5 Steps to Mastering Project Management for Freelancers (How to Manage Freelance Projects)

5 Steps to Mastering Project Management for Freelancers

One of the hardest truths I had to learn when I first started freelancing was how much time it took up. And I’m not just talking about the work itself. I had (and still have) no problem estimating how long a project might take for a client. But it’s all the other little, yet equally important

The $5,000 Freelance Writing Challenge: How to Start a Freelance Writing Business (on the Side of Your Day Job)

Start Freelance Writing $5,000 Challenge

Final update! April 2nd: The past couple of weeks have been a blur for sure, but… WE DID IT! After sending 22 outreach emails/messages… Having 11 meetings with prospective clients… And submitting 5 proposals for review… I ended the 30 day challenge with 3 booked clients for $9,000 in revenue. It was a lot of

Should I Quit My Job Before Starting a Business? 5 Key Questions to Ask & Justine’s Story

Should I Quit My Job Before Starting Business

It’s a difficult question to answer… Should I quit my job before starting a business? As with most major life decisions, the answer is it depends. Personally, I’m a little biased though. Over the past few years I’ve grown multiple side hustles into the five and six-figure range before quitting my job to pursue them full-time. For me,

How to Become a Freelance Writer on the Side (and Land Your First Freelance Writing Client)

How to Land Freelance Writing Client

Becoming a freelance writer on the side of your day job can be one of the best ways to augment your income & work towards being your own boss. Landing your first freelance writing client is a major milestone on that path. Something to be extremely proud of. To get excited about. To celebrate. The affirmation

15 Freelance Portfolio Essentials to Win Higher Paying Clients


What’s the one thing most highly paid freelancers have in common? A powerful personal brand, and the online proof (reputation) to back it up. If you’re the best at what you do and you can prove it, you’re in a much better position to set your rates and turn away clients that don’t benefit your business.

6 Most Common Freelance Proposal Mistakes

Avoid These 6 Most Common Freelance Project Proposal Mistakes by Ryan Robinson ryrob text overlay

Perhaps the most essential skill to master when launching or growing a freelance business, is perfecting your ability to find, pitch, and close the best possible clients for your business. That’s where crafting an amazing freelance proposal and cold email outreach campaign comes in. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best writer, marketer, designer, or

Infographic: Are You Charging the Right Hourly Rate as a Freelancer?

How to Calculate Your Freelance Hourly Rate Ryan Robinson for CreativeLive

Do you have a freelance business? Perhaps you’re looking to start freelancing in the near future.. If so, you’re either already looking to grow your client-base and scale your business, or you’ll soon be joining the over 54 million freelancers in the US, all seeking to gain more control over their careers. One of the tallest