen to the market and not my boss. That’s it. Money is good to have but I can always go and get a job if I want money. But freedom is something I have to really fight for.

    That’s it for now.

    I want to thank everyone who was on this thread posting his/her business. What an amazing group of people you are.

    Thanks Ryan and good luck with your podcast. I know you have many people around you to help but if you need any help with Podcast let me know. I have been podcasting since last year and I’m loving it and so are my listeners.


  • Charlotte

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hi Ryan,

    Honesty alert – usually I just delete your e-mails but today’s e-mail was intriguing and commendable. This is a great idea and I just wanted to let you know how much we/I – the side hustlers – appreciate it.

    I think you might be interested in my side hustle.

    I live in the Northwest Territories, Canada…on the same parallel as Alaska. It’s cold, dark and isolated during the winter months. My full-time gig is as an interior designer and my style really lends itself to a Scandinavian look – lots of natural light, wood and the use of local products as much as I can in my designs. Through my design work, I’ve observed a gap in the market in that no one is producing real fur pillows & blankets – lots of faux fur out there but very little real fur. Now, I don’t know if you are aware of what it’s like to live here in the North/Arctic – 32 small communities, mainly traditional Aboriginal/Inuit communities, that have very little economic development happening. A lot of people that live in these communities still live the traditional lifestyle of hunting & trapping animals for food. Otherwise, mining and off-shore oil & gas development are the only other employment opportunities which do not necessarily go hand-in-hand with the traditional lifestyle of our Indigenous peoples.

    Through my work – I’m a scientist by training, an interior designer by choice – I have seen the economic and social benefits of supporting the traditional hunting & trapping economy. I have been sourcing fur from these communities and, using a local seamstress, been developing fur pillow and blanket prototypes. My business model is to sell wholesale to high-end interior designers who then sell this product to their high-end clientele. Real fur, when sourced from these Arctic communities versus Chinese fur farms, is socially and environmentally conscious. Real fur will last 100 years if taken care of properly as opposed to faux fur which typically has a 1-2 year lifespan. Real fur biodegrades, faux fur does not. Real fur uses very little chemicals in the tanning process (safe for nurseries – no formaldehyde), faux fur is laden with chemicals. Plus, money received for fur products goes directly into the hands of the hunters & trappers.

    I have a great product & a great message; I just need help getting that message out and I would very much appreciate being interviewed by you to gain exposure.

    I have attached a few photos of my fur products. Otherwise, you can follow me on Instagram (I’m just getting started!) @henrydesignbuildlive.

    Thanks Ryan, much appreciated.


    Charlotte Henry

    Owner, Henry Design Build Live | Henry Wild Fur

  • Carrie Veatch

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hey Ryan!
    You know about my project I am working on – For Gluten Sake, but wanted to chime in here. I would absolutely love to be considered to be on your podcast!

    1. My sidle hustle “For Gluten Sake” really started off thanks to your class 30 Days to Validate! It helped me hone in on which side hustle I wanted to pursue and niche down to a specific market.


    I have celiac disease and it has changed my whole life since being diagnosed. I have a huge love for travel, authentic community, helping others, and of course delicious gluten free food. I am working to combine all my loves into being the best resource possible in the world of gluten free.

    Milestones important to me so far:
    -have found a huge and supportive community of gluten free friends through my launch
    -have over 1K followers on Instagram in 2 months
    -have partnered with 3 companies to host giveaways and have 3 more companies in the pipeline
    -was a guest on my first podcast this month
    -am now being contacted by companies to be a gluten free product reviewer

    2. First of all, I am extremely passionate about how going gluten free has changed my WHOLE life.

    Much of my why is:
    -having a business I am passionate and proud of
    -set myself up with passive income streams to provide for my future family
    -flexibility and freedom
    -push myself to be surrounded by people who also push themselves daily

    Thanks, Ryan for all you do!

  • Sataish ahmed

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    1-I want to become successful youngest business girl ,as my Professional degree is chartered accountant it relates with accounts business and stock exchange that hustle me to establish own business and become successful youngest business girl

    2-I am completing my Professional degree currently I will start internship as that is requirement of our degree after complete my degree I will select for excellent job where I save money for establish business once I asked a question to sir that which business never stop and always become sable he replied to me that those business which produce important necessary things relate with daily life always remind stable and success so if I will establish own business I target those things which r relate in daily life .
    I hope u will understand

  • Sataish ahmed

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    By the thanks for u contribution

  • Hi Ryan,

    This is a great idea. Fun to see all the other comments too.

    I started my side hustle in January of 2015 but really kicked it off in April that year.

    For about 10 years prior I’d been wanting to do some kind of business consulting on the side and as a “pre-retirement plan”. I enjoyed analytical thinking, brainstorming and problem solving. And having been in the Director of Operations role of a company that went from 5 people and a half million dollars in sales to over 100 employees and 50 contractors and over 15 million dollars in sales, I learned a lot along the way.

    Prior to kicking off this side hustle idea I had been in a series of jobs in the telecommunications field (overseeing projects building cell towers for companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) over the last 20+ years.

    In April 2015 I set up a WordPress website and blog:

    I started blogging every day for a few weeks then moved to once or twice a week blog posts (now weekly on Thursdays). I wrote about small business, marketing, jobs, and life (things that intrigued or interested me – including politics and sports).

    The blog was fairly unfocused and I revamped the website several times over the last two years.

    I got one small business client (someone who I’d worked with in the past who had a startup staffing company). I worked with her monthly for a minimal consulting fee. But that was it.

    Over the first year I’d learned a lot about websites and marketing by doing it. But I felt I still didn’t have enough volume of work or enough clients to give me any true feedback on what worked and what didn’t. And wanting to do more small business consulting, I didn’t feel I knew enough yet.

    So I decided to start writing resumes for people. I had bought a course about building a resume writing business about 5 years earlier but had never done anything with it. So I took that plus a lot of internet research and my own knowledge (having reviewed hundreds of resumes and hired quite a few people over the years, as well as having been on the receiving end). My discussions with the staffing company owner also gave me additional insights.

    I kicked it off and started off with my price at $97. I wanted to prove the concept but didn’t feel justified to charge more than that. I initially got it going by posting a free resume assessment on LinkedIn. From that half the people who responded converted to a resume rewrite for the $97.

    Then after doing several I bumped the price to $147. That went well but based on the hourly rate I wanted to be able to get at least $50/hr for my time.

    So I increased it again to $197 for a resume rewrite and added another $50 if they wanted me to do a LinkedIn profile update with the resume.

    That worked really well and started to get some really good clients who were mid-level managers looking for the next step in their career or potentially changing careers. And my clients got good results and did testimonials for me.

    This has been a fun learning process and I’ve helped quite a few people with this side hustle business (27 paid so far with several in process – I do between 2 and 4 a month in the evenings and weekends).

    It earned me $6,000 last year and on track for double that this year for a few hours a week working the resumes and about 5-10 hours on the rest of the business (primarily marketing).

    I do a weekly blog post. Have done three guest posts. Do HARO responses (Help A Reporter Out). Have been on two podcasts. Wrote my first Kindle book. Have a weekly ezine (Mondays). And do a weekly Telecom Jobs List Email (with job postings from the job sites an one recruiter’s postings).

    My email list is just over 100 people. About about 1,600 people connected with on LinkedIn. The biggest challenge for me is growing my list. I see the upside with a solid, large, targeted list. But I struggle with my interests and website focus too wide and my opt in offers not quite generating regular opt ins.

    Anyway, that is a long winded way of saying I’m on the journey. See the upside. And am learning a ton along the way and getting better day by day.

    Hope this was helpful. Would love to do a podcast with you sometime. I listen to a lot of podcasts on the way to work. I find it is great information and motivation – something all entrepreneurs and side hustlers can benefit from.



  • Danell Lynn

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    The side hustle is a natural beast inside my working life and my desires and dreams. I have never been good at just chasing one thing…I am an adventurer, a designer, an author, a humanitarian and so much more. My main focus currently is hitting the career advancements inside my national and international speaking gigs. A few years ago I broke a Guinness World Record on my motorcycle and have been creating a path of success to utilize this achievement. I have been able to book a few Keynotes this summer and look to book more and expand not just into the travel industry but also into the corporate world of motivational lectures for employees.

    I am motivated to press on – mainly by the people I meet at the events who tell me they feel inspired, or that they know now that they too can do great adventures or achieve those “unachievable dreams”…

    I am working on my book of the journey ( I finished a raw book version for at my speaking events) and am looking at all the avenues of growth in hopes of creating the life I dream. Thank you. http://www.DanellLynn.com

  • suzi whitford

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. And my husband and I worked hard to make that happen. We saved everything we could when we first got married so that when I became pregnant I would be able to cherish every moment at home with my little one.

    Even though I studied for years, worked every summer as an intern bulking up my resume and began my career in the prestigious Operations Management Leaderships Program, I was okay stepping away from it all for the joys of motherhood.

    But I often feel torn between the wonders of motherhood and the excitement of the outside world. Admitting that I’m struggling allows me to shake the unnecessary guilt we so often place upon ourselves.

    Two years ago I shared this with my husband as I stood in tears trying to explain that I love motherhood, but I miss my career too. He’s a wonderful man and listened to my incoherent sentences.

    He suggested that I look into either a part time job or something I could do from home. We were also pregnant at that time with our second daughter, so the additional income would be a huge help.

    I explored all kinds of work from home opportunities, from direct sales, to fulfilled by Amazon, to crafting and sewing. I knew that if I could grow a small side hustle while being at home with my little ones, that it may just be the perfect combination between motherhood and self-fulfillment.

    After spending weeks browsing Pinterest for ideas I finally stumbled upon blogging. I knew from the start that it would be the perfect fit. It’s flexible, inexpensive to start and can grow to thousands of dollars per month. The only drawback was that it took time to grow a blog. But I had the time, so I went for it!

    I’ve been blogging for two years now and have grown my current blog to over $17,000 per month. It’s mind blowing that I can do this while being home with my little ones. We are also pregnant now with #3 and due in October.

    It’s been a lot of hard work and what keeps me motivated is knowing that hopefully one day my husband can stop working 12 hours a day and come home to spend more time with us. (Secretly I would also love more help parenting three little ones!)

    I hope that’s what you’re looking for Ryan! Love your site!

  • Tim Lannon

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    My first comment does not seem to be showing up, so giving this another go.

    I’ve wanted to start my own business in some form for more than a decade. Recently, I’ve finally been able to keep shiny object syndrome at bay long enough to start an animation coaching and training site.

    I’ve been in the animation industry for 20+ years, and have been teaching at the University level for 3 years. Getting a great response from my students helped boost my confidence enough to dive in online. I created http://www.animationcoaching.com and http://www.myanimationfeed.com.

    The feed website is designed to be a hub, curating content from animation blogs and news sites. My hope is to advertise my coaching and courses on the feed site.

    I’ve interviewed about 30 professionals to learn their pain points and I’m analyzing those interviews in preparation of creating my pilot coaching program.

    I’ve created a lead magnet to start building my email list and have about 50 people on my list after two weeks. I’m surveying some of the people that get my lead magnet so I can learn what courses I should create first.

    I’m pleased with my recent progress. It is a lot for me. But I still struggle with shiny object syndrome, wanting to chase new ideas and opportunities that are more exciting than pushing through the resistance I meet trying to move my animation business forward.

    What keeps me going is knowing that I can support my family without worrying about getting laid off, or worrying about jobs getting sent overseas, or dips in the industry. My own business means I’m limited only by myself, and I’m challenged to become a better person in order to have a successful business.

  • Umair Mohammed Farooq

    Reply Reply May 24, 2017

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your post. As far as I am concerned, I am in the beginning stage of freelancing. I worked many full time jobs in the past,and later resigned as it was not my cup of tea. I am a certified digital marketer and am looking to work on freelance projects related to FB marketing and transcription. I have done a couple of them. I have also just started a youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8X5mk5h7xCl9N5Cl7Z2GQ) that wherein I share videos related to whatever I learn that would help people make money online. I am struggling right now, as I have not been approved for a single project yet on Upwork. Although my profile is 100% complete and I write killer proposals. Any advice from you on how to make the most as a freelancer, as a youtuber or any way of making money online would be highly appreciated.


  • Kazeem Olanipekun

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for this, I have been hustling way back from school and developing educational base applications and it has not been easy. many times, i find it add to convince people while our educational system in Nigeria needs the right tools to aid information processing and currently in my hustle, I have just developed a screening management system to aid admission processing in our tertiary institution in Nigeria but getting the market and pushing it up is so so difficult. here is a demo link https://zeusweb.herokuapp.com

  • Paul Gehres

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    I run an environmental blog and podcast, including running an initiative to support subscribers experimenting with greener, lower-impact habits and behaviors.

    Milestones –
    My Facebook launch video for my ‘Sustainable 2017 Challenge’ picked up real traction and led to big boost in subscribers (http://www.paulgehres.com/#3).

    Likewise I’ve been thrilled to have success in getting some great podcast guests. It’s also been a treat (to begin) learning the art of video and audio editing.

    The big ‘Why’ –
    After years of working with big companies on environmental initiatives, it’s clear that big companies and governments both struggle to (1) achieve lasting progress on many of our environmental challenges with the traditional top-down approach, while also struggling to (2) draw normal, everyday people in meaningful discussions on these issues.

    At a time when everyone’s stressed out and sick of hyper-partisan politics, I’m motivated by the great opportunity to make discussing these issues more fun, more accessible, and less polarizing.

  • Grace Crawford

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    Hey Ryan,

    My side hustle idea is to set up a virtual assistant business supporting charities and the public sector primarily. This sector is in need of modernisation, a culture change and the right support to deliver important services on tight budgets and I feel that hiring skilled freelancers on a project by project basis will be a major shift in the right direction.

    My motivation to do this comes from being an employee in this sector and seeing the potential for alternative ways of working.

  • Kate

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    What an interesting opportunity, especially the fact that you want to hear from people who may not have actually gotten their side hustle going just yet!

    That’s what I’m struggling with right now – fitting in my side hustle and all my “tangential” work among the work I do for clients that pays the bills.

    Y’see, I have a variety of interests – I’m an automotive historian and a design psychologist in addition to my regular work in the publishing industry. I do a lot of academic conferences (an unpaid side hustle that’s hard to fit into the rest of life) and I’m an occasional voice actor.

    I’m trying to combine all of these passions into a two different side hustle projects.

    Side Hustle #1: I’m working on launching a digital magazine for driving enthusiasts, focused on awesome classic car designs, roadside attractions, suggested driving routes, and automotive history. Instead of featuring gorgeous, insanely expensive restored cars, it’ll spotlight cars that people actually get out and drive, despite having a few dings or rust spots.

    I love cars with a passion and I want to get other people my age (millennials) to engage with our automotive history as something other than a footnote…and to engage with cars as something other than a toaster-like appliance. I think the history of car design and car tech is super-fascinating and road trips are amazingly fun, so I want to share this!

    Of course, it helps that I used to work in the automotive industry and I have some connections to photographers and writers who might be willing to contribute content, but I want to do this right from the get-go, and so this side hustle is on hold due to the logistics involved in setting it all up right.

    Side Hustle #2: I’m working on starting a podcast discussing the secret history of all the stuff that surrounds us every day. As a design psychologist and archaeologist, I’m fascinated by all the engineering and inventiveness that went into shaping the most mundane things around us and I want to share the stories behind their creation. From the evolution of the turn signal and the stop sign to the mystery of who invented the little plastic lids that go on our to-go soda cups with convenient buttons to mark if it’s regular or diet…there’s always a story there!

    I’ve charted out about a year’s worth of topics and come up with some ideas for bonus content and possible monetization. I’ve also hit the milestone of figuring out the technical needs for doing a podcast (I’m a voice actor, but I’ve never mastered my own recordings) and I’m working with a great teacher for that.

    I’m incredibly excited by the idea of combining my academic research with my love of voice acting and narration and I really want to get this show off the ground. I want to share these amazing stories of human ingenuity and get people to take a fresh look at the random stuff that surrounds us and appreciate all the insight and energy that went into creating the things we use every day.

    The struggle right now is just finding the time and energy to do it while also working well more than full time for my publishing clients. Yipes!

  • Jared

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    I invest in myself WAY too much… actually kidding. Over the last year i’ve spent maybe $2,500 learning from the big guys how to make this hustle work.
    It’s around teaching piano virtually to busy people, especially entrepreneurs and young business owners.
    Honestly, i haven’t even seen any real income yet, but i’m not too discouraged. Working hard and getting there slowly!

  • Stacy

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    Side Hustle #1 (Of many ideas I have)

    One of my side hustles that I’m focusing on is my pressure washing business – a woman owned neighborhood business. I started out in March 2017 after reading a great article on the SideHustle website. Within a week of passing out flyers in specific neighborhoods, I had my first customer. In addition to the “spring cleaning special”, this customer decided he wanted more areas done – which was terrific! A couple weeks later, another person contacted me which lead to another job. She referred me to a friend of hers, which I provided the pressure washing service with additional work she wanted done. So, while I started this about 12 weeks ago, it’s beginning to gain traction.

    I jump into this as my beloved and I have goals and the extra cash will help us meet those goals sooner. Additionally, I truly enjoy the “zen” of cleaning hard surfaces! But going beyond just cleaning the surface, my service provides extra time to my customers to do what they enjoy. It is a win-win situation.

    Side Hustle #2

    Another side hustle I’m beginning to work on is providing workshops on cursive writing – there is a great void here as we move to touch communications, however, it is an invaluable skill both from the sense of brain motor skills and interpersonal skills. A handwritten note that is beautifully written stands out in a very positive way. My plan is to implement this during the summer and continuing through the school year. It’s a great way to put my creative skills to use that will help others.

    And just to add something that might be helpful to others – I’ve been doing an exercise of writing down 10 ideas a day, no matter how “dumb” they seem. It is a wonderful way to focus on what you can do now, what you can develop for the future and what ideas may be beneficial to others (who, in turn, may compensate for the idea!)

  • Jordan

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    Been trying to create my freelance platform for a while….seems like I’ve gotten closer to a niche: Creative Marketing Consulting for Startups and Entrepreneurs. But, I’ve recently been inspired to try to organize a huge educational arts/music festival/movement. I’m definitely in the planning, brainstorming and building stages, but the idea really excites me!

  • TecCrowd

    Reply Reply May 25, 2017

    I am a online service business owner. I have a SEO service and Web development service business. I do it because I love it.

  • John Davis Mumba

    Reply Reply May 26, 2017

    Hi Ryan

    I have established my own consultancy firm, which I have been managing since 2013. The consulting firm is specialized in providing Training Development, Community Development and Financial Advisory Services. We are targeting mostly; Non-Governmental Organizations, Community-Based Organization, Public and Private Sector, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Individuals.

    Currently, the firm is implementing a programme called Setting Personal Life Goals and Planning for Retirement. We have been trying to market this programme for the past five months. The purpose of this programme is to assist individuals still in formal employment to plan ahead and psychologically prepare for their future by exploring investment opportunities and build their financial base through savings. Our strategic approach towards implementing this programme is by working with and through companies. During our interactive meetings, workers are encouraged to explore avenues and options aimed at maximizing saving strategies while still in employment. We believe that through this strategic approach of holding awareness meetings with employees their respective firms can as well try to find creative strategies of supporting their staff and enable them to psychologically prepare for life beyond formal employment.

    Though I have not yet got a contract, I am motivated with this business idea because of its potential market. Each year there is always huge number of employees approaching retirement age and of course individuals who opt to go on early retirement.This is my side hustle Project that I am working on.

    I would love to be part of your of your podcast, hoping that I would gain some insights from your sharing and input from others.


  • Raymond Dale

    Reply Reply May 26, 2017

    Hi Ryan,

    I am working on something, something that would help searchers find a small crashed plan, but my biggest problem is finance, you would be shocked how little finance i have, reason being, is because I am fighting a corrupt political-legal system over my murdered son, I am waiting to here from an inquiry into this now, but I do not hold my breath, as I know this system is so corrupted. I am aiming for a compensation in this matter. So I can not get much ahead with this wretched thing on my neck. Regards Ray Dale

  • Xavier Umeh

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Music production is my side hustle story. Looking forward to the podcast Ryan

  • Jonad Loape

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    Hello there! My side hustle is writing a book of ten chapters of which i’m preparing to start the sixth chapter of it. My greatest milestone is sharing ideas and quoting the pharagraphs from my book with my facebook friends and those around me, and the respond i’m receiving is so good; it does inspires me continue writing to change the lives and make people feel good about themselves, abilities,talents and skills. Because i believe each of us has the sole purpose to fulfill and as long as it is not fulfilled, one hasn’t lived fully yet.
    I’m seeking the correct platform to share a message that will change the state of imagination of our fellow people, we all need each other in one way or the other to be where we supposed to be.

  • Maheboob Ali

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    Hello Ryan,

    I am working in company as full time job, its project of Telecom field ,Also i wanted to start side Business , please guide me in the way by that i can start my own Business.

  • Lisa Blaurock

    Reply Reply June 13, 2017

    My story:

    After having my kids, I always struggled with my weight. I even had lap band surgery (also had the band removed… long story). After having my band removed my doctor told me he would see me back when I started to get the weight back again… What??? Frankly I was pissed off so I started to look for answers because I hardly ate anything and slowly the weight start to creep back on… well I found a doctor that suggested I get an allergy / intolerance test… at the cost of $850!!! But I was desperate for answers… got the results back and found out that I was allergic to gluten and dairy among other things…. I immediately went cold turkey and I realized all the issues I was having with heart burn, burping, upset stomach etc. was due to my FOOD.

    Several months later my daughter (a collegiate athlete) complained of her constant upset stomach and bloating. So, I decided to find a less expensive way to get her tested… I thought I had found a good price at testing for $250.00… after getting her results (just like me, she is gluten and dairy intolerant) I decided affordable allergy testing was needed. I contacted a lab out of the UK and asked to partner with them. That is how Affordable Allergy Testing was created.

    Now my mission is to spread the word of affordable testing and when you get your results it is up to you on your response… I have had some customers go all in like I did but I have also had some just keep the information in the back of their heads so they know when they eat something and they don’t feel good they know it isn’t a “bug” it is a reaction.

    I am not asking everyone to change their lifestyle but I want to give you the tools to know what is happening to your body at a particular time.

    Feel free to contact me with questions, remember I am not a medical professional… just a mom and a woman over 50 that wanted answers.

    Lisa Blaurock

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