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In today’s episode, we’re talking to Eric Siu, the CEO of the digital marketing agency Single Grain, which helps venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies grow their revenues. 

Eric is also the host of the marketing podcast, Growth Everywhere and he co-hosts the Marketing School podcast with fellow guest here on the show, Neil Patel

Eric’s been in the world of marketing, growth, and SEO for nearly a decade—he’s gotten to work with some of the best in the industry and now he’s focused on building out the client base for his agency.


In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

01:46 About Single Grain.
02:38 How they bring on new customers.
03:40 What type of leads they get from inbound.
04:39 A recent deal where he had to strike up a conversation.
05:23 His biggest growth channels for getting leads.
06:18 The first big client he landed.
07:26 A great sales organization he knows.
09:24 Difficult negotiations he’s had in the past.
10:51 Qualities he looks for in a sales hire.
12:19 How he tests for coachability.
13:18 How hands-on he is with his salespeople.
14:56 The biggest mistake that salespeople make.

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