How to Get the Rick Ross HUNH Grunt Text Tone for iPhone


The important question here is, why wouldn’t you want Rick Ross personally giving the iconic “HUUNNNNNNNNHH” that we’ve all come to know and love so well, every time you get a text message?


For those of you out there that feel as strongly about this as I do, here’s how to get it in less then 2 minutes.


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1. Download this File Here

It’s a 1 second, cleaned up sound bit of Rick Ross making his awesome HUNH Grunt:


2.  Open your iTunes Library and Click on Tones

This is where all of your ringtones live if you’ve ever purchased them through the iTunes store or made them with a 3rd party application.


3.  Drag and Drop the ‘Rick Ross Grunt.m4r’ File into Tones

As pictured here:

How to Get the Rick Ross HUNH Grunt Text Tone for iPhone


4.  Sync your iPhone and Set as Text Tone

To set a custom text tone for your iPhone, simply follow the below steps.

Settings ->  Sounds  ->  Text Tone  ->  Scroll down past the Apple provided Alert Tones and you’ll see the ‘Rick Ross Grunt’ ready to rock & roll.


5.  Share and Enjoy!

How to Make Rick Ross Huh Grunt Text Tone for iPhone



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