How to predict your future (yes, really)

I can tell you—with 99% accuracy—what your life will look like in 10 years.

Before you roll your eyes and shrug, realize this is not about tarot cards or palm reading.

This exercise is rooted in behavioral science and human psychology.

Here’s the trick: Look at the people you know who are 10 to 20 years older than you right now.

From your finances to your fitness to your relationships, this simple test reveals your future in almost every area of your life. Some people find this frightening. “You mean I’m going to end up [blank 1], like [blank 2]?”

(Where “blank 1” = raising kids, saving money, investing, dating. And “blank 2”= my parents, my friends, or my boss)

And that, right there, should be your second big “Ah-Ha!” moment. (The first being what we covered in today's email)

If you want to change your future, you can change who you’re modeling today from 10-20 years in the future. And you’ll have a new destiny.

So question for you: Are the people you know that are 10-20 years ahead of you where you want to be in life?

Do they have the kind of life you want to be living?

Let’s make this real by getting super-specific….

Can your senior colleagues drop what they're doing in the middle of the day and go on a 2 hour lunch with a friend (without any repercussions or stress)?

Does your boss work when they want, from wherever they want and love their job?


Are the people in your current future “busy,” overworked and stressed? Are they still trading 5 days of work for 2 days of life on the weekends?

Are they stuffing money into their 401(k)s and ***hoping*** they’ll actually be able to enjoy life in retirement?

You may think I’m painting this stark contrast as a marketing gimmick.

But sadly, I’m not. These statements are based on REAL data:

      A person under the age of 55 is 57% likely to have zero net worth or negative net worth.

      An estimated 62% of all households in the U.S. have less than $100,000 in net worth.

      89% of all “under 35” households had a net worth less than $100,000

      A person in the 35-44 age range has a median net worth of $13,000 excluding home equity.

Based on these numbers, maybe “going to a great school” and “getting a good job” isn’t all it was cracked up to be?

The world looks much different for business owners.

      54% of all millionaires are business owners

      Most millionaires earn the majority of their income through interest and appreciation of assets (rising stock, bond & real estate prices)

      62% of all millionaires and billionaires are self-made

Hmm… Maybe entrepreneurship isn’t so risky?

In the wise words of Garland Greene, from Con Air,:

"What if I told you insane was working a 50-hour week for fifty years, at the end of which they tell you to piss off. Ending up in some retirement village, hoping to die rather than suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time. Wouldn’t you consider that to be insane?"

Of course, not all jobs are bad.

Of course, you can move up the ladder faster.

Of course, you can spend $10,000+ to get more credentials beside your name.

And of course, you can be more successful than your boss.

But my question is, why choose a system that—by its very nature—is broken?

Thankfully, starting your own business puts the ball in your court. You’re not at the mercy of a boss. And your income isn’t capped by someone else’s demands.

We’ve all been at the airport and had to make the decision to walk or take the moving sidewalk.

One of the nice things about the moving sidewalk is that even if YOU stop walking, you’re still moving forward.

When you have your own business, it works the same way.

If you want to take a long beach vacation, a business won’t make you feel guilty. If you want to take Friday off, your business won’t punish you.

This is how you stop trading your hours for dollars. This is how you give yourself freedom. This is how you free up your mind to make an even bigger impact on the world.

This is what I want to show you how to do.

But first I need you to choose a future for yourself.

If you look 10 years in future and are happy with what you see, you can choose to live that life.  

But if you look into the future and want more—more freedom, flexibility and control—you can choose another outcome.

I’m not saying you have to quit your job and start a business tomorrow.

But I AM saying you control the outcome.

Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, all chose to take control.

It’s no surprise that a lot of them are self-made billionaires.

The payoff for choosing can be big.

It can make you millions.

It can create a legacy for you and your family.

Life is all about choices and decisions.

Will you choose to roll the dice?

If so, make sure to tune into tomorrow’s email.

I’ll be revealing a fatal mistake that many new entrepreneurs make. It ruins their chances at success—before they even get started.


Do you like what you see?

Does your future look exciting?

Are you amped to get out of bed in the morning and keep working?

Does your boss (or the other people 10 years ahead of you) seem happy in their lives and careers?

Is what you're doing right now something you can envision yourself doing for the years to come?

Share with us in the comments...

Are you happy with what your future looks like today?

And tell us WHY or WHY NOT.

109 responses to “How to predict your future (yes, really)”

  1. I am not happy, cause paycheck is only forcing me to stuck in a corner. I am simply existing not living the life that I want. However, I ‘m grateful cause I now know that my future lies in my hands.??

    • You’re in control, Dave ?

      Have you tried working to build a side business up to this point? That’s what we’ll be diving into this week and it’s going to be your fastest, least risky path to creating a source of income that doesn’t rely upon that *single paycheck*.

  2. No I don’t like how my future looks like today because I keep on repeating same old routine everyday,no changes same job too much work and less money.i just want to make the most of it in my life to be able to provide for my future children

  3. I do not like what I see and where I’m at in my life, living paycheck to paycheck. Those that around me are doing the same thing and I’m ready for a change that will be beneficial for me. I would love to take vacations, spend more time with my children etc.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    No I am not happy because I have worked 10 years without a promotion or a decent pay rise. I slog it out from 9 to 5pm with an uninteresting job and no future.

  5. This blog is speaking volumes to me this morning!

    I have been saying for months that the people I work with, the people I spend 9 hour days with, 5 days a week, are miserable!!
    I am a happy person, and my colleagues and boss have a way of draining out the joy in life. They have been sitting at a desk for the past 30 years and are literally counting down the days until they retire, so much sadness in their faces. Me on the other hand, I am 28 and ready to take on the world. I am ready to create my life’s masterpiece, and I know that I cannot do that working 8-5 for the next 50 years! I absolutely cannot end up like my colleagues!! I was destine for more.

    I am still searching for my “Profitable Niche”.

    I look forward to this series Ryan!

    • I can definitely relate to that kind of office culture. Sounds like a terrible work environment for a happy, positive person to be in.. my second job out of college was a lot like how yours sounds. Always ultra quiet in every part of the office, nobody talked to each other, no one ate together or did anything after work as a team, boss only came over when he needed something ASAP, rarely a smiling face to be seen.

      Not my cup of tea either, Kelly. Keep tuning in this week and we’ll create a game plan to get you outta there!

  6. This email is so comes to me when I need it most. Right now, I am struggling to overcome my fears and insecurities that come with stepping into the unknown arena…the arena of business; because my current job, even though not so pleasant and freeing, comes with some security and to an extent ..with some personal fulfillment of making the difference in the lives of others. However, that being said, it is mot something I want to do in and day out for the rest of my life…time is fleeing on me. I was in need to hear exactly what Ryan just talks about to demtstify my fears and gives me a bright perspective. Thanks so much Ryan. A year ago..when I was mulling over the idea of starting into a business, I found Ryan..perfect timing they say the law of attraction, therefore I subscribed to his emails..

    Thank you so much again. I cant appreciate enough.


    • You can do this. Embrace the fear, it won’t go away immediately, but you can choose to use it as an asset until your fear turns into a strength. Accept the uncertainty, there are no guarantees when you start your own thing—but there ARE limitless possibilities.

      Have you started working on your business yet? Tell me about what’s transpired over the past year since you first came here ?

  7. hai
    I am retried principal of a post graduate College at Varanasi India. I am 64 years old and just retired.
    I have an extensive experiences in academic, administration and Skill Development.
    I am interested to start and academic institution in ruŕal part of india where young workforce are unskilled and uneducated in comparison to urban area. its ups will be knowing by performing . but finance is a big problem.
    kindly show me the way.

  8. Hey Ryan,

    Very timely article, I’ve been thinking on how to take a step once and for all and create my world. I only made 23 years last weekend and it dawned on me how much fun yet comfort I want in my life through my passion for business. I’m persuaded your articles will sort me. Thanks a lot for the insight.

    • Happy belated, Sam! ?

      Glad you’re along for the ride. You say you have a passion for business—let’s dig further into that. Having just a passion for “business” isn’t going to be enough to sustain you in the long run. Some primer questions here:

      • Do you have any side projects you’ve tried working on up to this point?
      • How about some topic areas you’re interested in that might lead to a business?
      • What’s your favorite hobby? How can you use that (and your skill/expertise at it) to spin into a potential business?
      • Are there any subjects that friends/family frequently come to you asking about? Something they view you as an expert of sorts on?

      Reply back here and let’s keep this going—we’ll get to the bottom of an interest area for you to start working on and building the foundation for a business with.

    • Agreed! Starting to work on your business while keeping your day job is the best way to reduce that risk level. I like to think of it as taking the *right* risks that don’t jeopardize the security of your income overnight. Do you have a side project you’re working on already?

  9. I have a horrible boss… right now! I haven’t worked for the company too long. I am already looking for a way out. My boss exaggerates and lies a lot and has no integrity. It started at the hiring interview. I was promised the world! Everything I could ever dream of. This is my first job out of university so needless to say that I was not that experenced dealing with higher-ups. He told me the company is a great place to work for, has great structure and potential. Gave me a terrible salary saying he will review it in 3 months. I get in. It becomes clear to me while the company is established, the department they were trying to run is a start-up. Absolutely no structure whatsoever. I ended up working late evenings and weekends trying to meet some ridiculous deadlines. They have no money either. They can’t hire more hands. 3 months down the line I demanded my raise. I was a very valuable employee by then. I keep getting promises. And promises and promises but absolutely no action. I am definitely wasting my time and talents. Here. Nowadays, I still work late… applying to better positions once my 8 hour per day is up ?

    • Whoa! Thanks for sharing, Tim.. sounds like a very toxic work environment. Not too dissimilar to my first job out of school too, sadly. That was a huge part of my original motivation to both start this blog and begin freelancing outside of my day job that wasn’t fulfilling me.

      Have you tried working on any side projects? If so, tell me about that—if not, why?

      It’s never too soon to start making progress towards creating your own job alternative.

  10. i dont know what step should i take i m between many hurdles in life i need to take time to think about my start up

  11. Great post! Very inspiring. Thank you, Ryan.
    This rings true for me, though I’m just getting ready to spread my entrepreneurial wings. I began my career with a very traditional mindset: get the best degree you can, job directly linked to the degree, stay with the same company to work your way up, then eventually retire (if you’re lucky). The Con Air quote (nice reference by the way), is an obvious challenge to that approach, along with the other points you made above. The moving walkway analogy really resonates with me as well.
    The career paradigm that used to be considered secure is proving to be anything but secure in our current economy. Besides, what kind of security is real if it comes from outside of ourselves? Security is a mindset. We must cultivate that from within.
    I am hungry to create value based on the unique knowledge, skills, and experience I bring to the table, unconstrained by an employer’s pre-ordained framework. There has never been a better time.
    Looking forward to your follow up posts!

  12. Thanks for this. I’m choked and looking for a way out. I’m emotionally drained and unhappy when I think about work. Glad to have read this.

  13. Am absolutely not happy with what am doing . I pray and work harder to see that my hardware business prospers and LEAVE EMPLOYMENT!

    Advise me on how best a hardware business can give yields faster.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  14. Ryan,
    This article I’s real eye opener Enuff of wrking for somebody’s dream.. It’s time to take control on one’s future.. where you are the owner control the future in the way you want your output.. Having vision and wrking everyday towards it with freedom should make all the difference to achieve ones dream to become successful bilionaries

  15. Hi Ryan

    I am doing my internship now and will be graduating by the end of this year. What am I about to see in my future in 10 years if I don’t open a business soon is working 8 – 5, gaining stress, and earn little salary. I’m from Malaysia and my country is in a state of recession and I know employment will not ease my student debts. I do want to start a business soon, but I couldn’t see what business I would like to start. Do you have any suggestion on how to start a business or what idea?. I would love to hear your thought. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.

  16. No I’m not happy.I work hard everyday and making no money and the people around me been there for years and ain’t getting mowhrre and not making to much more than I am…. I’m living paycheck to paycheck ..I differently needs a change

  17. Great blog post! I echo everyone’s sentiments above and am looking forward to more great content and guidance in helping us all achieve live the life we want. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to start a side business and turn it into full time entrepreneurship; the goal being fully independent in under a year. Hasn’t been an easy process, and I’m thankful for your courses, tweets, blogs, etc.

  18. Not at all. Certainly unhappy with what I see.. dead end prospects. I’m even in the company of unresourceful fellows.

  19. I’m not happy with my job living paycheck to paycheck. I’m ready to work hard and smart creating my own business.

  20. it all about present which take future in control,I work for today, which make my life easier tomarrow, I think I should make up to it

  21. I want a future where I can be in control and also create employment. That is the kind of future I envision for myself.

  22. wow just wow, it really makes me feel the sunshine in front of me, its really encouraging… God i wish i had the power to make some one to make feel that way. what am i waiting for then?

  23. Hi

    I honestly do not look at what people have… though the idea here is to see where they. The people i know are working on things they don’t believe in
    I think i can do better than most of them

  24. I’ve survived on salaried jobs and it’s not a nice experience. Every month I get broke. This is a bondage I’d prefer to break away from.

  25. Actually I am very interested by what we are discussing, hope one day this skills you are providing will make me having my own company – Tanzania

    • You words of encouragement are awesome
      I love how you see things Mr Ryan
      I am 20years who is willing to start his own business at this age

      Will you help me pleas with a piece of advice

    • Let’s do something about it, Marcel!

      Do you feel that your best path to a future that’s more promising is going to be through a career change, new job, or going into business for yourself? What feels more true to who you are and what you want?

  26. I am not happy with my future. my teen are way far from me.i feel like am at the cage .it like I don’t have a life

  27. No I am not happy with what my future looks like today. I have no motivation whatsoever to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. I am turning 23 soon and so far there is no promising future at the company I’m in and the pay is too low. I was promised that there will be a change in my title and an increase in my salary after completing a year at the company. A year has passed and I went from being a trainee to a client advisor with no change in salary. Also, on top of that, there is no clear path or career development, and no proper training at the company.

    I always think about starting my own business. I’d love nothing more than waking up in the morning and working day in and day out for something I’ve built and something that is personal to me, rather than belonging to someone else. I want to work towards developing my dream and my company, rather than the dream and company of someone else. The only things stopping me from doing this is the lack of sufficient capital and the fact that I have no idea what business I’d like to start.

    • Thanks for sharing, Dima. First of all, know that you can do this if you put your mind to it and view it like an equation that needs to be solved—you might not get all the right inputs and solutions on your first go, but you’ll keep tweaking, learning, adapting as you find your way into a business that suits you AND provides value to the people you’re helping.

      Have you taken my free course on finding a profitable business idea? It’s definitely step #1 on this journey.

      It’ll also teach you how to validate your idea (get your first paying customers) without the need for funding and without having a clear idea (today) of what your business is going to be. The course is rooted in teaching you how to take your skills & experiences—and packaging them in a way that helps other people.

      Here’s where you can grab all of the course lessons:

  28. Well I clearly understand now why I feel so miserable. I don’t my future to be that of frustration and misery. I need to change my life and fast. But I am just finding it hard to start and find the zeal to start n proceed to shape the life I want. Time to work on my great future is hard to find working a 9-9 (I am mentally exhaused) I want freedom from my mind.

    • The point of this exercise isn’t to feel miserable!

      Let’s set some real goals you can begin working towards, Nomfundo. What do you need to achieve in order to feel like you’re working towards a future that’s more meaningful—promising?

  29. Hi Ryan
    Been online for some time after early retirement.
    Dabbled in things (without in-depth understanding).
    Burnt my fingers.
    Now looking to restart with proper preparation.

  30. Am happy with this discussion, and am looking forwad to learn more and more for my success. To be honest i would love to start my own business but the problem is not only the sufficient capital but also the fear of succession in business

  31. I have my own small healthcare business that is modestly successful. I need to find ways to branch out in the healthcare business and find a niche for myself that can be profitable. The question is: where to begin?

  32. I have my own small healthcare business that is modestly successful. I need to find ways to branch out in the healthcare business and find a niche for myself that can be profitable. The question is: where to begin? I enjoy writing and editing. Can writing a blog be profitable?

  33. I am not happy with my job and try to do business.I am starting with Quail Bird Farming,then will start course of We design.Then will start a training center and then will start a Factory for Poly,Carton make.Give me some suggestion

  34. Thanks Mr Robinson! Really am not happy with my future yet and this calls for serious hard work plus dropping every odd of laziness.

  35. No, Of course I’m not happy. I even didn’t get to go on my honeymoon because I had 5 days off for the wedding. And my boss told me I can’t go, even though legally I had the right. situations like this happens everyday, which makes me think that I am basically a slave. the sad thing is I don’t even get results to be glad for. It is only a paycheck, a small one. And working 46 hours a week. :(( I really need to get out this misery.

  36. I’m 56 yrs old and involved in selling real estate. Only been doing that for a year (a little more successful than most) -However, I dont know that I want to spend the next ten years working 7 days a week where I feel I’m having to compete for business against other real estate agents like a bunch of sewer rats killing each other over a single scrap of food. I feel and know I’m worth a lot more than that. I want to live and work in a business that comes from a mind set of abundance, not scarcity.
    I have been trying for 10-12 years to create a sideline business (online or off) that can finally give me the freedom to pay all my bills, provide a lifestyle of freedom and allow me to travel the world comfortable in the knowledge that I’m still earning while I’m enjoying the sights of the world.
    My problem, is I have yet to create anything that has ever paid more than $150-$200/mth. My goal is $10,000 per month or more but like may people, I struggle to know or understand where my expertise or skills lie. I feel I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. So I’m really looking forward to see how you can help me get out of my own ‘mind fog’ and move forward into a clear, vibrant and exciting future.

  37. Living on salary looks like having thirst for ocean and feeding myself with broken spoon. No freedom, no control over life. Neither today nor 10 or 20 years after.

  38. I’m truly blessed to say its an eye opener and would love to follow this course I’m shocked to face reality ,I thank you, currently working on commission as financial advisor ,I can do much better but truly would like to secure my future financially .

  39. Im real not in control of my life at all.

    I have started side-dish type of business but im experiencing a lot of difficulties.
    My Business deals in “Retail, shop business & money services”.

    But the Cash & Competition around is soo stiff to continue.

    How can i corp-up and push on this life.


  40. Hi Ryan,

    I am trly motivated by your thoughts and blogs. I am passionate about starting something of my own but I’m just not able to start it. I’m lacking directions and guidance. I have many business Ideas but I need direction. Can you please guide me? I am based out in India.

  41. Thanks Ryan for this article. I’m not happy with my life right now. Looking forward, I can only see a doomed future, with nothing good to reflect about my past. It’s time to take action but my worst fear is failure. I think with such articles, I’ll be able to make an informed decision. Thank you.

  42. Ye what can I say-I’m already a pensioner that tried out a few things that not exactly worked out.- Now I am doing a temporaru job for the last 8 Years but now this business is closing down in 3 mnts time. I am battling to suvive although I could be still live for may be 20 or 30 years without money. It feels if my life has come to an end at the age of 64 years but I believe there is still a change to do something for the better.

  43. I also don’t like my present because it does not give me opportunities to rise and to make a name for me in this world. I eager to make my identity in this world through my business. Paychecks only give us a moment for happiness but our business may give us a life time happiness and wealth.

  44. After being asked those question that were asked I am not happy with were I see people who are 10-20 years older than me. I must find more accomplished individuals. I’ve notice that people who are 10-20 years younger than me are more where I want to be. I know my future is bright and after these last few days I almose have a blue print for my new business. I am excited.

  45. I have no control of my future . I believe all is by the creator Almighty’s by behaving the right business and meeting right person at the right time and a little bit hard word.
    all this thing comes by the creator.

  46. Ryan, everyone here ve said it all. Ask me in a year’s time if am still an employee as I am currently. I need to challenge myself and start my own business. Thanks to you and all the honest participants here. I wish you all profitable businesses!

  47. Hi Rayon
    Definitely my future life should not be like the current one
    I need my time to review,to work to my enjoyment and need my time to enjoy what life gives me
    Also I need to develop my interest till I do well for self-fulfillment and get respected socially

    I don’t leave my life in a boss ‘hand

    All the best

  48. I’m really about what my future might brings because I’m surrounded with folks that been doing the same thing their whole life, and I live pay check to pay check it sucks…

    • I’m not really happy about my life or what my future may brings, because I’m surrounded by folks that have been doing the same thing their whole life. Seems like they never had a chance to accomplish anything. I hate living from pay check to pay check.

  49. I love my job and I am passionate about what I do, however I am over the day to day routine of corporate life and meeting figures and expectations of unrealistic figure. Explain and stressing you mind out for people who are on x3 more than you are, never met them before but still answer to them and their demands. Again. I love my job and what I do. I just want to feel more independent and achieve so much more than what I do now. I have an idea. I want to launch a business, but time after time the FEAR and REALITY from my partner and family meme era kicks in my idea “dies” all over again. I need help.

  50. It’s very difficult or I can say next to impossible to quit the job and do the business. But I really willing to do business with my job. I also looking for next 10 year. But I don’t have idea which kind of business I can start with my job by which I can serve best/uniq for people as per their requirements. Still I’m searching such kind of job which needs less capital. If having such idea of business please help/guide me. Thanking of you.

  51. I have determined to change my future so that I can change the future for my family. My way of doing things is to jump in and create excitement about change. In order to do that, I have quit my job and have determined I will start my own business. I want a future based on my view of the world and not that of my boss. Thank you for helping me see the big picture. To a better future!

  52. Hi there.

    You never seem to respond to emails! I emailed you my idea and asked for some guidelines, but never got any reply.

    Could you please tell me the best way to reach you?


      • Hi

        Already sent you an email, so will wait for a reply please.

        I understand your work load and apologize if you didn’t like it.


        • Great! Thanks, Sameera. Replying with this here too in case that’s easier.

          Your question: I want to create an online market/portal where all makeup artist and hair artist could be listed with their credentials. It will be like with some DIY links too. The problem is my target market is Dubai. But I live in Canada. How do I get myself there in terms of marketing? Email marketing could be one thing but not enough to reach the mass. Also I’m not yet sure of pricing structure of the customers I get on my portal. Do I charge for membership which could make many hesitant to join/try? Or charge only for specific ads? How do I structure that part? I have done some research and have gone physically to Dubai and the market has a gap in this area and demand is rocket high on those services. Currently people market themselves individually through facebook and instagram and sometimes snapchat. You asked in your website to validate, how can I validate my idea before jumping into assumptions? What could be my best strategy?

          My response:

          #1: why is your target market Dubai? Why does it need to be? Is that where you’re from, or have family? Seems to me like you could potentially be wanting to start this for the Dubai market simply because you see an opportunity there… which isn’t necessarily bad, but if it’s not where you currently live, you’re going to have a difficult time building a community around this business there.

          Either way, nothing is stopping you from creating some sort of online community (even a Facebook group to start?) that can just start the process of engaging with makeup and hair artists in the Dubai area. Have conversations with them. Ask them if this online marketplace would be something they’d see value in—because if you go through the whole process of building something like this for a market you’re not even personally attached to, chances are high that your target customers won’t see much value in this.

          If you really want to validate this the right way… just reach out to as many of these people as you can find on IG and FB. Invite them to some sort of group (Facebook group would be easy) where you can get their personalized feedback, ask questions to probe at the best ways you might be able to help them with their real goal of growing their businesses (getting more clients), not just running with the assumption that they need a marketplace/portal. That may be the right way to help them, but it may not be. You won’t know until you have a bunch of conversations with your prospective users, which is where this process should start for you… not with even trying to work out the details of monetizing a marketplace.

          So, step one… start inviting some of these people to a community where you can learn from them, engage with them, and start finding ways to genuine help.

          • Well thanks for the feedback. I’m from there but live in Canada. I’m aware of their culture, traditions, customs and language. Simply because it’s my country. I want to be part of that economy and bring change as the population is very young and internet savy. But the only hurdle is that I live in Canada. I can’t tell you publicly why I can’t live there. So social media is out of question for me. To engage a specific audience or community it’s very important to show who you’re and you need to be trusted. In my case I won’t be able to do it.

            I have been to web summit couple of times and seen startups from UAE Dubai by people not even from the country originally. Just expatriates with work permits. I loved what they were doing. But thought of my idea which I held for years of doing something.

            What could be some of your other stategies to go about a step like this? I mean people have remote business of selling things on line and are very successful too. They don’t necessirly live in a particular place.

            Awaiting your response, please!



  53. hi, ryan, i commend you for the hardwork and the responses. since am startng your lessons and have hopes to have improvement and better future.

  54. Hie Ryan
    I really enjoy my current job, i love the people i work with, i really do. but the thing is the monotonous task each day is very frustrating and with frustration the work place become less enjoyable, plus the pay isn’t that satisfying. I really want a future that i can enjoy my time and have enough money to cover all my expenses.The thing is like most people i think i am afraid to take risks.
    i hope and very positive with your help i will finally be able to build a future i really want.

  55. I am well past 50 yrs old. I have do well as a self-employed IT Security Consultant. I want to develop additional income streams that can eventually replace my ‘self-employed’ income. I have many skills and interests and could use some guidance on where to best focus my time and efforts. Looking forward to what comes next!

  56. Well, am not happy at present cause, I do not have any income, I am living in my wife’s income, I want to do something to establish a permanent income source, so that by kids takeover my business after my death,I am in search of a good business where I can have a permanent income and live life a better than pondering within me.

  57. Uhh, i’m still a student and not doing any kind of work but i don”t want to work 9-5 for a little salary and stressing my life turning my life into boredom, in 10 years i want to be somewhere i can enjoy my life with no stress of job. I don’t know where to start n how to start

  58. I’m 13 years old I get good grades my parents are successful compared to the people around them, but I don’t want to be like them bcz they can’t do everything they want and I want to become an actress but we’re Middle Eastern so no one believes in using social media or any form of art to become successful so I’m thinking of becoming a doctor and making my own business by that but I feel really scared bcz my parents always imagined me successful and that’s a lot of pressure bcz I don’t want to let them down and more importantly let myself down and I don’t feel like doing 11 years of university for a job that pays just a little bit more than average

    • Ah, life is always complicated Joelle. You’re learning this at a young age already which is great.

      Coming from the US myself, I’m naturally a very big believer that you should create the life you want—not the one your parents want for you. That said, while you’re living with them there’s a certain amount of balancing that needs to be done.. but once you’re able to make big decisions for yourself in a few years, things can change quite a bit.
      My advice is to have some very real, candid, heart-felt conversations with your parents around what it is you really have an interest in. Explain to them your convictions around doing what you enjoy, ask if they’ll support you in your ambitions, and keep respectfully reinforcing that conviction over time.

  59. I had very dark past – poverty, not interested in education, had no one to support me and I was totally lost. But, I was always dreaming for big – I jumped to complete my master degree in sociology and decided for a job. However, my interest was always in business.

    Since 2008 till 2018 – I did jobs with INGO, UN and World Bank and earned enough to start a business.

    In these years, I had less time to start and focus on business and I handed over my money to other family members to start business.

    After 10 years, all my money gone, no business and I do not have any money as “savings”.

    But, I see future more brighter from today because I am experienced now – unfortunately, In reality I am afraid that my future will be not as what i dreamed for?

    But, after reading this article – I am happy to know a skill “how to predict my future and what strategies would i apply to be successful.

    Thanks to the writer

  60. Inspiring,motivating,simply encouraging. What’s my next step? It’s up to me. I need to form better habits. Starting with my focus and thoughts. Action,action,action. Now now now. No more procrastination.

  61. So if I am a truck driver can you show me what my life picture can/will look like in 10 years? I am confused about this writing!

  62. Not happy at all. Im stuck in this addiction and my mind is battling my brain and I absolutely cannot stand the people im around right now. Im really truly struggling here. Im miserable and a broken record and lonely and heart broken. Im just broken in general. No bueno. It’s a real nightmare. Im not ok with settling for this and i long to be with good people as roll modles with morals and values that are wholesome. My son and I need each other. Time is flying by and im not getting any younger. Im 33 and want to do something amazing with my time. So awesome that my awesomeness overflows from my life and into the lives of those around me. I want to meet someone and settle down and have one more child planned. I want to stop letting people down and start being inspiration. I desperately want more than anything in the world to be released from this ball and chain that is wreaking havoc on my so-called existence. I’m the most depressed I’ve ever been in my entire life and if I had the money I would be on my way to a holistic Treatment Center a long time ago but for what it’s worth I very blessed I’m very grateful in the sense that I have food in my tummy clean clothes on my back and roof over my head at the moment… It’s better than nothing. I just want to be happy. Don’t we all?! 🤖

  63. I hate my life! I went to college and get a degree. Now Am in date and I can’t pay ot off. I will take me years and by that time I will be old and have have no time to save for retirement. Plus my heath will take all my money to. Thanks to my disorder. Please help me

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