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In today’s episode, we’re talking to Micha Kaufman, the Founder, and CEO at Fiverr—the world’s largest and fastest growing freelance marketplace, built around the concept of hiring people to complete short-term gigs for you.

Most of you are familiar with Fiverr. They originally got started back in 2010 before freelancing really exploded onto the scene as such an attractive career path for millennials, in particular.

Fiverr’s famous for originally starting out by encouraging freelancers to offer their most basic service at just $5 dollars, and to use more premium add-ons as a way to increase their project values.

Because of how simple the concept was, and the speed at which you can hire help—as Micha says, “Making hiring freelancers as easy as buying on Amazon,” the business pretty much instantly exploded in popularity.

Before starting Fiverr, Micha was already a serial entrepreneur, having started three previous technology companies and Fiverr was born as an experiment—an attempt to solve the problem of quickly hiring talented freelance help within his own businesses.

In Today’s Episode, we talk about:

02:28 What book Micha is reading at the moment.
04:16 What led to the founding of Fiverr.
11:49 Whether Fiverr was a side project.
15:02 How Fiverr got it’s first 100 freelancers on board.
17:44 How Fiverr Pro works.
15:02 How much you can expect to earn if you’re a Fiverr Pro Seller.
25:16 Micha’s best piece of advice for freelancers who are just getting started today.


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Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


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In this episode, we talk to Micha Kaufman, the Founder and CEO at Fiverr, the world's largest and fastest growing freelance marketplace. Micha talks about how Fiverr got started, the exact tactics they used to bring in their first 100 users, how they went on to build a marketplace of millions of freelancers, what it's like building a high-growth startup, and more...


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