The RightBlogger Scholarship Program 2024

New year, new you? I see you, friend 👋

If growing a profitable blog is on your heart & mind heading into this new year, I wanna help. Watch this quick vid for the deets on my new RightBlogger Scholarship Program ($1,296 value). I’ll be choosing 3 bloggers to help move the needle faster, kicking off this year 🚀

Get my mentorship, 1 free year of RightBlogger & Built to Blog access to grow your blog ($1,296 value).

For the past 12 years, I’ve been blogging here about the nitty gritty details behind how I’ve grown my own blog from zero to $500,000+ in annual revenue—and the ways I’ve brought in more than 500,000 monthly readers.

I know what works. I know what doesn’t. And while blogging is always changing & evolving, there are core fundamentals that when done well—will inevitably lead to building an audience & serving them in mutually beneficial ways.

I created this blog with the goal of sharing practical and approachable tutorials that simplify the sometimes complicated process of building a blog (and actually growing it into a real online business). For that reason, 99% of my content here—and all these dope blogging tools—are completely free. Ranging from my ultimate guide about how to start a blog without any prior knowledge, to my other blogging tutorials covering everything that happens after your blog is published… you’re learning from a veteran blogger.

This blog is a place where I can share everything I’ve learned from starting and growing many blogs over the years. Beyond just my own websites, I’ve been able to help dozens of friends, family and former co-workers to get their own blogs off the ground too.

I’ve also helped thousands of students build profitable blogs with my courses. Now I’m starting an annual blog scholarship program to provide mentorship, 1 year of unlimited access to my 60+ powerful blogging tools inside RightBlogger, and free access to Built to Blog, for 3 ambitious bloggers.

What’s the RightBlogger Scholarship Program All About?

The goal of this blog scholarship program is to give 3 ambitious bloggers a massive leap ahead on the path to growing a profitable blog. I know firsthand about the challenges bloggers face—financial, mental, psychological, emotional, and otherwise. The RightBlogger Scholarship Program is designed to help overcome major obstacles on your way to getting real results.

The RightBlogger Scholarship Program ($1,296 value) consists of three main components:

1. Coaching Session: I’ll meet you where you’re at today. We’ll have a 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching session and strategize a plan of action for growing your blog and monetizing based on where you’re at within your niche right now ($500 value). I’ll help you with things like picking a blog niche that has strong profit potential, I’ll teach you my personal process for writing content that attracts readers, show you behind the scenes of driving traffic to your blog and how to monetize your site. We’ll keep in touch over email & text this year… I’ll hold you accountable for hitting growth milestones, and be available for problem-solving the inevitable challenges that come your way 💪

2. 1 Free Year Subscription to RightBlogger: 60+ game-changing blogging tools all-in-one. My friend Andy and I have a collective experience of more than 20 years blogging, and the number of websites we run ranges in the hundreds. We built RightBlogger to be the suite of tools we wish we could’ve afforded when we first started blogging. With over 60+ powerful blogging tools inside, you’ll get unlimited access for a full year to every single tool. That includes chonky tools for doing keyword research, competitive analysis, content creation (including our killer AI article writer), optimization, promotion, and much more ($299+ value). You’ll also have the opportunity to publish a guest post on the RightBlogger blog.

3. Lifetime Access to My Built to Blog Course: You’ll get complementary lifetime access to my comprehensive course that’s been taken by over 1,000+ happy bloggers, Built to Blog: Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Earn Six Figures Blogging ($497 value). That includes all 54 lessons, over 9 hours of instructional video lectures, more than 15,000 words in private written tutorials, and 5 hours of exclusive bonus video interviews with twelve of the world’s most influential bloggers. This is my blueprint for building a profitable blog (without wasting time and money on tactics that don’t work).

Ryan Robinson Blogger Rooftop in Chicago (Stock Photo)

To the 3 recipients of this year’s RightBlogger Scholarship Program, I’m going to be your trail guide to accelerating your blog towards profitability this year.

Eligibility Requirements for the RightBlogger Scholarship Program

In order to qualify for the RightBlogger Scholarship, recipients must:

  1. Already have a live blog and…
  2. Be receiving less than 50,000 monthly readers

Eligible recipients may be located anywhere in the world. A conversational level of English is extremely important to communicate effectively together and translate our work into actionable results on your blog.

The RightBlogger Scholarship Application Process

To apply for my blogging scholarship program, I’m asking all applicants to write a brief statement (less than 500 words) that explains why you want to work with me on growing your blog, what your goals are, and why the topic (niche) you’re focused on is important to you.

If your answers to these three key questions aren’t immediately clear, that’s ok. Start by reading these articles first:

Along with your quick why statement, please include the following information:

Your first & last name, phone number, mailing address and links to your profiles on LinkedIn and/or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or other relevant social network (if applicable).

This application process is designed to determine your level of commitment, motivations, and attention to detail 🙂

Submitting Your Application

Applications are now closed for now, but fear not—I have a feeling I’ll be doing this again sooner rather than later!

Deadline for Applications (2024)

To be considered for the 2024 RightBlogger Scholarship Program, your application must be submitted no later than January 12, 2024 (no exceptions). The winning applicants will be selected and notified by January 19, 2024. If the scholarship is not claimed within 30 days, I’ll select another recipient until all 3 have been awarded. This blog scholarship will be awarded each year on an annual basis.

Bonus: My Top Guides to Read Along Your Blogging Journey

These are the three most important guides to read before and in the early days of your blogging journey. They tackle the most significant components of what it’ll take to grow a profitable blog—starting, writing and monetizing:

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