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Free Download: The High-Converting Freelance Proposal Template

The High Converting Freelance Proposal Writing Program

1. Freelance Proposal Writing Basics

We'll go over my 5-step system for creating the best freelance proposals you're capable of. In this section, we're covering everything from understanding your own strengths, to the in-depth psychology behind selling your services, how to position your value to freelance clients, and avoiding the most common freelance proposal mistakes (that you're probably making).

The Psychology Behind Selling Your Services and Writing the Best Freelance Proposal Template
Essential Tools and Plugins for Researching Clients and Writing the Best Freelance Proposal Template

2. Researching Your Potential Clients

We're going to develop a personal criteria for how to evaluate the best freelance clients for your business. Then, we'll cover where to find your ideal clients, the essential tools and plugins I use to research these freelance clients, how to gather insights from their web presence, and how to structure your reach out strategy based on their unique needs.

3. Understanding Your Client's Needs

As a freelancer, one of the biggest challenges of landing new business is that every client is often drastically different. Here, we're going to cover how to read between the lines to decipher a client's real needs, how to discover their true motives, how to translate seemingly small details into actionable insights for your proposal, and setting your pricing based on your client's budget and expectations.

Understanding Your Client's Real Needs and Writing the Best Freelance Proposal Template
Essential Elements of the Best Freelance Proposals and How to Write Them Using Templates

4. Writing Your Best Freelance Proposal

First impressions are everything. I'm going to share my most effective email reach out templates, how to go about structuring the essential elements of a freelance project proposal that'll blow your clients out of the water, how to leverage your strengths and past work, how to anticipate and answer questions within your proposal, and of course you'll get my downloadable freelance proposal template you can use in your business.

5. Following Up and Closing Deals

There's both an art and science to thoughtfully positioning yourself, so that your potential clients want to work with you, even more than you want them. You have a very short window of time to get their attention and convince them you're the best for the job. We're going to cover writing enticing emails, how to provide value with your follow ups (how to avoid pestering a potential client), and my personal tips for closing deals quickly.

How to Write the Best Freelance Proposal Examples and Writing Cold Emails with Ryan Robinson

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Why I Created this Course

I'm Ryan Robinson. I've started 4 businesses in the past 4 years. I grew my last company to over $160,000 in revenue before selling it within the first year. More recently, I've been applying my writing skills and content marketing experience to driving amazing results for my clients.

In the process, I've been teaching other entrepreneurs and freelancers how to build successful businesses along the way. I've become a pro at writing great freelance proposals and convincing clients why I'm the best for the job. Now, I'm sharing all I've learned, so you can start winning more of the projects you want, too.

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Martiel Beatty Martiel Beatty, TheArtcademy.com

"Ryan is one of the most valuable minds I have the opportunity to work with. My business traffic has grown 300% since I hired him and continues to increase every week."

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"I'd highly recommend Ryan and his courses to anyone looking to grow their businesses quickly and effectively. His detailed and unique proposal surpassed that of any I've ever received."

Michelle Ward Michelle Ward, When I Grow Up Coach

"Because of Ryan, I was able to get published on Freelancers Union, a major publication I had been trying to work with, and I successfully pitched a popular podcast on interviewing me."

Craig Swanson Craig Swanson, CreativeLive

I'm a Ryan Robinson fan. He always brings a ton of new ideas to the table, he's easy and fun to work with, and he's a great writer. From posts on CreativeLive, to articles in national sites, I always enjoy his unique twist.

Free Download: The High-Converting Freelance Proposal Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed specifically for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs who want to become more effective at pitching their services and winning more clients for their businesses. More specifically, writers, designers, marketers, developers, coaches, artists, and more.

Why are you giving away the freelance proposal template for free?

This course isn't for everyone. I honestly believe some people will only need the proposal template in order to start winning more business, and that's awesome. My #1 goal is to help everyone achieve more. That being said, having a proposal template will only take you so far. The concepts I cover in this course will teach you a systematized process for consistently winning higher paying freelance clients for years to come. That's where I believe the real value lies.

What do I get when I join?

Once you join, you'll get instant access to all 21 lessons of Writing a Winning Freelance Proposal. The content is a combination of videos, instructional screenshare tutorials, in-depth written lectures, downloadable email templates, freelance contract templates, and a high converting freelance proposal template. You'll also get personal access to me with email coaching, proposal critiques, and feedback on how to grow your freelance business.

What if I'm just getting started with my freelance career?

I built this course to provide value at any stage in your freelance business. Whether you're gearing up to pitch your first set of clients, or you're raising your rates and looking for higher paying contracts, this course will give you the tools you need to write compelling freelance proposals - and more importantly, pitch yourself with confidence.

What if I have more questions?

Ask away! I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have about this course. Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. I don't want you to waste your time or money on a course that's not going to truly benefit you, so if you're unsure, don't hesitate to reach out.

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P.P.S. Still unsure about this course? Take a look around my blog and see how much time, effort, and extreme detail I put into everything I do. This course is no exception, it's well worth the investment, and if you win just 1 new client at a higher rate after taking this course, you'll have already made back the entire cost of this course.