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#111: How to Monetize a Niche Blog and Generate $55,000 (in 1 Week) with Mike Futia

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Mike Futia, who’s started multiple different side businesses over the years, ranging from an Amazon Affiliate blog that earned $200,000 in commissions, to his current side business—a blog and course called Stupid Simple SEO that generated more than $55,000 during its launch just a couple of months ago.

Originally from Connecticut, Mike moved to New York City where he still holds a six-figure day job that keeps the bills paid while experimenting on different side projects and it wasn’t until just last year that Mike started tinkering with the idea of teaching all of the SEO skills he’d built through his seven years of blogging.

And the best part? He validated the idea for his SEO course by spending a couple of months answering questions in a blogging Facebook Group about how SEO works and how to implement the basics of it for bloggers that led to the start of his blog, growing an email list, and soon the release of his first paid course launch.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:30] Where Mike’s originally from.
02:56 The very first business he did.
[07:54] How much he sold one of his website.
[08:21] About his brand new website.
[10:28] How there’s no substitute for experience.
[11:15] How he finds time to work on his side projects.
[12:59] Why he created a course about SEO.
20:04 How he reached out to affiliates
20:25 How he launched his course.
28:33 The best investment he’s made in order to grow his business.

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Stupid Simple SEO

Credit Takeoff

Mike is still in semi-stealth mode on his side business & doesn’t want to share his social media channels just yet!

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5 replies to “#111: How to Monetize a Niche Blog and Generate $55,000 (in 1 Week) with Mike Futia”

  1. Why i’m contacting you today… After receiving your email is that I want you to create a professional blog for me. Please let me know the cost.

    Looking Forward To Hear From You, Thanks.

  2. Ryan how often should I publish a post on my blog and at what stage can I monetize it

  3. I absolutely love this industry of affiliate marketing and blogging as a way to side hustle your way to achieving side hustle millionaire status. This line of work definitely teaches a person patience, perseverance, importance of consistency and relationships, and doing something you love to do as a passionate million-dollar business in the making. I’m thankful to have good people like yourself in my circle. Thank you for always allowing me to comment on your blog as I look forward to continual networking with you years to come. 🙂