What is a Blog? How a Blog is Different than a Website (Blog Definition) in 2023

What is a Blog? How a Blog is Different Than a Website (and Blogging Basics)

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight in. What is a blog? A blog is a regularly updated website where new content is frequently published, typically written in an informal or conversational style—often with the goal of attracting readers and achieving some sort of blogging goal, whether community-building or growing a business. There’s one

23 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2023 (Free and Cheap) to Host Your Podcast

23 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms (Free and Paid) to Host Your Podcast

Podcasting (and thus the need for podcast hosting) has been accelerating in popularity over the last few years. That’s why many content creators have harnessed the power of starting podcasts to grow their audiences, diversify their content distribution channels and generate more revenue. If you’re looking for a podcast hosting platform to help get your

45 Blogging Statistics & Facts to Know in 2023 (and Be a Smarter Blogger This Year)

45 Blogging Statistics You Need to Know to Be a Smarter Blogger (Facts, Stats and Trends)

Why? Well, having a grasp on the most current blogging statistics and facts can help you identify gaps where you can create more strategic content that’ll stand out from your competition. Analyzing the data behind what’s working well for other bloggers can also help you pinpoint your own content shortcomings, gather insightful ideas to test

10 Blog Marketing Strategies to Get 584,863+ Readers in 2023 (Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog)

10 Blog Marketing Strategies to Get 500,000+ Monthly Readers (Ultimate Guide to Blog Marketing)

While many bloggers are able to somewhat quickly develop a sense for the fundamentals of what it takes to go from starting a blog to writing a useful blog post, most begin to struggle when it comes to finding and marketing to the right audience—let alone learning what it takes to bring those readers in

How to Start a Podcast and Make Money (on the Side) in 2023: Ultimate Guide

How to Start a Podcast (and Make Money) on the Side This Year Featured Image

It’s no secret podcasts are increasingly popular, as this trend continues to be a great way to not only attract an audience, but engage with them in ways that written content simply can’t. Enter today’s guide about how to start a podcast and make money (on the side). Whether you want to start a stand-alone

Email Marketing for Bloggers in 2023: 7 Ways I Got 151,432 Subscribers

Email Marketing for Bloggers 7 Smart Ways I Got 116,596 Email Subscribers

Let’s talk about email marketing for bloggers. Whether you’re brand new to blogging, or you’ve been slowly growing your traffic (and email list) for years, it’s never too soon to take your email marketing efforts seriously. Here’s my guide to blog email marketing for this year. We’re here to break down email marketing as it

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (and Make Money): 8 Best Lifestyle Blog Examples

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (Best Lifestyle Blogs and Examples) Featured Image

Are you thinking about starting a lifestyle blog? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking down lessons learned from the 8 best lifestyle blogs out there today, and covering an in-depth guide to getting your own lifestyle blog launched & on the path to monetization. Maybe you’ve been inspired by a blogger whose content

How to Do Keyword Research (and Get 584,958+ Monthly Readers) to Your Blog in 2023

Keyword Research How to Research Keywords to Blog About and Get More Readers

So, why is it important to learn how to do keyword research? While some bloggers drive traffic to their websites from a combination of social media, word-of-mouth and email subscribers—the most successful blogs diversify their marketing. That includes strategic keyword research with the best (free) keyword tool & thoughtful content planning that results in traffic